Eugenia Kim Dream Hat!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lately I've had a thing for hats... Here's one from Eugenia Kim, and it's one of my favorites- the crisp white color, the stylishly oversized brim and the hint of flash via chain trim. Click here for more details (it's on sale- yayyy).

Question du jour: how many hats do you own?

Happy weekend!


Chuck said...

Just one... it is the most absolutely perfect straw floppy hat. Purchased for under $15 at Target :)

But this one, ooh this one makes me think that I might need to expand my hat stock.


It's Strangely Me said...

Ahh floppy hats and fedora hats have been on my mind lately as well. They're adorable and they add so much to a little summer outfit!

pinkmate said...

oh i love hats! I have like 10 of them! I usually purchase anywhere either here in my country or elsewhere! I think hats help complement the entire outfit and it's a great solution for a bad hair day :)


alixrose said...

I don't own enough. This is gorgeous.

classiq said...

Gorgeous hat! Beside my summer straw hat I own a fabulous Anya Caliendo beret (in case you'd like to see it:, which I'm still figuring out how and where to wear. :) Ada

Vyque said...

Wah, now I want it! Stop tempting me with!

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