NYFW Diaries: Alexander McQueen, Unreserved, Keith Lissner and Jen Kao

Friday, February 12, 2010

RIP McQueen

On the first official day of Fashion Week, we were all stunned to hear about the death of designer Lee McQueen. RIP Alexander McQueen. I spent a good portion of my day in the Meatpacking District, and stumbled across a makeshift vigil for the designer. The windows were papered over and a selection of deli flowers were placed in front of a small sign bearing the news.


Tamara and I made our way to Bryant Park Hotel for a showcase of American Indian fashion and accessories sponsored by the Unreserved American Indian Fashion and Art Alliance. The Loft at the hotel was a beautiful, sunny backdrop for six talented emerging designers. Being an accessories lover, I immediately fell for the inky clutch creations of Maya Stewart, who is currently enrolled in London College for accessory design. Crazy Snake Rebellion is the name of her socially-conscious collection and despite the urban-friendly colors of her pieces, the collection pays tribute to American Indian cultures and themes.

Maya Stewart

Keith Lissner

I didn't expect to love Keith Lissner's F/W '10 presentation as much as I did. Perhaps it was a little cruel to place models in front of a mock dining table during Fashion Week, but I enjoyed the subversive and strange mood overall. Some of the pieces were a bit misplaced (such as a look incorporating sheer puffed raspberry sleeves) in a lineup of otherwise enjoyable and wearable eveningwear for the social crowd. I especially loved the texture of a long, strapless silver and lace empire-waisted gown which made one woman standing next to me gasp in delight. Oh it was that good, my friends.

Jen Kao

I wish Jen Kao would take more creative chances. She is really great with bodycon sexy pieces, such as paneled dresses (reminiscent of Preen) and for F/W '10, she continued her flirtation with longer dresses, including a black number with a sweeping train for the finale. There were many wearable sequins in the mix, chiefly a glittering gem of a tank loaded with silver fringe (want!) and a beautiful softly structured silver sequin dress trimmed in black with rounded shoulders. She used a lot of leather and fur in the show, but I would love to see what she does for the next season. Let's take it up a notch, Jen! We love your work!


selena said...

oh that silver fringe is amazzzzzzing. wow. just beautiful!


MizzJ said...

Oh my those Jen Kao designs are hot! That dress is what I would want to wear if I were on a sexy version of Star Trek haha.

princesspolitico said...

awesome photos! jen kao's collection thus far is a standout to me... although you said that she should take more risks, i see her as a master at presenting clean lines and timeless pieces.


Jillian said...

quite gorgeous at Jen Koa!

So awful about McQueen ugh... just awful :(

FashionJazz said...

Luved ur post!! Luv ur blog, looking forward to more posts xx

Patricia Snook said...

Oh that's heartbreaking to see the shop all closed over, I'm so sad, I really hope he's at peace now.

On the other hand, Jen Kao's collection....



Trendology said...

I'm kicking myself for missing Unreserved. I'm always excited to see other Native people experiencing success - ESPECIALLY in fashion.

Miss Vintage Vixen said...

Quick, someone get me that last red dress!

Sher said...

May he RIP.

Scientific Housewife said...

Great post, I feel like I could be there!

the style crusader said...

oh i love jen's collection! so cool that you got to be there! xx

Cindy Whitehead said...

Loving Jenny Kao and your take on fashion Week. (-:

Chessa! said...

the news about Lee McQueen is so devastating. he was such a tremendous talent and so inspiring.

you are amazing and I can't wait to read all of your wonderful posts and see your photos.

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