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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Camera Bags with Flash
by Denise Grayson

I recently upgraded my camera from a compact digital to a DSLR. As the guy who was helping me began showing me bags, I came to the disappointing realization that the convenience of throwing my little Canon into my handbag without a thought for space, protection, or lenses was gone along with most of my bank balance. I was buying a proper piece of equipment that required tender loving care in the form of a foam compartmented carrier. How sexy does that sound?

The selection of bags consisted of about a dozen black (lack of) styles and there were two that had a flower print in both pink and grey. Those bags – the ones designated for the ladies – resembled oversize lunch coolers. “No thanks, I think I’ll shop around” was my response to the offerings. And then I ran out of the store screaming (in my mind at least).

Once home I did a bit of googling and funny enough, when I entered ‘camera bags’ the list of prompts that came up included ‘camera bags for women’. There is indeed demand for a bag with an exterior which belies the fact that there’s a Nikon D-90 inside with one or two lenses, a fat wallet bursting with store receipts, a mangled hairbrush, phone, makeup case and hard candies that have fallen out of the wrapper and stuck to the lining. We need something that accommodates all of our essentials and sundries and looks good enough that it may even prompt an unwitting friend to utter “Ooh! Like your bag.”

Lucky for us there are some, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. That’s great news (or trouble) for the accessories junkie – you can have a whole wardrobe of camera bags!

Jo Totes bags have six re-adjustable pads, removable cross-body strap and are lined with printed fabrics such as houndstooth.

This messenger from Janine King Designs has triple padded corners and bottom and adjustable flap, and comes in a wide range of bold, printed fabrics.

This medium-size leather bag from Jill-e can accommodate a camera with attached lens, a second lens, with extra space inside for sundries plus six external pockets.

Emera’s ‘The Quilted’ is a classic and chic style with modular Velcro dividers and a large compartment for magazines, notebooks or iPads.

Photos credited to the respective websites/designer.

Denise Grayson is our Accessories Editor and also writes about fashion at The Swelle Life.


Brigadeiro said...

LOVE the Janine King designs! Brilliant post! I have a Crumpler bag for my camera, but that is more for 'funky' for hubby, not so nice for me...

janettaylor said...

Love the last one. So Chanel-esque!

SHOPJNSQ said...

Brilliant idea, much better than the default tourist bag :)

polka dot said...

Brilliant post, Dee!

I went digital this summer (altho I'm still in denial: I still plan to keep shooting with my Pentax, which, if anything, is even bigger & heavier) & the bane of my existence on any given day is what 'handbag' to carry it - and everything else - in.

While I love the top one (green, with the option of the hounds tooth check inside) what's currently my favourite is basically a large basket, with a drawstring cloth inside. I then put the camera in a plastic bag within (I'm always trying to keep the weight down) but sometimes I admit, I forget, and just throw it in. I'm really playing with fire (okay, water) because I also toss a water bottle in with it. But I just try to make sure it's securely fastened.

My bag was a freebie from a TU sainsbury's press day, which is so cheeky of them as it's not available online!!!

Have you seen this post?’s-your-bag-a-quest-for-the-perfect-womans-camera-bag

How you enjoying the sunshine, Sunshine? ; ) xo

Denise @ Swelle said...

Thanks for your great comments! I still haven't bought one, some are quite pricey and after splurging on the camera I don't want to fork out another chunk of cash just yet. But the Janine King bags are really cute at a really good price, and well constructed with the equipment in mind so that's probably where I'll go.

Polka Dot - I think you may be talking to Deanne, but I've recently subscribed to DPS and it's brilliant! I haven't seen that post, I'll take a look. Thanks!

Denise x
Accessories Editor
Dream Sequins said...

i need a camera bag.

Kristin said...

Who knew camera bags could be so chic? Now I REALLY need that SLR!

business plan said...

Those are beautiful bags. Thank you for posting.

Wordpress Development said...

I love the second one. Very fashionable. I love it.

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