Draft No. 17 by Jasmin Shokrian - Fall 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Can you believe that the above shots are of the same red twill circle dress by Jasmin Shokrian for her line, Draft No. 17? As far as I'm concerned- that shade is the perfect red I've been chasing in my dreams.

I had a chance to meet the lovely, Art Institute of Chicago educated designer in her LA studio last year, and connected with her design aesthetic right away- minimalist, avant-garde with a quivering emotional core (no wonder the First Lady is a fan).

It's so true what they say about women designers who work in this genre: they are kind to women's bodies, and will not forsake a flattering drape in the interest of executing an intellectual exercise. You can learn more about the designer here.


Brigadeiro said...

Ooh! I love me a versatile piece, especially if it's drapey, and in such a gorgeous colour!

Jaime @ Denim Debutante said...

It's not like me to go crazy over a trend, but I can't help but adore asymmetrical hems. And Shokrian's done it beautifully. :)

Title Loans said...

I'm not usually a fan of red, but my roommate told me it would be a good color on my skin. I love the boldness of the color, but the elegance and flattery of the dress. Is it all the same one, or is the middle cinched one different?

Claire M. said...

Nice outfit :)

Claire M.


wow how versatile! im obsessed w/red at the moment

Shelly said...

Lovely dress. :) I really like wearing red, especially combined with something green... Really nice, I love your blog!


Susan said...

I am not a fan of red, still love the dresses though!

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