Product Review: Barely There Intimates

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have an embarrassing confession: I don't know a whole lot about intimate apparel. I'm not a Victoria's Secret girl, though I've certainly tried a few of their padded bras, seduced as I was, by their windblown, Caribbean set catalogues. One of my friends once went to a bra smith somewhere on the Lower East Side and emerged with a few foundational garments she was happy with in her true size (most women don't really know their true size, I suppose) but I've never been brave enough to be measured by a stranger. I've always known that my size was on the smaller end of the spectrum, but was never happy with the way my bras fit, so I've relied on the few flimsy bralettes and camisoles which have served their basic purpose and, let's face it, worn out over the years.

So imagine my happy surprise when one of the representatives for Barely There offered to send over some of their CustomFlex Fit products for review. In between sizes? Hate oddly padded bras? Sick of itchy tags and awkward seams ruining the lines of your clothing? No problem!

I tried the Bandini and the Wirefree bras (pictured above), both in the brand's CustomFlex Fit collection. These bras come in a range of sizes, from XS to XL, and are nice seamless options for tee shirts and tanks (though, warning: they don't fare well under super low cut pieces since they provide more modest coverage). The support is nice without being too constrictive. I wanted a wireless bra with good support, and they were both comfortable during the day for this purpose. In fact, once I slipped them on for the first time, I felt like I was being embraced by a cloud-- albeit a softly supportive one. These are really great, basic foundational garments for the price point ($24 and under), and I will definitely be purchasing them in the future! For more information and to purchase online, check out the Barely There website.

Question of the Day: How often do you shop for intimate apparel?


Wrecked Stellar said...

Hey D! Great review! I buy from Victoria's Secret and I usually will buy if they're having a sale or some kind of deal- spend X amount and you get X amount off. However, this causes me to have a number of new bras that I don't need yet. I've been slowing down though since they're always coming out with new bras. Hope you're having a great week :) xo, mel

Jillian said...

not very often... which is sad because i do love bras i just dont have many... hmm recently i bought three very pretty lace ones for under baggy tanks :)

I miss you ahhh
Oh and I need to ask you about your bloggers in soho thing!

PinkBow said...

i'm not too much into underwear either, i much prefer what can be seen. although i am partial to the odd pice from agent provocateur ;-)

E said...

The wire-free one looks comfy, which is my cup of tea. I only buy when I have to, or when my husband's buying, which I usually try to coordinate :-)

nicole said...

Great review D! I don't shop for intimates that often either. I get the staple black and nude bras in all the styles; strapless, convertible, etc. and then I'm good for about a year or until they fall apart on me. Fancy bras can be fun but aren't very practical for me and these days, under garments are getting expensive! But I guess you get what you pay for and you definitely want to have good quality support. Oh the woes of being a woman haha

elena said...

i actually never buy it on purpose, just going by, but the best are from etam where i run everytime i'm in paris, and the bras from american apparel (my breasts are small, so it holds enough)

FashionLifeCoach said...

Get one and show the sports-bra top in your allover outfit.It is so on-trend.
later, FashionLifeCoach

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