Twitter-views: Inspirations

Sunday, May 31, 2009

all images by Glen Erler [via tinyvices]

Lately, I've been finding inspiration in photography. I ran across some images from photographer Glen Erler, and they speak to me in ways which are difficult to describe in words. Perhaps I can relate to their undertones of isolation and middle-class ennui, as I spent much of my youth in the suburbs of Los Angeles...

Since I was feeling a little "emo" this week, I decided to ask some of my wonderful Twitter friends about what inspires or moves them... And here's what they had to say:

@penandnotebook rain... i love the sound, the smell, the droplets on intricate leaves...

@PR_Couture this:

@ohreallyjenn Big City, Big Lights

@maryjanefrances i'm inspired by tribal cultures; historical & modern, nature, hippies, politics, art, lots more too~

@amandalee being surrounded by people whom i love and who inspire me. plain and simple. :-)

@declinedesigns Music, movies!!, fairly tales, pretty weather and amazing scenery!

@Parmie How hard my parents worked/work

@craftyasparagus My sister: she walks thru life w. drive & grace, no matter how hard it gets. She's 5 years younger than me, yet I admire her.

@MarcyChen Witnessing true genius... inspires me and almost always makes me cry. ;)

@fairykikka nature in all its aspects, from sunsets to animals to waters ..everything!!

@SaveOurShoes anything and, friends, family, cultures, diversity, new towns and cities, fashion talents, nature, colors....

@WendyBrandes I am inspired by mad queens!

@decadentluxe I often find that Trip Hop music (my fave) & photography help greatly inspire me in many ways.

@fashionherald tough one, but the more i'm on the street and looking the more I'm inspired.

@shebreathes I am inspired by life, traveling, culture, art, photography, turtles, elephants, and small gestures.

@malanb my inspiration- grafitti, people, music, and nature!

@inmode little joys of life - colours outside - people - art - music inspires me

@AATP I am inspired by my family, beauty, travel, food, wine, magazines, books, arts, people, kindness, authenticity, & passion

@ten10things I'd have to say my friends on Twitter inspire me...where else can you meet and talk to such talented people everyday?

@Parmie ballads sung well always make me cry even when nothings wrong

@lpfashionista I'm inspired by everyone who isn't letting the economy discourage their dreams of working in the fashion industry!

@queengilda well for my "art", i'm inspired by architecture, bodies, bacteria, decay, emotions, yayoi... & i want to become junya.

@jennaviva inspired by people who persevere when every odd is against them and truly believe they can do it from their heart n' soul.

At the risk of sounding completely cheeseball: thank you for being amazing. You, dear readers, and you, friends on Twitter, inspire me as well...

So what inspires YOU?

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Weekend Links: Awards Edition

Friday, May 29, 2009

When I started Dream Sequins last year, I intended to keep busy in between freelance writing assignments. And while I expected to learn more about emerging and independent fashion through other blogs and my interviews, I never expected to encounter such a wonderful community of new friends. Finding your way in the blogosphere is a bit like maneuvering a high school cafeteria when you're the new kid in town. You're still feeling your way through cliques and clusters, trying to find a place where you belong. So for all of you who let me sit at their proverbial table... Thank you! From the bottom of my heart-- thank you!

A special shoutout to the lovely bloggers who tagged me with a "Lovely Blog" award and are delicious bloggers in their own right:

The rule of this game is to tag 15 bloggers you have discovered and want to share with the rest of the world. Et voila:

If you're noticing a lot of style bloggers on my list, I'll have you know that their style and experimentation is definitely rubbing off on me. Thank you, ladies, for helping me overcome some camera shyness. Some new style posts (a little sneak below) are in the works for next week!

above: Carin Wester A/W 09 halter vest (worn as a dress; sadly a borrowed sample) and Miu Miu patent booties

If you are just catching up on Dream Sequins, I posted two wonderful Behind the Blog interviews with two of my favorite bloggers, Felicia Sullivan and Brigadeiro. This week, I also interviewed one half of wonderful design duo Daphne and Vera Correll, who specialize in the most amazing knits.

If you haven't already done so, I urge you to visit my wonderful giveaway celebrating my 100th post. There are many great prizes available and I'd love for you to win something awesome. What-- you haven't entered yet? Get to it NOW before June 5th!!!

Enjoy your weekend, gorgeous!

Behind the Blog: Brigadeiro

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A wonderful thing about the "blogosphere" is that you get to "meet" a lot of cool, stylish people around the world, without ever having to go through the hassle of an airport security check. Brigadeiro is a lovely style blog I stumbled across one day and I'm happy I did! In her own words, she's a blogger who is "British-born, Brazilian-raised, of Chinese heritage, now Australian-citizen with a faint American accent." If you can wrap your international mind around that, toss in a healthy obsession with all things Dries Van Noten and Akira Isogawa (her favorite designers), luscious food pictures and you've only just begun to scratch the surface of what she's all about. Read on to learn more about the beautiful bossa nova world of Brigadeiro...

Five Questions for My Favorite Bloggers

Who are you?

A self-confessed shopaholic with a passion for food, fashion, travel & family. Although my love for food & fashion are a constant tug of war, as I have been enjoying too much of one, which means I cannot enjoy the other as much (can no longer fit most of my clothes)! I named my blog after one my favourite Brazilian ‘sweets’ made of condensed milk & chocolate.

above: a "Brigadeiro" via Wikipedia
all other images courtesy of Brigadeiro

Where are you?

I’ve lived in a few places, starting off in London (UK) (from 0-11 mths of age), then Rio de Janeiro/Niteroi, RJ (Brazil) (first few years), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil) (most of my life), Brentwood, LA (USA) (for 1 yr only when I was six), back to SJC, then Cambridge (UK) (2 yrs), but now…I am in the land of kangaroos & koalas.

What is the concept behind your blog?

I’m afraid my blog doesn’t have a ‘concept’ per se’, I just started it so I could share my love & interest for all things beautiful, fashion, in particular. It was mainly to share my thoughts on it, but then some readers started asking for outfit pictures, and funnily, those are the ones people are most interested in…

When you are not blogging, what else do you enjoy doing?

Reading the very long list of blogs I love, shopping (mostly online), throwing/attending dinner parties (LOVE food), travelling (little day trips to winery regions nearby, and occasional trips interstate help tie me over until I can travel overseas), reading, and…singing (in the car, or when no one’s home, haha).

above and below: recent pictures from her recent trip with her family to Paraty, RJ, Brazil

More importantly… what are you wearing? :)

I’m typing this during my lunchbreak at work (and am off to classes after this, starting a new course today, so excited!), so I’m wearing (sorry this is so long-winded):

*Alannah Hill (Australian designer) black speckled ¾ turtleneck knit with slightly puffed sleeves

*Cue (Australian high-street) black pinafore with empire waist & bubble hem (following on from your comment, I was congratulated twice by 2 separate people on separate occasions, on my ‘pregnancy’, despite not being of them was a tough bikie-looking guy too, but was so sweet, haha!)

*Leona Edmiston (Australian designer) Pins opaque stockings in onyx

*Burberry Prorsum Prussian blue military style cocoon shaped quilted trench coat, which is double breasted, with buttoned epaulettes, a high collar and two rows of buttons, which end at the waist with inverted pleats below.

*Burberry red & cream alpaca fine knit scarf (gift from my little sister)

*Burberry Manor bag in a fire engine red

*Currently in Marc Jacobs ballet flats, but have Stella McCartney patent wedges to change into (in the car) for my classes later today.

I want those Stella wedges. :) Thanks for the wonderful interview, Brigadeiro! For more information, please check out:

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Wishlist Wednesday: Summer Staples

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This week's Wishlist Wednesday is mostly about one of my favorite summer staples: the dress. I'm all about comfort when the going gets humid and unpleasant. You will notice that many of these items are designed by or available through sponsors of my 100th post giveaway. What a coincidence. *wink wink*

above: The Battalion Grecian layered dress [via Revolve]

I love the bamboo-jersey fabric that the designing sisters behind "eco-couture" label, The Battalion use in many of their pieces. This Grecian layered dress is just the kind of dress I can imagine wearing with some gorgeous flat sandals while meeting friends for brunch. Read more about The Battalion here.

above: Creatures of the Wind dress [via Stand Up Comedy]

This Creatures of the Wind dress from Portland-based boutique Stand Up Comedy may look like another simple little black dress, but its origami-like folds and its easy silhouette make it a chic, versatile choice. To learn more about Stand Up Comedy, read this profile.

above: NIT: FELT: PHRAME peach felted chiffon tunic

Although this tunic from NIT: FELT: PHRAME has a felted hem and is shown with winter tights, I can easily imagine it transitioning into summer because of its peach color and filmy chiffon body. You can read more about the line and designer Gail Travis here.

above: Louise Amstrup box panel dress [via Brittique]

The print on this Louise Amstrup silk dress is really refreshing and I love the way it drapes on the model. Not sure the pop of yellow would work on me; what do you think? Brittique carries a range of emerging and established UK designers on its terrific website. Check this out to learn more...

above: CRHEE Neutrino dress [via Standard Deviation]

This black dress from CRHEE is a subtly sexy number with a crepe de chine body and chiffon panel cutouts. It also happens to be on sale at Standard Deviation, which is a very good thing indeed. Check out more about designer Christine Rhee here.

above: Preen dress [via Seven]

I've had my eye on this romantic ruffled grey silk georgette dress from Preen during my trips to Seven. Perhaps now that it's on sale, I can make my dreams a reality? Check out more about avant-garde boutique Seven here...

above: mr. larkin Elsa dress [via Shopflick]

This goddess dress made of milk fiber (very eco-conscious indeed) and embellished with vintage sequins is my top choice for a fancy summer benefit. Available on the online, video-driven marketplace for emerging designers, Shopflick. For more about the website, read here.

above: Beth Terry fragrances [via LuckyScent]

Speaking of summer staples, I'm on the market for a new, breezy fragrance for warmer weather and loving the notes in Element of Surprise (Italian lemon and lime, white tea and jasmine) and Vita (four teas, blackcurrant, plums and Lily-of-the-Valley), two fragrances from the niche perfume house of Beth Terry. You can read more about Beth Terry here.

For a chance to win full sized bottles of these Beth Terry perfumes and other wonderful items from the sponsors in this post, including new items added today from Brittique, please click here to enter. I would love nothing more than for my lovely readers to sweep all three prize packages!

So what's on your wishlist this week?

Designer Profile: Daphne and Vera Correll

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

above (from top): spider gloves and knit hood from A/W 09 lookbook
all images courtesy of Daphne and Vera Correll

Daphne an
d Vera Correll are twin sisters from Germany with a talent for spinning fairytale pieces out of knits and other natural fabrics. Since relocating to New York about three years ago, the sisters have maintained their focus on quality over quantity, selling many of their pieces privately via their Chinatown studio and select boutiques worldwide. I had a chance to speak with Daphne Correll about their unique and beautiful line, most of which is made by hand and/or produced in cooperation with local craftsmen and seamstresses. Read on to learn more about their wearable works of art...

Daphne and Vera Correll, twin sisters from Berlin who both studied design and photography, began their first fashion design collaboration around 2002 with a few t-shirt designs, rearranging logos from printed t-shirts to produce a collage of what Daphne describes as "weird images" along with embroidery elements. Those t-shirts were so popular with friends that soon, boutiques came calling, and two or three years later, Opening Ceremony picked up pieces and the idea for a full collection was born.

Around 2005, the sisters were facing geographic difficulties: "Vera was living in New York and I was in Berlin," Daphne recalls. "We started making our first proper collaborative collection [via long distance communication] and when she came to visit, we would go over the samples."

The sisters threw themselves into producing full collections and began showing in Paris and New York. It was only three years ago that the sisters decided to relocate to New York. "We decided to move here because we like it better," Daphne explains.

Over time, the Corrells began to work with more intricate knitting and construction techniques: "Some pieces got more complex and more elaborate," Daphne says. "And others... because I am not working with so many stores now, I can put more time into single pieces." Their latest collection for Autumn/Winter 09, inspired by medieval armor, antique Japanese folk textiles, gold, abstract pastel paintings and Bergman's The Seventh Seal, plays with textures and textiles with the precision of classical paintings, while maintaining modern, fluid lines.

above: a silk knit dress A/W 09

above: gold knit leggings A/W 09

Because of the time-consuming process to create their clothing and accessories, the Corrells keep their business highly personal with limited edition pieces, but that's just the way they want to keep it for now. "My main objective is to make sure that I do what I want to do and really like making clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. Having enough time and freedom to do that," Daphne explains. "I feel like to maintain that in NYC is such a challenge. There is so much pressure to make a lot of things and I don't want to go there. I want to stay on course and do things my way."

above: knit skirt and spider gloves A/W 09

above: stained silk skirt A/W 09

above: black knit hood A/W 09

For more information about the line, check out The Autumn/Winter 09 collection will be available in September and is carried at stores such as Impulse in Seattle, Stand Up Comedy in Portland and Ooga Booga in Los Angeles.

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Behind the Blog: Felicia Sullivan

Monday, May 25, 2009

I had a chance to connect with the lovely writer, foodie and charity organizer, Felicia Sullivan through Twitter and her marvelous blog. Felicia left behind a 9 to 5 corporate life to write (she wrote an amazing memoir The Sky Isn't Visible From Here) and pursue her dreams, one of which includes starting up Fashion For All, a soon-to-be official nonprofit, providing low-income women with a day of dignified shopping and access to practical resources. Her first event, which took place in Brooklyn this month, drew over 200 participants, and I was proud to participate via donations. Read this interview to learn more about this writer who is giving back in a wonderful way...

above: the cover of Felicia's memoir in paperback
all images courtesy of Felicia Sullivan

above: me and Felicia at her Fashion For All donor party

Five Questions for My Favorite Bloggers

Who are you?

That's a very good question as it's taken me thirty three years to figure out. I'm a writer but I love business. I'm a foodie but I shy away from fancy restaurants. I love fashion but I always consult my best friend before I buy anything. I'm a person who used to be consumed with money, but now is more focused on giving back. I'm the author of The Sky Isn't Visible From Here, a memoir about the contentious, heartbreaking relationship I had with my mother and how that hurt shaped my adulthood. I'm a former marketing and project manager executive who plans to launch a non-profit, Fashion For All, a semi-annual, nationwide event that provides women in low-income areas with a day of dignified shopping and access to community resources. I'm someone who refuses to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

above: a snap from a recent feature on shopping finds under $100

Where are you?

In front of my computer, pounding away.

What is the concept behind your blog?

My blog is a slice of my life - what I covet, eat, buy, love, read, and write. It's a 24-hour virtual holiday.

above: curry pasta from a recent food post

When you are not blogging, what else do you enjoy doing?

Giving my Kitchen Aid a severe workout, settling with a good book, spending time with my close friends, playing with beauty products, and indulging in a good flick.

More importantly. what are you wearing? :)

Emma and Posh cashmere cardi, Banana Republic t-shirt, JBrand jeans, Sand by Therese Nguyen necklace, Express and Kenneth Jay Lane bangles.

above: Fashion for All shopping event in Brooklyn

For more information, check out and

Weekend Links: It's Raining Giveaways!

Friday, May 22, 2009

above: Six Scents Series One [via Seven]

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends! Be well and enjoy R&R with loved ones... There will be no Twitter-views this weekend due to the Memorial Day weekend, but be sure to stay tuned for more views from more fabulous Twitter friends... If you are catching up on Dream Sequins, be sure to check out these great posts:

Dream Sequins 100th Post Giveaway

As you may have heard, Dream Sequins will be celebrating its 100th post with a giveaway to thank you, dear readers, for being such a fabulous, supportive group! Today, we are adding a new prize to the First Prize package: a limited edition uni-sex perfume from the Six Scents: Series One perfume project, courtesy of Seven New York.

**CLICK HERE** to enter the drawing, which will feature prizes from Beth Terry fragrances, Brittique, CRHEE, NIT: FELT: PHRAME, Seven, Shopflick and Stand Up Comedy. You have until June 5th! Winners will be announced June 8th.

Be sure to check out these other fabulous giveaways:

Being High Maintenance Not Bitchy is giving away some adorable jelly bangles from Chick Downtown. Check it out here; today is the last day to enter!

La Petite Blog is giving away some fabulous pearls from 1928 Jewelry. Enter here before May 23rd!

Wicked Halo is hooking you up with some beautiful Margo Morrison earrings. Enter here; you've got a week to sign up!

The Coveted is giving away mineral fusion makeup from Whole Foods! Enter before May 30th.

Grechen's Closet is offering a pair of earrings from the House of Harlow. Enter here to win!

Style Symmetry
is celebrating her 1000th post (congratulations!!) with a fab giveaway. Enter here to win a package of wonderful items!

Toy Watch, best known for its plastic sportswatch-style watches is giving away a watch every Friday throughout the months of May and June. Check them out on Twitter to learn more.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

above: the homepage of NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL)
all images courtesy of NJAL

NOT JUST A LABEL, a global showroom and network for emerging avant-garde fashion designers and the fashion industry, which launched in April 2008, will be opening its online shop starting May 28th. I was impressed with the offerings available for the next crop of fashion talent: young designers can post lookbooks and video content for buyers and media; peruse job listings, information about fashion schools and interviews with fellow designers.

Although any designer can apply for free membership to the site, founder Stefan Siegel explains the website's loose "quality control" guidelines: "We only accept avant-garde designers who have shown less than five to six collections and don’t have a chain of flagship stores in place," he says. "Meaning we don’t accept large brands, and we want sophisticated designs (i.e. no simple t-shirt designs)."

The new online shop will offer limited edition items from new and established NJAL members, culled by a selection committee in collaboration with leading fashion figures, such as Robin SchuliƩ of Maria Luisa and Unit F, the Austrian Association for Contemporary Fashion this month and Diane Pernet of A Shaded View on Fashion starting in July. "We are accepting submissions from all NJAL brands, starting-out or established," Siegel says of the anticipated monthly process. "On a monthly basis a new key industry figure will be asked to join us in the selection process, resulting in a different monthly collection."

While NJAL began with a focus on a few schools and markets such as London, Antwerp, Paris and Berlin, word of mouth and press, Siegel says, have attracted visitors and members from the US, Asia and South America. As for future plans for the site, Siegel says coyly that the next phase will involve more hands-on work with its designers: "NOT JUST A LABEL will carefully select young designers from its talent pool who have the potential to grow and offer a unique 360 degree service and support... I wish I could say more!"

Sound intriguing? Check out some sneak peeks of designs available in the shop starting as early as next week...

above: Piastanchina

above: Schipper Arques

above: Jiwon Jahng

above: Anuschka Hoevener

above: Vibe Johansson

For a complete list of designers available in the new shop (including Canadian label mono), check out the website:

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Wishlist Wednesday: Accessories

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never thought I'd do a "how to" style post...
But I somehow just discovered accessories this week!

Take this plain navy dress for instance.

Consider how the addition of accessories elevates
and changes up the look of the same dress with...


above: Arielle de Pinto A/W 09 necklaces

I am in love with these Autumn/Winter 09 samples from Arielle de Pinto.
The Canadian designer uses crochet techniques to construct matte, yet shimmering effects in her jewelry.

The necklace shown on the right is also a pouch and was shown in the Autumn/Winter lookbook carrying a mini cellphone. Amazing.


above: Aschon scarf sample A/W 09

Before I held the silky, limited edition aschon scarf in my hand, I had always associated scarves with a certain bourgeois stuffiness. Not so with these gorgeous accessories created by a Berlin design duo. I'm not only addicted to the tactile touch of the fabric, but the infinite possibilities presented by the interesting print. Scarves from aschon: a new addiction.


above: Norwegian Wood harness

I finally caved and made my first Etsy purchase with an amazing and versatile harness from popular Etsy seller, Norwegian Wood! The triple elastic harness is comfortable to wear and creates a flattering waistline without being constricting. Love it!

Speaking of Awesome Canadian Designers...

Did you notice that the common thread from this week is awesome Canadian designers (mono, Arielle de Pinto and Norwegian Wood)? Well here's another Canadian to add to your radar: I interviewed womenswear designer Jeremy Laing for my gig at Dossier Journal's style blog. Check it out here!


Have you signed up for the Dream Sequins 100th Post Giveaway yet? What are you waiting for? Your odds are much better than winning the lottery. :)

We just added these amazing armwarmers to the 1st prize package from
NIT: FELT: PHRAME. Enter today!

Do you have any new wishlist items?

Designer Profile: mono

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

above: images from collaboration, Clothe/Breathe
all images courtesy of mono

Despite its simple moniker, Canadian label mono draws from a cross-section of disciplines such as art, craft, design and fashion to create elegant, beautifully minimalistic clothing and accessories. Eschewing traditional, seasonal categorizations (i.e. Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer collections), mono releases small capsule series throughout each year, freeing its designer to collaborate on the line with artists in various disciplines. I became aware of the label through Portland’s Stand Up Comedy, which carries a selection of the latest series on their website and was able to view some of their clothing in person at Debut New York. This is clothing which manages to maintain simple lines, color palette and silhouette while conveying the careful thought and feeling behind its designs. Read this interview with designer and founder Heather Martin to learn more about mono…

Can you tell us a bit about mono? What is your design philosophy? Do you think this has changed over time since you started the label?

mono has been building for the last couple of years. It started out very small, paying close attention to the intricacies of craft methodology and how the public market relates to these notions. Throughout this time we have grown a dedicated following and have worked in collaboration with several artists spanning varied disciplines. Within the most recent collaborative project, Clothe/Breathe, we joined talents with a choreographer and a sound artist to create a performance installation.

With each series, there is an attempt to explore the spaces between art, craft, design and fashion aiming to redefine the categorical convention of these genres as well as their ideals, content, norms and expectations. The work stands for more than just a cycle of endless products and endless seasons; it is a stand against the complacency within the fashion ideal and a movement towards progression.

above: looks from Interlacing Opposing Thoughts

Can you describe the inspirations behind your latest two series?

Interlacing Opposing Thoughts was a play of harmony, bringing together opposing ideas and defining a balance between those conflicts. SHARD explores the depths of darkness, mood and fragmentation. Within both of these series there is an exploration of balance yet within SHARD the metaphorical scale tips more favorably to one side.

What materials did you use in these series?

There are handcrafted fabrics within both of these series, a mix of cotton, leather, linens and silks.

above: looks from SHARD

Tell us about your design process. Do you start from sketches, concepts, draping or experimentation, for instance?

With each series comes a different process. Most begin with an art project. These projects can range from a simple illustration or collage, a new textile technique or to more elaborate installations or collaborations. These projects fuel the inspiration for the clothing and accessories.

Where is your clothing produced?

Situated on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia, mono’s products are either handcrafted in studio or locally produced.

Can you tell us about future plans for mono? Any collaborations or projects on the horizon?

Currently…. I am working on a video project as well as a crochet collaboration. These projects are too new for a more detailed description but I will be sure to update you as they become more concrete. I hope to travel more with the upcoming series and keep fine tuning our business model.

mono is available across Canada and the US in select boutiques. With the latest series, the label will be expanding into international markets. For an online selection, check out For more information about the label, check out: mono will soon be featured in the online shop of London-based website, Not Just a Label; for more information on the shop, to launch May 28th, check out:

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