Designer Profile: MOTHE

Thursday, April 30, 2009

above: MOTHE Spring/Summer 2009
all images courtesy of the designer

Like a moth drawn to a flame, I was drawn to the sculptural, intellectual beauty of designer May Kosaka's label, aptly named MOTHE. Kosaka draws from a cross section of her studies in computer science and fashion to produce her new womenswear line, which, according to her website "embodies a return to a mutable and more natural state... a comforting darkness that speaks to women's instinctive senses." Prices for the line are moderate, ranging from $140 for a curve-colorblock silk blouse and $220 for a linen bolero jacket, to $305 for a silk dress with a peek-a-boo pop-color lining. Read this interview to learn more about this talented emerging designer.

Tell us about the concept behind your label. Do you have formal training in fashion design?

The concept for MOTHE came about from my senior year project at design school. I conceptualized my life-long love of the asymmetric, rough-hewn forms of Japanese pottery, paired with the idea of the mutability of biological forms in nature, and executed it with the logical thinking acquired from my years studying computer science. The concept: emotional sculptural flattering clothing, executed with intelligent design. After getting a bachelors degree in Computer Science, I decided I couldn't spend the rest of my life as a drone aging under the glare of a computer screen. So I took a chance, followed my heart, and plunged into design school. I studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

How do you design and construct your collection? What materials do you generally use? Color palettes? What inspires you?

I start with a fat folder of photocopies and pages torn from art or science books, stills from movies, poems I've read, anything that had inspired me for the six months before starting a collection. That informs my color palette & textures for the season. Then with a rough fabric called muslin, I create a gesture or silhouette on my mannequin, or folds/pleats/tucks of relief sculpture, figuring out where that should go on the body to make the most emotional impact, and everything else falls into place.

above: a dress from Spring/Summer 2009

Can you take us through the process of one of your latest collections?

My Spring/Summer 2009 collection was inspired by week-long backpacking trips that I take with my mother and sister through the White Mountain range of New England every summer. We pack enough food and clothing for a week, and hike from peak to peak along the ridge, camping out in open shelters or rough lodges. The air is so thin, and conditions are so harsh, that trees are no taller than a few feet, and the only flowers that can survive are tiny bellflowers hiding under moss-cover & low brush. It's severe, and beautiful.

Are there any designers working today that you admire?

Right now I really admire Rick Owens and threeASFOUR; they've been sticking it out for years, more than a decade, and have never followed the crowd. Their aesthetics have evolved, as they've found their voices, but their conviction never swayed and their vision has never changed.

above and below: looks from Fall/Winter 2009

Who are your ideal customers?

My customer, ideal and real, is creative, open-minded, but needs something she can actually wear and feel good in. I like to make beautiful pieces, but no one will see them if no one can wear them. I have to be able to wear everything in the collection; that's the advantage of being a woman designer.

We're excited to check out your clothing for ourselves. What boutiques currently carry MOTHE? Can we buy items online?

I'm currently selling at Turtle Boston and Marie Eiffel in the Hamptons. In June, MOTHE will available in my very own neighborhood at the Dressing Room, which is a fantastic little shop with a fun late-night bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan; just blocks from my apartment!

Items are available online at, but I always suggest trying things on before purchasing, so going to a store is the best way to buy for now.

We see great things ahead for you. What do you envision as the future direction of the brand?

I'd like to grow the brand slowly, keeping the design strong and focused, and the quality top-notch; it's manufactured completely in New York City and most of the fabrics are from Japan. I don't know what the future holds, but you can be certain that MOTHE will still be a presence five years down the road.

For more information, check out

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Behind the Blog: alixrose

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From colorful cartoon characters like Jem and Minnie Mouse to a breathtaking collage of inspirational photographs culled carefully to showcase her own sense of style, the blog alixrose is an inspirational daily read for me. It's also refreshing to step away from my own New York-centric musings and take in a bit of West Coast charm by way of Seattle, to be more exact. Here's a taste of her signature, sassy style from the blogger herself, this week's Behind the Blog spotlight. Please check out her blog to learn more!

Five Questions for my Favorite Bloggers

Who are you?

A petite chatter box that can't help humming or from laughing at herself.

Where are you?

In the beautiful city of Seattle. I have traveled and lived in many places, but every time I flew back in, I would think there's no place like home.

above: Seattle skyline
all images courtesy of alixrose

What is the concept behind your blog?

It started out as a way to fulfill my insatiable appetite for fashion. I am a writer at heart and my dream was to be a fashion journalist. I felt as if I wasn't putting my Journalism degree and Fashion Promotion degree to use so I thought blogging would be a way for me to do that. I wanted to put in my two cents and maybe have a voice in the blogsphere. I wasn't sure if anyone would care, but I realized that I just needed to do it for myself.

In the last few months blogging has evolved into something more than I could have ever imagined and I owe that to my readers and other bloggers, who have been sooo supportive. My blog has become my inspiration board. I blog about my favorite things, designers, photographers, models and other bloggers. At the heart of it I just want to share things that I love and maybe others will fall in love with the expressiveness of fashion as well.

above: a photo from a recent brilliant post about how Alix used a sequin dress to transform a plain black dress

When you are not blogging, what else do you enjoy doing?

Not Blogging... what?? Just kidding! I am a lover of many things. I am part of a underdog softball league that plays every Sunday. Its awesome because its a guaranteed good time, most of my friends are on the team. I especially enjoy karaoke even though I have to fight my brother for the mic. I am part of the fashion team for a Seattle based magazine, DList Magazine. I also love to attend fashion events and chat fashion with two of my favorite people, Sara of Spun and Jordana of Clutch_22.

More importantly… what are you wearing?

:)I wish I could say something brand name and exciting that would have you ooohing and ahhing but I don't lie to my friends and I am not going to start now. I am wearing my favorite hoodie, the hoodie that I like to curl up in when I am sick, or when I am so cold that I think I will never be warm again, the hoodie that just makes me feel comfortable. I've had it since I was a Freshman in High School, so a long time. I was on the swim team and we all got matching hooded sweatshirts, I will never get rid of it.I think we all have our go to comfort piece and this one is mine.(Note: I never wear it outside the house)

I am also wearing some skin tight... wait for it...... exercise pants. I had a softball game today and these are super comfortable. They are by Adidas and I seriously wish I had a cupboard full, great for games, working out or just for being comfortable. Can you tell its a Sunday for me?On a regular day I like to wear thrift shop finds with my retail pieces, a lot of jewelry and bright lipstick. I will seriously not leave the house without lipstick. Seriously!

Intrigued? Read more at! Thanks for the interview, Alix!

Designer Profile: CRHEE

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Emerging designer Christine Rhee designs structured yet fluid dresses and separates with an easy, smart-sexy appeal for her womenswear line, CRHEE: pieces that would work for a creative professional running straight from the office to cocktails with friends. I recently visited her downtown Manhattan studio to check out her recent collections and learn more about her design philosophy. One unintended consequence of my visit: falling in love with a Fall/Winter 2009 black silk trench-style coat with ruffled insets that flutter as the wearer moves, reminiscent of Ann Demeulemeester’s slender silhouettes. While most of her line is moderately priced, Rhee informed me that my beloved coat was the priciest piece from Fall, which means that I should probably start saving now, because I can’t stop thinking about it. Read on to learn more about CRHEE…

above: a silk blouse with cutouts and pajama inspired shorts from Fall/Winter 2009
all images courtesy of the designer

Christine Rhee took a circuitous route to fashion, graduating from Princeton with a degree in architecture and interning for designer Mary Ping, before launching her womenswear line, CRHEE (pronounced “cree”), about two and half years ago. Her clothing is intellectual and minimalist: subtle, seasonless takes on classic officewear shapes. “I kind of like contrary pairings—things that seem like they shouldn’t fit together,” Rhee says. “I try and bring that to the design of the clothes and the brand itself.”

Her love of contrary pairings inspired her first full collection, for Spring/Summer 2008, which was based around, as she calls it, “contrary office clothes”: pieces inspired by office dress codes with touches of non-traditional rebellion and subversion (a bare cutout back on a shirtdress, for instance). “Things like studs and leather are commonplace now,” Rhee explains, adding that for her first collection, she wanted to explore “her own idea of rebellion.”

While Rhee admits that her first collection was a commercial disappointment, her second collection, for Fall/Winter 2008, inspired by rural environments and the films Wings of Desire and Badlands, fared better with buyers. Her next collection, for Spring/Summer 2009, again mined officewear themes, this time from a space-age angle. “I was really inspired by the movie Gattaca,” she says. “The idea for this season was if you worked in futuristic space-age office: what would you wear? I usually like to create some sort of character and dress that character each season.” For Spring, the shapes consisted of unconventional suits, which might be worn by a space-age Prince.

above: a motorcycle-style jacket for Fall/Winter 2009

above: the same motorcycle-jacket unzipped

For her most recent collection, entitled “2001,” for Fall/Winter 2009, Rhee showed pieces in a mostly black and white palette with natural fabrics like cotton and silk. There were two main inspirations for Fall: one was David Bowie in the cult classic movie, The Hunger and the second was the name of the collection itself, the year 2001. “For me, that’s my favorite time period,” Rhee says of the year 2001. “When I really fell in love with fashion… I had always followed fashion, but that was around the time of Hussein Chalayan and Helmut Lang in their heyday; and Nicholas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga in his early days. I always think about that period with fondness.” While thinking about her latest collection, Rhee also began looking at Melanie Ward’s personal style and decided that Fall’s concept would combine these seemingly disparate inspirations: “If we refilmed the Hunger in the year 2001 and cast Melanie Ward.”


above: a black silk jacket from Fall/Winter 2009

Despite the complex inspirations behind her clothing, Rhee says that her ideal customers are simply women who really love clothes and enjoy design. For her next collection, she is working on designing computer based prints, a departure from the monochromatic palette of previous collections. Holding up a CD cover of a swirled pattern she designed for a friend’s band, Rhee says she is still trying to envision how the pattern would work in a repeated form on fabric. In addition to textile design, she plans to work on more collaborations with friends, especially those from a non-fashion-related background for future projects, such as films and lookbooks.

Rhee is also sure to continue refining her signature officewear separates. “I like the aesthetic of officewear because a lot of it is based on men’s classics: the suit, the oxford shirt and the button-down, all European classics,” she explains. “Clothing can be expensive and if you are going to spend money on something, I want to make sure that they last and, years from now, you won’t look like a crazy person. For me, that’s the big appeal of officewear- the style is very classic and lasts for a long time.”

CRHEE is currently available online at Standard Deviation. For more information, check out the designer’s website:

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Linda Farrow Sunglasses

Monday, April 27, 2009

With New York under a bit of a heat spell, my thoughts have turned to sunglasses. I have a pair of black Chanel shades which have served me well for the past year or so, but I'm thinking about buying a pair of non-black sunglasses for a change of pace.

Linda Farrow has been producing glamorous sunglasses for Londoners in the know since 1970. Now available worldwide, the brand's collaboration with fashion labels such as Dries van Noten, Eley Kishimoto, Opening Ceremony and others have helped keep its designs current. Here are some styles I've been eyeing online recently....

above: Linda Farrow x Eley Kishimoto via Gargyle

above: Linda Farrow x Dries van Noten via revolveclothing

above: Linda Farrow x Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony via revolveclothing

above: Linda Farrow x Eley Kishimoto via revolveclothing

For more information, check out the Linda Farrow website here. Styles are available through stores such as Harrods and Printemps. You can also shop certain styles online through and

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Twitter-views: Dreamy Vacation Destinations

Sunday, April 26, 2009

above: a photo of the Las Vegas sign from

Hot on the heels of planning a girls' weekend to Las Vegas and planning for a special five year anniversary trip with the Mr. this year, I decided to turn to some fabulous, jet-set Twitter people for a survey on dreamy vacation destinations. Most popular answer: Fiji. Here's what everyone had to say:

I dream of bali :)

@queengilda anywhere japan. i've been there so many times and lived there for 4 years, but it's still the place that amazes me most.

@VtgRoseClothing FLORENCE so that I can take photos like these...

@fairykikka Bahamas!! I've been there and It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life!!

felsull Fiji. Iridescent algae. Silver fish.

fashion_anna I want to go to Fiji!

FriendlyMonster This amazing beach near Tulum, Mexico that has been calling my name all winter. Clear waters, swimming turtles, soft sand.

penandnotebook someday i'll go away to ireland...

@StyleHop Dubrovnik, Croatia

@minjae This is not very original but I love Maui. :)

@Jaxthatgirl dream vacay? Rio de Janeiro- amazing beaches, amazing people

@alixroseI went to Cinque Terra Italy : Monterosso in college and I had the most amazing time

@jesspgh It is expensive but St. Barths is so beautiful, fairly quiet, and lovely. The water is warm and clear. The food is incredible.

@ten10things Fav. Vaca.: Maui, Napili Shores. Gorgeous, relaxing, inspiring and localized, not touristy. Would live there if I could.

@pamelaanastasia capetown south africa. Beach,city,vineyards,safari all in one destination.

@bellyblossom Fav vacation spot so far is Tunisia

@90notes I'm still really wanting to vacation in Greece. ;-)

@tenaciousleigh fav vacay is barcelona. stayed @ hostel btw beach & bay. woke up to sun each am, ate paella in the pm. shopped las ramblas.

@rachael_kearley dream vacation: biking around Amsterdam, the canals are so gorgeous, and Vondel Park always has good live music

@ColleenKasel Summer in Aspen,CO! FAB hotel/condo rates June 22-July 1st '09. Small window = doable prices! Musts: Prada & the Maroon Bells!

@Kimberly124 anywhere I've never been before, and where I am not likely to be kidnapped! (sorry Caracas)

@AnyaEcoChic I had some of the amazing times on the Greek islands, i love Greece and the Greek adonis like men

@queenie_nycIcon_lock strasbourg. prague. paris. don't make me choose!

@twistedrocks dreamiest vacation destination = Turtle Island, Fiji in a hammock with hubby

@Jon_Schwarz Moscow, Antarctica, Hong Kong, Scandinavia

@thevidalia greek would be fab but I would have to say Italy. Back to my roots.

Please follow all these fabulous people on Twitter. You can also follow me here: dreamsequins.

And you: what's your dreamiest vacation destination?

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Weekend Links: I Love New York Edition

Friday, April 24, 2009

above: the scene at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX launch

Despite the flurry of activity in my work and personal life this week, I had the chance to attend a fun launch party for the new T-Mobile Sidekick LX. I tested the device, which has a signature flip horizontal screen and intuitive rubber keys-- features which make it perfect for texting and checking your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Understand I'm no tech guru, so it was flattering that I was even invited at all. The lovely Jordana of clutch22 was there rocking some serious green sandals along with a band of other stylish fashion bloggers. It was kind of overwhelming to see people I've been following in the "blogosphere" and I'm kind of a shy fangirl so I didn't get to meet them all. Next time, I will!

Hope you enjoy these weekend links... and have a wonderful weekend. 80 degrees this weekend in New York: I Love New York, indeed!


A fashion emergency and a DIY I Heart NY shirt from clutch22

A review of the Sidekick event from nitrolicious

Refinery 29
brings us news of a new month-long sample sale pop-up shop at Port Authority starting Friday May 1st... Great news for lovers of emerging labels/brands.

Check out...

If you're in New York and looking for some new shades, a pop-up Prada/Sunglass Hut concept store (rendering pictured above) is coming to Rockefeller Center for one week, starting Tuesday April 28th through Tuesday May 5th. After May 5th, the styles will be available on the Sunglass Hut website.

Nothing makes me happier than wearing a thick statement belt. You can buy three belts from Linea Pelle for $49.99 each (retail starts at $200) from Shopflick's private sales site starting Monday April 27th. For that price, you can afford to buy all three!

Save the Date...

And last, but definitely not least, check out the invitation and RSVP for May 8th's Fashion for All's Donation Pre-Party. This is the warmup to a great charity event to be held on May 16th in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood, all organized by writer/blogger extraordinaire, Felicia Sullivan. If you donate items, you can enjoy shopping MINT Jodi Arnold pieces at wholesale prices. Hope to see you there!

Designer Profile: suwha

Thursday, April 23, 2009

above: a look from s u w h a Spring/Summer 09
all images courtesy of s u w h a

London-based womenswear designer Suwha Hong is on a roll. After launching her collection a little over two years ago, her wonderful tailored jackets and coats as well as her impeccably constructed hats (handmade in London) have been picked up by major retail outlets, such as Henri Bendel in New York and Austique in London. I visited her stall at the Exhibition for London Fashion Week and had a chance to look at her Autumn/Winter 09 collection, which was full of soft, cashmere jackets and coats tailored in a quintessentially English style and finished with modern details (such as triple-belted trenches)-- basics which will surely serve their owners well season after season. Here is a little introduction to s u w h a from the designer herself. Check it out and let me know what you think!

You made a nontraditional leap into fashion, after starting a career in the corporate world. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started as a designer?

I started my label in 2007 and launched with my first collection “hello, goodbye” for the Autumn/Winter 08 season. I had always loved playing dress up and dabbled in all types of creative endeavours when I was in school but I took a bit of a detour when I went to law school right after college. I practised corporate law for five years, but it never took – and so I came back to my original love after quitting my law job and travelling for a couple of months. I settled in London where I took courses in all aspects of garment construction and fashion design and interned for a London based designer. The concept of my line comes from the muse I have in mind: the adventuresome woman who is intelligent, curious, effortlessly stylish and on-the-go. The focus of my line is jackets/coats/hats because I wanted to focus on essential items for this muse.

Moving on to your collections. What were some of the inspirations behind them?

I have had three collections so far, and the inspiration behind each of them has been very different. But no matter the specific inspiration, I always like to keep the core concept of the s u w h a piece the same – all the pieces have to be intelligently considered, be wearable and have details that render each garment unique.

The first collection, “hello, goodbye” was inspired by urban modern architecture – so there were lots of clean lines and geometric details throughout the collection. The second collection for Spring/Summer 09 “morningside affair” was inspired by Edward Hopper paintings, so in that collection you’ll see lots of bright bold colours.

This third and most recent collection for Autumn/Winter 09 “the mistaken identity of francis tumblety?” was inspired by the sordid histories surrounding the East London neighbourhood where our studio is currently located. The muse is both detective and potential victim of crime, hot on the trail of Francis Tumblety, one of the Jack the Ripper suspects. It was really fun to shoot the pictures for this collection, since we shot in the locations where the Jack the Ripper mystery played out all those years ago.

Do you do a runway show or presentation?

We currently show the collection each season at the Exhibition at London Fashion Week, at the Coterie during New York Fashion Week and also at Zip Zone Showroom during Paris Fashion Week.

Do you design with an ideal customer in mind? If so, describe her.

Our ideal customer would be someone who appreciates intelligent design and cute, unique details. Someone who is effortlessly stylish and isn’t a slave to trends. Someone who can pull off clean lines and look beautiful practising the less is more concept to style.

above: more looks from Spring

What stores currently carry your line?

We are currently stocked in top boutiques and department stores across the globe, Henri Bendel in New York, Austique in London, United Arrows in Tokyo to name a few. We just opened our own online shop this week and can accept orders from most countries around the globe through the online shop.

Any plans for the future? Future projects we should know about?

The new online shop is huge for us. Although we have great stockists all of the globe, it is awesome to be able to make our pieces accessible to almost anyone who desires them! We are also starting a blog: adventures of curious jacket, which will follow "curious jacket" to all its favourite haunts in London as well as around the globe.

For more information on s u w h a and to shop online, check out!

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Shoptalk: Welcome Hunters

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

above: a KTZ tee
all images courtesy of Welcome Hunters

For anyone who thinks LA style is all about velour sweatsuits and faux-tattoo t-shirts, a visit to Welcome Hunters, an independent boutique dedicated to progressive "high street" womenswear and menswear is a must. You've got to love a store that classifies clothing under three categories: women, men and unisex. I grew up in Southern California and went to college in the Bay Area, so West Coast boutiques with a different sensibility make me sit up and take notice. I tracked down Robin Cervar, who, along with business partner, Jason Gillis, runs the Chinatown-based boutique. Read on to get the full scoop about the exciting plans in store... a designer in residence (we're intrigued) and an in-house label in the works... plus some more delicious pictures from the shop's website!

Tell us about how you started Welcome Hunters. What is the concept behind the boutique?

Welcome Hunters opened in June 2007 by partners Robin Cervar and Jason Gillis. The concept is to take risks, discover emerging designers, have fun, and blow minds. We are unconventional and discerning and so is our customer base. The store here in LA is key, but we focus just as much on the online store, and work with photographers who get our aesthetic.

Tell us about the name. I'm curious to know!

The name comes from hunting lodges in New England. If you drive around there during hunting season everything says "Welcome Hunters" in fluorescent orange. Of course that has nothing to do with us, but we liked the phrase taken out of context.

You recently moved locations—can you tell us more?

We moved locations but decided to stay in Chinatown. We believe in this area, and have no desire to relocate to LA's west side or Silver Lake/Echo Park. It's not our thing. We belong here, in the middle of the fire crackers, red lanterns, dim sum, art galleries, and herbalists. Our new location is really just across the way from the old one. It's just bigger and gives us the room we need. Plus it has a special projects room on the 2nd floor, which we'll use for designers in residence and special collections. In May, Daniel Palillo will take up residency there for a month. He'll be doing limited collection pieces and working on events with us. More on that later.

above: a hooded tank from Complex Geometries

above: ruffled leggings from Daniel Palillo

What designers are you currently selling? Any bestselling items? Any designers you are currently loving?

We stock, I'd call it, high street style collections for men and women. Daniel Palillo (Helsinki) is our favorite, Kokon To Zai (London), Complex Geometries (Montreal), Mundi (Reykjavik), Ground Zero (London), Skyward (Gothenburg), to name a few. European street style is bold, more unisex, than American, and we love it. But there are some great things happening here too, like Pleasure Principle and the new LA line, House of Bare.We're in love with KTZ's take on the classic skinhead bomber jacket this season. And Daniel Palillo's baroque leggings and harlequin dress. Both lines sell very well, and so does Complex Geometries, with its toned down palette, asymmetrical lines, and soft summer fabrics.

Some lines do very well online, and we have quite a few customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. Cats with great style! But LA gets an unfair rap, with all that Melrose, Ed Hardy, Kitson stuff around. I'd say the majority of our LA customer base comes from points east, not the west side. There's much more to LA than Hollywood, and we love it here.

above: another look from KTZ

How do you do buying for the store? Who does it? Where do you do your buying?

We both do the buying. It's a joint collaboration. And our method isn't complicated, we just look for designers and collections that move us. We're a bit less concerned with commercial appeal and more concerned with a true wow factor. Try buying at Paris fashion week. You walk around jet lagged and hungry, and everything starts to look the same. Then suddenly there it is, right in front of you, and you know. We are also extremely open to finding style in unlikely places, and then finding the way to get in the store.

Any future projects or collaborations for the store? Plans for expansion?

We have an upcoming project with Daniel Palillo. He'll be our designer in residence during May. As far as expanding the shop, we've already done that by moving to a larger space that allows us to take on more collections, more projects, more show. And of course we have our online shop already.

And more big news... Our creative director, Johnny Rodriguez of House of Bare, will be designing a Welcome Hunters collection for AW09. That will be the debut of our house line, and we're pretty excited about it. So stay tuned because it's about to get next level!

Welcome Hunters
451 Gin Ling Way
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 687-9905 (online shop)

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Behind the Blog: Blog Goggles

another day in the neighborhood...
all images courtesy of K from Blog Goggles

Sometimes you want a break from "serious" fashion websites and take a walk on the humorous side. Blog Goggles, penned by an American expat in Hong Kong, covers everything from K's unique take on fashion to her love of quirky dogs. It's very difficult to categorize her blog without experiencing it for yourself, but I love surfing the site for visual inspiration and humorous writing. In a "blah blah" black and white world, K sports her bold florals with pride. Please check out her site and let me know what you think!

Five Questions for My Favorite Bloggers

Who are you?

An American gal obsessed with smushed-face dogs, Net-a-Porter, Gossip Girl, and diet coke.

Where are you?

Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

What is the concept behind your blog?

I apparently have way too much free time, so I developed Blog Goggles as a way to use that time semi-constructively and stop the online shopping. I was only sort of successful.

Blog Goggles features a mix of fashion, things that make me laugh, snippets of life in Hong Kong, travel, and dogs in strollers. Fashion is probably my favorite aspect, but if I just listed everything that I find and fall in love with, my blog would basically be a catalog.

Recently I did two features that I loved: a March Fashion Madness, where readers voted for their favorite spring fashion item, and a series on signature style that featured several guest bloggers.

When you are not blogging, what else do you enjoy doing?

Sleeping is a big hobby of mine. So are worrying, visiting the horse races, and online shopping. Sometimes I also relive the glory days by partying til 6 am with my expat gang. Oh, and my boyfriend forces me to do quite a bit of travel (recent trips have included India, Boracay, Milan, Texas, and we're off to Tokyo in a few weeks).

More importantly… what are you wearing?

For clothes, mostly short, printed dresses with sleeves. I have about eight from Milly - same style, just different fabrics. Other recent sources include DVF, Hong Kong stores (Moiselle, Mastina), and H&M.

As for accessories, I have a thousand purses that I rotate, but my current fave is a wicker Kate Spade clutch that holds absolutely nothing. Shoes-wise, I live in Steve Madden nude flats. I swear, they're cool over here! And I cinch all of my printed dresses with a preppy, striped Banana Republic belt.

For more information, please check out:

Dream Sequence

Monday, April 20, 2009

from top to bottom: Lafayette Street and a burst of white spring flowers and Debut New York's minimalist storefront

Wow. Things are getting really busy these days. But that doesn't mean a girl can't take a time out to do a little windowshopping. Last week, I experienced a little spring fever and hit some cool little shops downtown. Here are some pictures from that glorious day...

above: a Michael Angel dress from Debut New York

One of my first stops: Debut New York, a wonderful showcase for emerging designers. We're going to feature an interview with the boutique's owner and curator, so I won't ruin the surprise... But do check out the store's website here!

from top to bottom: the entrance to Kiosk and a funny sign on the wall inside

Then, I stopped by the tiny curiosity shoppe style boutique, Kiosk, which features design objects from around the world, one country or region of the world at a time. On display this time were objects from America. Check out more here.

above: the window peering into Seven New York

and... a peek at Nicholas Kirkwood shoes

I had to stop by Seven to say hello to some orphan shoes. If only I could make like Angelina Jolie and adopt them.

above: Zero+Maria Cornejo's new store and atelier on Bleecker Street

Off to First Lady favorite Zero+Maria Cornejo, which opened a new shop about two months ago. Love love the industrial storefront and the natural, light-filled interiors.

above: threeASFOUR's studio and pieces from Fall 09

Last but not least, I leave you with this dreamy image from my visit to the studio of design collective, threeASFOUR. Their Chinatown studio was dreamy-- silver walls, mirrors everywhere. I interviewed them for a magazine and am really excited to share my guerrilla camerawork.

Hope you're enjoying the start to a productive week!

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Twitter-views: What's On Your Playlist?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

noticeably missing from most people's favorite playlist songs: Lady Gaga

This past week, I posted this question to some fashionable Twitter people: "What's on your playlist?" Love the variety of responses! As a side note, I'm fairly embarrassed to share my own playlist of the moment, which involves The Killers and t.A.T.u. I'm not worthy!!!

@penandnotebook Ára bátur by Sigur Rós (beautiful!)

@stylstmanifesto look at me (when I rock wichoo) by the black kids!

@codessa i just shared this one with another friend yesterday. one of my top tunes is Michael Jackson's workin day and night oh and...

@codessa mj's don't stop 'til you get enough. mj circa 80s was a bad man! no pun intended. promise

@samyair I always come back to Michael Jackson's Off the Wall album - I love 'Don't stop till you get enough' - Just want to dance!

@houseofturtle Let Go, Frou Frou

@superfluousa Listening to Massive Attack - Mezzanine on a loop..over and over again till I wear it or myself out :)

@YMathur I am obsessed with Kings of Leon. (esp. the song "Notion")

@wicked_halo St. Vincent - Actor out of work, absolutely charming

@eclectik1 I <3>N.A.S.A. w/ M.I.A. Santigold & Spank Rock always makes dancey!

@talkfashiontome What's Golden by Jurassic 5

ten10things Fav Song (of the moment): Anya Marina. Move You! Please Listen!

fairykikka fav song of the moment : Discipline by nine inch nails

@decadentluxe Hooverphonic- Eden, Bitter:Sweet- Dirty Laundry, Dave Matthews- Big Eyed Fish, Portishead- Glory Box, Deftones- Digital Bath

@DFTVYP Serge Gainsbourg, Freezepop, Ya Boy, Diana Krall, The Avett Brothers, and some Stones for good measure

@najeema Led Zep "Dazed and Confused" Iggy Pop "Search and Destroy" The Republic Tigers "Golden Sand" and anything by The Kills!

@stylish_in_dc stones, old skool hip hop & go-go, jill scott, mofro, beck, the black keys, elbow, oasis, anthony hamilton, al green, hanson

Now I'd like to hear from you: What's on your playlist?

If you're on Twitter, please follow all these stylish people and you can also follow me here:

More Twitter-views on Dream Sequins:
Who are your personal style muses?

How I Recaptured My Twitter Account!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hi, guys. This is just a note to let you know that my Twitter account has been reseized. You can follow me here:

For about two hours yesterday (an eternity in Twitter time), my account was seized by a virus as deadly as a band of Somali pirates. You can read more about the virus and its origins here (via CNET), but in a nutshell, my account sent off unauthorized tweets blasting certain celebrities and talking about how the problem could be prevented by using browsers such as Firefox. I believe I picked up the virus by clicking on an infected user's profile.

Here's what you can do to keep yourself and your Twitter account safe. Believe me-- you do NOT want to experience what I just experienced!
  1. If you are not already using Firefox or a third party client for Twitter (such as Tweetdeck or Twitterific), I highly recommend that you do. Internet Explorer can be susceptible to all sorts of nasty security breaches. I shudder to think about it.
  2. If you think an account you are following may be infected, do not click on their profile and just to be on the safe side, remove them from your Following list.
  3. Keep reading sources such as mashable and CNET to stay updated about any new viruses or hacks that may be circulating. I may not be the most tech-savvy blogger/tweeter out there, but I think this is a sign that I need to pay more attention and stay current.
  4. Check out the Twitter support page for updates from the company itself.

If anyone else experienced this awful virus for themselves, I'd love to hear your tips. I want to thank you for being patient with me and want to apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused!

Weekend Links: You Know You Want It Edition

image credit: Wikipedia

Passover and Easter may be over, but... here's a Weekend Links shoutout to my "peeps"! What will you be doing this weekend?

Blogger Links

Guess who redesigned her website? Blogger Daydream Lily, that's who! Check it out here.

Kingdom of Style touched off a rather passionate comments-driven debate about popular bloggers and the commenters who hate them rather publicly. Check it out here! I'm so happy my comments have been positive thus far. (Fingers crossed)

Our favorite global shopping blogger, Haute World covers Cruise... not Tom, the luxury store in Glasgow. Click here and be prepared to drool.

And if you're just catching up on Dream Sequins, you must read the Shoptalk of the week about Seven New York (peddling my latest obsessions, Nicholas Kirkwood and Rad Hourani) and Designer Profile of the week about creative duo RosenMunns. Dream Sequins also kicked off a blogger interview series with five questions for the "Sartorialist" of window display photographs, Modelizer, which you can read here!

Shopping Links

Mark your calendars. Next week, our friends at Shopflick are offering private sales on some summery staples: swimsuits and dresses. On Wednesday, April 22nd, you can buy bikinis designed by new Brazilian label Peonie, a favorite of Nicole Richie and Ashlee Simpson. On Friday April 24th, you can snag Karen Zambos dresses and some soft leggings. Check out the Private Sales here!

For those lucky ducks in LA, the cool ladies behind The Battalion will be hosting a private trunk sale with some of their designer friends on Sunday April 19th featuring Fall 08 and Spring 09 pieces. Check out their website for the invitation details or you can email me for more information! And if you haven't already seen it, read the profile about the eco-conscious, fashion-forward label here.

And here's another one in LA: Welcome Hunters, an amazing boutique with Dream Sequins fave designers, will be hosting a spring cleaning sale through Monday April 20th. Items will be $25, $50 or $100. 451 Gin Ling Way, Chinatown (213) 687-9905, daily between 12 pm - 7 pm. It's in-store only, but the rest of us can ogle their website.
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