Vacationing in Vermont - Part One

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Mr. and I are currently taking a much needed week long break. The first half of our vacation took place over Fourth of July weekend in the Mad River Valley section of Vermont. It was not only our friend's destination wedding, but a chance for the Mr. and I to drive up through Burlington up to Montreal, where we are currently hanging out for the rest of the week.

Here are some photos from our stay in Vermont.

We highly recommend the B and B where we stayed for our happy days in Waitsfield, the Featherbed Inn. The property has some semi private cottages on a 20 acre estate. And the inn keepers fix a delicious meal, including the heavenly blueberry pancakes pictured above! The grounds are home to some adorable animals, including the alluring pony we spotted one morning.

For antique lovers, there were plenty of treasures to be found in the area, including this creepy looking doll. The working train set was part of the collection at the Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design.

A little preview of photos from our friend's wedding (more to come tomorrow)... Have you ever been to Vermont?


Closet Cravings said...

Those blueberry pancakes look so scrumptious. =)

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Carolyn said...

never been to vermont, but it looks beautiful! hope you two had a relaxing fun trip!

andyfriend said...

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Kristine said...

These pictures are amazing! Especially the one of the pancakes - looked so tempting!


Kristine said...

These pictures are amazing! Especially the one of the pancakes - looked so tempting!


Tatiana @ My New Fashion Bag said...

Love the looks of the place you stayed. Very handy info considering we are headed to Vermont shortly. said...

these photos are so beautiful! makes me want to go there - looks like you've captured the country spirit perfectly.

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