Weekend Links: Chilly New York Edition

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's getting unbearably chilly in New York. Time to think about fuzzy sweater and hot cider days... Here are a few Weekend Links to keep you warm!

Kingdom of Style loves Fiona Paxton.

Clutch 22 is participating in America's Most Stylish Blogger competition and I think she nailed this week's Prada bootie challenge. Check out her post! Vote for your favorite!

Six Six Sick
takes us to the Dagmar press preview day. Love these looks!

Pink Bow rocks the topknot and cowl. What an adorable look.

Meanwhile, District of Chic rocks a pair of glam gold socks with some strappy shoes. Daring!

You are Cordially Invited... If you haven't received an email from me yet about my virtual birthday party tea, consider this an open invitation to join in on the fun on November 19th. Email me or leave your email in the comments section for further details!


TheBeautyFile said...

can't wait to see these links....also agree about wearing the label inside....most of my bags aren't branded, so i like it better...

Kashaya said...

Oh thank you.=)

A virtual birthday party? What a fun idea!=)

modediktat said...

Hey sweet Deanne!!
Thanks for your lovely email!!
I hope all is well?! I didn't have too much time to blog or to visit blogs during the past weeks - how was the holiday, dear?... :)
big kiss, s.

The Seeker said...

Love that cardi!
Some must check links for sure.


Gabbi said...

Adorable jacket, very cute and cozy looking! Also, regarding the virtual tea party?? I would love love to be a part of it... are details needed? If so, please send them c/o felinofelice@ymail.com

So exciting!♥

WendyB said...

Clutch 22 should win it all, as far as I'm concerned!

Miss Vintage Vixen said...

That cardigan is adorable!

By the way, you may have looked at Ambar's new poll where it asks if you have your own business card for your blog?

Do you have one? I think it would be very coool since you have a really nice blog!

Elizabeth Marie said...

All Saints...I DIEEEE, freaking want it all.

Um, I miss you too dude. I need to find a fun frock for your shindig!!

naveen said...

lovely jacket, lol i think some are not branded but its good rock on

lei ann said...

i love that cardigan...the slouchy shoulders & then tight sleeves. what a great shape :) this virtual tea party sounds fun! can i play?

jaassnnaa said...

lovely jacket...xd

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Virtual tea? Sounds fab!

Jaime said...

Cute cardy!

Susan said...

I love this cardigan so much.
thanks for the invitation, girl, I am still considering that photo thing- I am shy you know! :))
have a lovely day, xoxo

For Details, See said...

Can I wear this sweater to your virtual birthday party?

I would love to attend the party: editors@ForDetailsSee.com

Happy Birthday!! :)

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oooh that looks a nice snuggly cardigan! It is rather chilly here too, I could do with one of them!

Florrie x

Polished Sense said...

I love that cardigan :D Thanks for sharing the links too!


Teresa said...

It's getting chilly...and wet! in Vancouver. I've actually been having hard time to find a basic long sleeve turtle neck. Not really loving the ones found at American Apparel

jordana said...

How did I not see this? Wow, thank you so much for the voting/link love!

We need to hang out soon! I'm in for the tea party for sure! Thursday night, yes? Emailing you to see what you think about final challenge for AMSB.

PS Thanks Wendy!!

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