Eleven Objects Fall 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

I spent most of Fashion Week working, but I was honored to attend a debut presentation by my friends from Eleven Objects - complete with live models, their signature collars dripping with jewels, texture and embellishments and, for the very first time, apparel!  The designers pulled together a lush and dare I call it rococo collection?

I loved that the designers chose to have a string quartet at their first presentation.  The whole event, set in a cool West Chelsea gallery, felt very intimate and special.

Congratulations, Christine and Lin Thi!  Please put me on the pre-order list for:

the teal floral and gold peplum skirt
the black patent vest
the purple rosette collar and
the pearl harness....

For more information, visit the Eleven Objects website.


bathroom said...

Eleven Objects Fall 2012
Appreciate it for this post, I will be extremely thankful to find out these kinds of fantastic information.
Thank you!

Lisa Griffin said...
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Lisa Griffin said...

i can't believe this is their first show- it's gorgeous and so cohesive! i'm not a fan of the peter pan collar, but love the detached jeweled version. you get the same effect without the covered up somewhat matronly feel (in my mind!)
in dramatic fashion

Vyque said...

I'm more of a DIY collar kinda girl, but that clothing in friggin amaze!

thingsIlove said...

I love the collars!

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