New Obsession: Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color

Friday, March 29, 2013

Last month, I posted about my search for a new moisturizing lipstick, and how I had discovered a good one by Laura Mercier.  Immediately upon reading that last post, my sister texted me in a frenzy.  "Return the tube now and get yourself the Bobbi Brown creamy lip color."

I wasn't about to exchange a used tube of perfectly good lipstick, so I decided to put the Bobbi Brown one on a list for another day.  Then the other day, I was running to a meeting and had not had time to refresh my lipstick.  Walking into a Sephora, I scouted the Bobbi Brown section and decided to try this miracle product per sister's rave reviews.

The texture was creamy and moisturizing without being too sticky.  Like putting butter on chapped lips really.  Because the formula is a bit sheer, you do need to layer a little to get some coverage, but I see this as being a really good spring to summer staple - for those days when you want a little more color on the lips than your average lipgloss, but want something more low maintenance than a deep tinted lipstick.

My new Holy Grail lipstick product.  Thanks, sis!  Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color, available at Sephora.


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