Rodarte: States of Matter

Monday, March 14, 2011

When I was in LA recently, I had a chance to stop by the Pacific Design Center to check out a small but gorgeous exhibit of Rodarte for the Museum of Contemporary Art. The bi-level exhibit showcased more than 20 pieces from the brand's Spring 2010, Fall 2010 and Fall 2008 runway collections, including costumes from the film Black Swan. If you are in the LA area, this is definitely worth checking out. P.S. If these costumes are any indication, Natalie Portman's waist during filming was tiny!

I mentioned the Rodarte exhibit and two other fashion exhibits that I'm hoping to check out this spring in a recent interview. Special thanks to JC Report for featuring me in their Trendsetter series!!


Scientific Housewife said...

How cool is that!

lisa said...

This looks like a cool exhibit! You're probably right about Natalie Portman's waist too. She looks dainty normally, but it seems like she got even smaller while she was in training for Black Swan.

jess said...

That exhibit looks wonderful.

alexandra grecco said...

oh my, so lovely!


drollgirl said...

it looks amazing!

i used to work at this goofy space at the PDC. it is VERY HARD to make it look good.

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