Edie on Edie

Monday, October 10, 2011

"It's not that I'm rebelling. It's that I'm trying to find another way."
- Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick was an American model, actress and socialite best known for her work with Andy Warhol in the 1960s. The first "It Girl" of her time, Edie led a tragically short but stylish life.

The Edie handbag from JCrew (pictured above in leopard print calfhair and red) captures that retro "it girl" moment. Recently, I spotted one in the wild. I was having dinner, and a woman walked over to our table clutching it, that marvelously structured yet touchable bag hanging off the crook of her wrist.

Et voila, instant love.


Syed said...

It looks stunning in red. J Crew is finally starting to pop up on UK online stores, looks pretty good for the price.

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