Sale Stalking: Preen

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is it just me or are the sales particularly tempting this season?  Here are a few of my sale stalking picks for one of my favorite labels, Preen.

Preen Audrey dress

Preen Line skirt

Have you been shopping the sales?  Tell me about what you scored recently!


LittleMissL said...

Ooooh - that is a lovely skirt, & suddenly once more the dangers of online fashion blogs mean I am lusting over something else once more! x


Diane said...

so lovely! i want the dress and the skirt...immediately!

Marissa said...

still not sure how i stumbled across your site, but i'm glad i did :). the second skirt is definitely something that i'd like to hang in my closet.


Jo said...

Love everything about the dress!

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