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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashion Week unofficially kicks off tonight, and I thought I would take a breather to introduce you to the gorgeous Alicia from Inny Vinny. Snow reports be-damned, I'm taking us to warmer climes. Alicia is an LA-based blogger with super awesome style... Read on to learn more about her and get to know the lady Behind the Blog!

all images courtesy of Inny Vinny

Five Questions for My Favorite Bloggers

Who are you?

I'm Alicia! I'm an internet info-hoarder, blogger, and I sell jewelry on the side.

Where are you?

At present, I'm stuck in an office building in Los Angeles...gotta love the day job. It's precisely why I'm an internet info-hoarder, blogger, and selling jewelry on the side.

What is the concept behind your blog?

Honestly, I wouldn't say there's a cut and dry concept; it's just a collective of stuff I like played out in pictures and writing with a bit of irreverence, the obligatory outfit posts and a fair amount of profanity. that a concept? Because if that's a concept, then that's my concept.

When you are not blogging, what else do you enjoy doing?

Aside from working on stuff for my Etsy store and Talonalia, I like to canoodle with Dudeguy, hang out with my friends, go shopping/thrifting, talk nonsense on Twitter, and watch RuPaul's Drag Race. I have an unyielding love for trannies. Really.

I'm also working on getting better at photography. It's a hobby now, but I'd like to get to the point where someone would hire me...even if I was getting paid in Orbit gum or magazines or some other form of bartered good. Right now, I'm using my 365 Project to get in shape.

There also may or may not be lots of time spent on trying to train my army of cats to do anything besides eating and sleeping. These pursuits have been largely unsuccessful.

More importantly, what are you wearing?

A teal Thakoon dress I got off of eBay for $50 (!!!), my vintage black leather bomber jacket, and some black patent wingtips.

Thanks for the interview, Alicia! NYFW coverage kicks off tomorrow... So stay tuned!


Savvy Gal said...

She sounds amazing. Isn't that Birkin photo bag cute?

modediktat said...

I like Alicia's blog very much!! But haven't left any comments yet :) I can remember my first visit on her blog. When I visited now I was so happy to see she did a posting about Catherine Baba as well :-D Ok. That's a sign of coincidence!
I love that picture of Alicia and her Spongebob mug!! When it's really cold and the coffee is really hot I'm getting the same effect when wearing my glasses XD
have a fab fun day, dear Deanne!
great to see more behind the blog's!

Brunch at Saks said...

Oh Alicia sounds fabulous! And yay for fellow LA bloggers! Going over to check out Inny Vinny now XOXO

InnyVinny said...




Sorry...I'm just...I don't know. Don't mind me. I should be in bed right now. Blame the delirium!

<3 you D! Thanks so much!!


she looks great with that short hairstyle...& must love that adorable mug!

Etrapar said...

haha...nice post darling, she is a sweet *.^

StuddedLilly said...

Alicia's page is fun..and RuPaul's drag race, i loveee lol


Gant trousers said...

Great post! I love Q & A's

Eden said...

this is a great article, i enjoy alicia's blog too (though i haven't left any comments yet). shes just insightful, fashionable and overall fun. sigh, can't wait for the day to be featured here in Behind the Blog!:)


Alice said...

Great interview! Thanks for introducing another lovely blog! I also like Alicia's jewellery :)

Dream Sequins said...

Seriously Alicia you are the BESSSST. xx

Kristen said...

great answers, particular love the image of unsuccesful attempts at trainning cats (they just don't like to listen, sdo they?) Great style too!

STEFANIE said...

Lovely style, her thakoon dress is great!

Style (R)evolution said...

Great style for sure

daisychain said...

She is gorgeous and has amazing style!

Chessa! said...

i heart this series so much. :)

Nina said...

What a great way to know a blogger more! She sounds amazing!

WendyB said...

I heart Alicia and am so glad I got to meet her in person!

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Great find - she's adorable and the perfect amount of sassy/crazy cat lady!!!

Leah said...

I love the interview and I love her style. xoxo

princesspolitico said...

i just started following her blog - she's got a really fresh outlook on style + life... great feature!


Sheena said...

Love Alicia's blog. She really lets her personality shine through and she keeps it real!

The Owl's Closet said...

i've never been on alicia's blog, but i will definitely check it out. thanks for sharing this interview! she seems like an awesome girl:)

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I love her because she is amazing and my sorority sister!

Susan said...

great interview- she's really nice :)

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