Swan Lake a la Miu Miu

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If you are like me, you probably wasted half a day at work browsing the e-commerce portion of the revamped Miu Miu site... And the other half dreaming of that swan dress and those glitter oxfords...

Oh Miu Miu, you are equal parts enchantment, equal parts mad.

How to wrap my head around the infantilizing silhouette, the military khaki hues paired with bloomer-like flounces?

From the imaginary wardrobe of a woman who flings open her closet, throws on the first shiny things that catch her attention, and when she catches a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, cracks a secret crooked grin.


Korina Petersen said...

Great classic look for women. Lots of women go for classic and sophisticated look, with lots of great accessories it is really attractive to look at.

lisa said...

Gosh, I want everything in this post. And I wanted every pair of shoes on Miu Miu's e-commerce shoe page. That website is dangerous!

issa said...

somehow i like everything!!

Kimberlee said...

Gosh that bag and those oxfords are amazeballs! haha love how you described them... so true :)

thingsIlove said...

I'm a huge fan of miu miu! Great post.

Glowing Doll said...

I love everything from Miu Miu.

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Syed said...

That swan dress is pretty darn amazing.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Miu Miu melts my heart melt.

Tristana said...

Looks wonderful...


Title Loans said...

I absolutely love Miu Miu, and have been impressed with their collection thus far this Spring. Where did you find the glasses? They're fabulous and I haven't seen the before! I want them!

betsy said...

That first dress just changed my life. Wow.

Tricia said...

omg I want that last look.

Manon H. said...

Beautiful pieces !


Smiles said...

I love it , that dress is amazing. Miu Miu is beyond. They are so innovative.

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Fashion Tales.... said...

Yes, pretty much in love with that bag. I'm also a fan of sequins! nice choices. & well done Miu Miu!

Lea said...

The bag is absolutely stunning!


M said...

Love everything! especially the shiny oxfords and the silhouette of the khaki shirt that slims you out.


Coralie said...

I've been craving for the glitter Miu MIu shoes for so long !!!
You have a nice blog :)

If you like french fashion, you should visit mine, and maybe follow if you like it (means the world to me !) :)


www.coralieslooks.com - FRENCH FASHION BLOG

Diary of a Short Girl said...

I love anything and everything Miu Miu, great post!!!!

Diary of a Short Girl

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