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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bella Umbrellas
by Denise Grayson

There’s no better way to brighten a gloomy, rainy day than to open up a big, gorgeous umbrella. And the idea of a pretty lace parasol to shield us from the sun is irresistibly romantic. A stunning selection of both can be found at Bella Umbrella, a Seattle-based website run by Jodell Egbert whose passion for beautiful umbrellas is evident at first glance. She takes a simple instrument of utility and presents it as a covetable and exquisite fashion accessory, of high quality construction, in a variety of high-end styles, prints and colours. Each is finished with ornate handles which makes for a truly extraordinary umbrella.

A long-time student and collector of umbrellas, Egbert used her extensive collection of over 300 vintage umbrellas to launch Bella Umbrella in 2001. The website is now the largest source of vintage and vintage styled umbrellas in the world and also offers a rental service for events such as outdoor weddings and garden parties. But you may be tempted to rent one just for yourself to make your next stroll something special!

Here is a preview of some of the lovely styles available for sale at the Bella Umbrella website:

From the Designer collection: Bella Pagoda Pinwheel

From the Vintage collection: Silk Blossom Sun Parasol with jeweled handle (top) and handpainted Japanese Parasol from the 1940s

From the Parasol collection: Battenburg Lace Parasols in ecru and pink

Photo credit: Bella Umbrella

Denise Grayson is our Accessories Editor and also writes about Fashion at The Swelle Life.


Ashe Mischief said...

That black & white striped one has me swooning! Though I'm too scared to go to the site & see the price D:

laceandgold said...

Absolutely love these, I was going to pick my fave one to mention but I can't- they are all so lovely. Thanks for posting :)

A Stylized Hysteria said...

The black and white one immediately reminded me of Tim Burton, lol! My favorite is the pink lace parasol. If there was a water-proof version, I'd swoon. Then buy it.

jolie jamie said...

These are so fun! Interesting post!
I would definitely wear the Japanese one!

daisychain said...

Oh my goodness, these are so utterly amazing

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

They have the best selection of umbrellas - no doubt. Some days I'll have a few!

Kristin said...

How fun are those stripes?? Love!


Nice blog !! love your taste :D

I'm a fashion photographer.
visit to see my archive you will love them !!

Denise @ Swelle said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, glad you love the umbrellas, though I'm not surprised, they're gorgeous!

Ashe - they are a lot cheaper than you'd think! Especially compared to 'designer' umbrellas which can cost $400 for a bunch of logos and are no where near the quality.

Stylized Hysteria - the splash page says 'waterproof parasols' but I don't see that mentioned in the descriptions of the parasols. I'd look into it, they might be!

Denise ♥
Accessories Editor,
Dream Sequins

Livie said...

i love a pretty umbrella. the lace one looks interesting but could it actually withstand a downpour?

my fave umbrella of all time is that of burberrys. they are incredibly well made and the material seems to repel fat rain drops! has a good no slip grip too.

Paulina said...

The Pagoda Pinwheel one is TOO COOL. I wouldn't mind having one. Although I can never remember to bring an umbrella with me when it rains.

iamronel said...

wow im so amazed on those quirky umbrella's :)

Other blog's said...

such a great post..:)

Mish Dish said...

The first black and white amazing! xo Mish

Evelyn said...

The first one is very interesting :D

MizzJ said...

These are beautiful! I so wish people, including myself, could stray away from utilitarian umbrellas and branch into unique ones like these!

janettaylor said...

Totally love them especially the first one!

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Miskay GIVEAWAY!♥

Good luck!

Vyque said...

I'm still looking for a super cute yet fits in my purse umbrella, let me know if you find anything like that! I desperately want a small, waterproof parasol

{g} said...

such a great collection -- especially adore the lacy parasols -- so romantic!

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hilal said...

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Absolutely love these, I was going to pick my fave one to mention but I can't- they are all so lovely. Thanks for posting :)

Chessa! said...

omg! these are fabulous!!! I love everything.

The Style PA said...

That black and white umbrella is to die for!

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