Weekend Links: Notable and Quotable Edition

Friday, March 5, 2010

image via Reanna Time (see below)

Hope you are enjoying your Friday! I thought I would try something different for this week's weekend links and give you a little taste of the blogs I have been visiting. Hope you enjoy some notable and quotable writing clips from the blogosphere...

"Could these photos be Australia's answer to Eamon Mac Mahon's northern arial photography? Perhaps. They also remind me of Carlo Van de Roer's incredible Bondi Bath photos. Seems to me Sydney's beaches make a good muse." [Reanna Time on Beach Boys, pictured above]

"Most people mourning his death didn't even really know him. As much as his public persona didn't reflect the real Lee McQueen though, I can only assume the lines must have blurred somehow. His personality did show in his work and anyone who loved what he created, must have loved a part of him." [Haute World on Alexander McQueen]

"As fashion industry professionals we have often heard comments dismissing fashion as a career, as a rather less than serious job, akin to a paid hobby. This attitude comes from the misrepresentation by mainstream media that fashion design is just fun sketching and then, poof, the product appears in stores." [39th and Broadway on The Importance of the Fashion Industry]

"For the people who know me, they know I can get 'overly-stimulated.' Or a wee bit excited. I was a little bit excited (to say the least) when the Super SelfServiceUK people Carina and Tor invited me to their Tom Binns for Disney Couture event." [SOS! Save Our Shoes on Alice in Wonderland]

Okay- this one was more outrageous than admirable: "A homeless man in China has developed an Internet following of thousands who admire his 'good looks' and 'bohemian dress sense,' the Independent reports." [The Cut on Homeless Man in China Becomes Internet Fashion Icon]

Responses? Thoughts?

P.S. I was recently featured on two of my favorite blogs: Bits of Beauty asked me to do a guest blog picking a few things that make my life more beautiful... and Titans and Co. featured a picture of me in front of the tents. Thanks, Ethan for calling me a "patron saint of emerging designers" - that made me blush a little.

P.S.2. I feel like I never say Thank You enough to our hardworking editors-- Tamara, our Beauty Editor did two wonderful posts this week on Dream Sequins: feeling purple on Beauty Beat and coverage of the Lauren Merkin event. Denise, our Accessories Editor, introduced us to the beautiful scarves of Margo Petitti on this week's Accessorize This.

P.S.3. The beach photo reminds me of the macro art video montage that the girls from Anka Papuli shared with me recently. Check this out-- an artist took about 35,000 photos of New York over the course of a day and then processed them so that they look like a miniature New York in action. Very cool. Happy Friday to you!!


Reanna said...

Awe thanks darling! Have a fabulous fashion filled weekend. xo

WendyB said...

Yay for fake mini NYC!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Happy sweet and beautiful friday, Deanne

and have an even more beautiful and relaxing weekend ahead!!!

apparellel said...

okay can i just tell you that i understand the homeless man. my mom always makes fun of me because we would be walking down the streets of l.a. and i would be like "hey check him out, he's hot" and he would turn around and be scary. but from a far there is a certain appeal. my husband always jokes that he doesn't look homeless enough for me. haha!

thanks for this post and have a fabulous friday gorgeous woman. i'm thinking it's about time to hit the hay since it's 7am. i'm dopey like that. (=;


daisychain said...

Incredible post, have a great weekend x

The Style Revolution said...

Great post ... Have a great weekend!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Love that picture of the beach - made me smile!

Savvy Gal said...

I love the beach image. It's so fresh.... : ) Happy Friday. xo

39th and Broadway said...

Thanks for the linkage sweetie! Happy Weekend!

Haute World said...

Just saw your post... I've been really swamped and desperately need to catch up with my favorite blogs - thanks for the shout-out! Have a lovely weekend :)

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