Beauty Beat: Tatcha Aburatorigami

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tatcha blotting papers are based on the Japanese art of aburatorigami, paper made from abaca leaf and gold flakes, used for over 300 years by geishas in Japan, who are renowned for their porcelain complexions. When I read about this product by the niche Bay-Area based company, I knew I had to give it a try. I am constantly on the hunt for blotting papers that will leave my complexion looking fresh throughout the day. Since I have combination dry/oily skin, I do get a little shiny in my T-Zone by the middle of the day-- and like to carry a packet of blotting papers or powder with me. It's been about two weeks since I started using Tatcha papers on a regular basis, and I am head over heels in love!

There is a lot to love about this product, so here are some of my thoughts in list form:
  • The Packaging: Comes in a square packet containing 30 sheets with a lovely illustration of a Japanese lady in traditional dress. The sheets are easy to remove from the packet, but the tab closure is a bit hard to work at times.
  • The Size: I loved that the sheets come in ample 3.74 inch by 3.74 inch squares. And since you can use both sides, there is no need to use more than one sheet at a time.
  • The Material: I have used paper based blotting sheets in the past, and have had little luck with them. For my needs, I always felt that plastic based sheets do more efficient work. This might sound icky, but I love looking at the sheet after patting down my face and looking at the translucence of the sheet (which means it has done its work of lifting excess oil and moisture from my face). The one thing that always made me feel guilty about plastic blotting sheets is their effect on the environment. Tatcha papers do turn translucent when you lift oils from your face so that you can see the blotting papers at work, but they are also paper-based and biodegradable.
  • The Craftsmanship: The product is handmade in Japan, which lends the papers an artisanal, luxurious touch. The square shape of these papers reminds me of my fascination with origami paper in my childhood.
  • The Results: Tatcha claims that the papers are safe for use on all complexion types, and when used over makeup, will only lift oils from your face and leave makeup undisturbed. I used these papers in a few instances: during the day and going out at night. In both cases, I was satisfied with their blotting qualities.

For more information on Tatcha blotting papers, check out

Disclosure: Samples of the product from this post were provided for review purposes.


My Passport to Style said...

Wow how special are they, thanks for sharing this gem!!!It's the last day of my pendant giveaway over on My Passport to Style, if you would like to enter, open to all overseas bloggers. Sharon xx

Nicole Jarecz said...

wow these look great! i'll have to check it out!

nookie said...

they sound great!gonna check them out:)

Mary said...

Oh, thank you for sharing! I need these asap!


Couture Carrie said...

Fab review!
I totally need these!


Wrecked Stellar said...

Hey D! Thanks for the info! My mom is always telling me I need to use blotting papers - my skin is super oily and she thinks I pile on too much makeup/powder to decrease the shine! Hope you have a great week ahead! xo, mel

lisa said...

Blotting papers are one of my beauty must-haves. This brand seems really cool!

On the Glam said...

I cannot live without blotting papers during the summer, and these look super cute (much cuter than the clearsil ones I currently tote around)

Anonymous said...

I've used Tatcha before and I have to say the product is AMAZING!!!! I use both sides of one sheet and I'm shine free. The best thing is that it doesn't lift off my make-up, so I don't have to reapply.
Thumbs up!

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