A Dreamy Birthday Tea Party (Part 2)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

As you know, it was my birthday on Thursday, and I invited my beautiful blogger friends to celebrate with a virtual tea party! Some ladies already RSVPed for the party in their tea party best in Part 1 of the greatest birthday tea party post, and here are other submissions for Part 2, including my own (I was a wee bit busy with birthday week, including a Boyy bag trunkshow and skeeball).

Optional questions:
Sandwich or scone?
Tart or cake?
Type of tea?

Guest: Moi
Menu: "Asian fusion" style tea. Pressed cucumber Japanese style rice sandwiches; green tea tart and Ceylon tea poured out of a cast iron tea pot. [Ed Note: I'm wearing a grey tulle skirt as a cape here and a new pair of Zang Toi lace glove samples purchased at the WendyB pop-up shop this weekend.]

Guest: Sofie of Modediktat
Menu: I’ll go for a sandwich, thank you! Tart will be very fine (I love apple tart and plum tart!!!), Peppermint Tea is my favorite flavor!! [Ed Note: Sofie tells me that she doesn't often publish pictures of herself online, so I'm honored that she made an appearance in a gorgeous floor-length Oliver Theyskens here!]

Guest: Sher of Fashion After Forty
Menu: Sandwich or scone? My absolute favorite is cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches. Served crustless and in triangles. Tart or cake? Is pie ok? I just love all pies, especially lemon meringue. What type of tea? Any loose leaf tea with mint in it. So refreshing! And as in Harry Potter they can be read ;)

Guest: Jennine of The Coveted
[Ed Note: I know Jennine is a busy lady, and I asked her to select an appropriate frock from recent blog posts to join us at the party! She looks amazing in this snap carrying a glittery Coach clutch, which was taken by Wendy Brandes. By the way, she's hosting a Coach giveaway on her blog-- so hurry over there right now. Work, lady!]

Guest: Nookie of Fashion in My Eyes
Menu: Sandwich, cake and rooibos tea
[Ed Note: Thanks, Nookie for the beautiful Polyvore set gift as well!!! If you haven't discovered her blog or award-winning Polyvore sets, get thee to Fashion in My Eyes.]

Guest: Janis of Janis-Roseanne
Menu: I would like a cheese scone with homemade strawberry jam, a lemon tart, and orange pekoe tea with milk and honey!

Guest: Summer of B is for Brown

Guest: Jolie Jamie
Menu: Sandwich mmm. Cake... yellow with choc frosting please! Tea- always love mint tea! Yum!

Guest: Jaime @ La vie...J'aime
Menu: Cucumber sandwich, apple tart, and earl grey tea with Splenda.

Guest: Denise of The Swelle Life
[Ed Note: Denise is actually sitting in a sumptuous tea room having tea-- and she told me she has a "side eye" going on in this pic, but I think she looks adorable! Her blog is about all things dreamy and Parisian. Loves.]

Guest: Cindy of Cindy Whitehead
Menu: Scone please - with clotted cream. Tart and maybe a bite of cake? (-: Cinnamon tea with milk and honey.

Guest: Ambar of Ambar's Thoughts

Guest: Lynn of All Things NYC
Menu: Chocolate-chip scone, red velvet cake, please! :) Milk tea.

Guest: Liv of It's a Beautiful Life
Menu: Scones all the way with lots of devonshire cream and strawberry jelly. Tart or cake? Can I have both? Tarts I love both sweet and savoury, and cakes with lots and lots of frosting! Tea preference? I drink at least 5 cups of south african roiboos tea a day regularly but for a tea party, I like traditional ceylon black tea, with milk and 1 small sugar please!

Guest: Beatrice Waldorf's Diary
Menu: I'd like to have freshly baked scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam and a pot of strong English breakfast tea with milk and sugar. I'll skip the cake and tarts today because I've gained a bit of weight this year and the waist is a tad snug haha. [Ed Note: Snug? I don't see it. She's wearing a beautiful vintage 1960's lace dress from eBay and reworked in London by a talented seamstress at One, paired with a vintage 1950's Christian Dior gold chain belt and YSL Trib Too pumps.]

Guest: Carly from A Girl and Her Blog
Menu: Cucumber sandwich, carrot cake and chai tea: one spot milk, one spot honey.

Guest: Aimee from Chic 'n Cheap Living
Menu: Banh mi please or prosciutto, pesto and brie on a baguette. Tart or cake? Why not both? But cakes can have cream cheese frosting and this ultimately wins this battle for me. For tea, Chrysanthenum please - so light and sweet, love it!

Guest: Lindsay from Shrimp Salad Circus
Menu: I'll have a sandwich - brie and mango chutney on French bread, if it isn't too much trouble. I'd like petits fours with raspberry filling afterward, and I'll sip Earl Grey with sugar, honey, and just a touch of lemon!

Guest: Lei Ann from Give Me Platforms
Menu: Definitely sandwich...a lovely little watercress sandwich with crusts cut off :) Mmmm, cake...red velvet with buttercream frosting. Earl grey with just a hint of cream. [Ed Note: Loving her Sanrio tea party guests!]

Guest: Gemma from RetroChick UK
Menu: Sandwiches (if you can arrange roast beef and horseradish that would be lovely). Cake - any type of cake is good for me, in fact I'll probably eat the tarts as well if no one else finishes them. Earl Grey tea with no milk.

Guest: Sher from Beneath the Crystal Stars
Menu: Scones for sure, and yes to cupcakes! I'll love some earl gray tea to go with them. :)

Thank you for being the most creative, gorgeous virtual tea party guests in the history of virtual birthday tea parties. Floored by your amazing responses, I'm now thinking about organizing a virtual New Year's Eve fancy dress party. What do you think about that???


cindy said...

Everyone looks so pretty! Happy Birthday to you and thanks for having me (-:

carly said...

we all look so fierce.

Kashaya said...

Everyone looks really great.=) Hope you had a nice birthday.

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

everyone looks amazing. i loved all of the looks.

i forgot to mention my fave tea things: cucumber sandos and rose tea.


Retro Chick said...

Yay! What a great tea party! New Years Eve Fancy Dress sounds great too.

I'll have to start planning....

Happy Birthday again!

lei ann said...

yay! everyone looks so lovely & this was sooooo much fun :) happy birthday again, D!!!! "see" ya'll at new years!

jaassnnaa said...

great pictures from u b-day!!!you look fabulous

Diana said...

Everyone looks amazing!! Carly was made for that red lipstick!

Melmo said...

oh what a wonderful idea.
happy birthday!
and all the girsl just look gorgeous!

WendyB said...

People did such amazing photos! I'm impressed.

Glad you got those Zang Toi gloves, they look fabulous on you. I think I need to put the rest of those on my blog so people can buy them easily.

Maria Confer said...

Everyone looks so gorgeous in their tea party frocks!!

I adore your outfit Deanne and your gloves are so beautiful.


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ooh love the tea party part deux! I forgot to attach the picture with my Happy Birthday wishes for you. :(

NYE love it. I may just whip out the Jimmy Choo for H&M tunic I ended up keeping.

Sher said...

How lovely everyone looked! And thanks so much for including me in your dreamy birthday tea party!! It was so fun:)


wreckedstellar said...

Fabulous idea D! Everyone looks so chic! Hope you had a lovely birthday! xo, Mel

nicole said...

what a lovely tea party and collection of fabulous guests D! I'm sorry to have missed out, but I was there in spirit :) those pressed cucumber rice sandwiches sound SO good though.

I LOVE your lace gloves, they're so pretty! and way to be innovative with using a tulle skirt as a cape, I couldn't tell and it looks great!

sounds like you had an amazing birthday week (as you should!) hope all your wishes came true and here's to another year of blogs, shopping, and shoes! Cheers! xo

Sheena said...

Lovely tea party pictures! Happy Birthday and I am happy that you had such a great birthday!

Beatrice Waldorf said...

Thanks so much for inviting me to your birthday tea party. Your gloves are exquisite and I love the idea of turning a tulle skirt into a beautiful capelet! xo

Natalie said...

ahha this is such a cute post! i love ur gloves :)))



Taylor Sterling said...

such a fun post!! I hope you had a great bday!!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

So many cute people!!! I really loved this idea. You creative, person u. I definitely will check out the ladies I don't know.

Also, seems like I HAVE to try tea. I've never tried it in my life. OOOPPPSSS. Everyone seems to like one flavor or the other, so I'm sure I can find something in there that I like.

Denise @ Swelle said...

Oh, your outfit is divine! Fabulous gloves and your DIY skills are enviable. I do adore tulle myself but whenever I see it I think of you!

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the festivities! ♥

janis said...

yay! this is such a great post idea. thanks for letting me come to the part-ay!

happy happy birthday lady.


Shrimp Salad Circus said...

You look gorgeous, and those gloves are stunning! I still just love this idea and am having so much fun looking up all these lovely ladies!

jennine said...

oh man!
i didn't know about the questions!

sorry, its been kind of crazy...
Cake, with extra frosting
Earl grey, milk no sugar!
(not that I'm not getting enough sugar)

Jaime said...

Such a fun post and idea! :) Your lace gloves are STUNNING!

jolie jamie said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for stopping by :)
and lovely idea!!!
You girls look fabulous.

Livie said...

D, i just love how you bring people together. this is a great opportunity to meet your other stylish blogger friends.

Those gloves is amazing, and I love your asian fusion concept. have you ever tried pistachio gelato with macha (hot) green tea poured on top? sprinkle some almonds and toffee on top and you've got the ultimate fusion dessert (I ate this once in san Francisco at Ame, a japanese/italian restaurant).

thanks for having me for tea!

Susan said...

I love these posts so much- it was such a great idea, darling D!

Sher said...

Loved being in the company of such lovely ladies! Your lace gloves remind me of days gone by....

nookie said...

thanks for invite&sweet word, dear:)
it was fun!glad you like the set!:*

mica said...

happy belated birthday! got to noe abt ur blog thru Janis' post abt it. u're really creative in thinking up a virtual tea party for your bday! thumbs-up for that idea! every1 looks pretty and green tea tart sounds yummylicious :D

be sure to invite me for your next vitual party! will very much love to join :)

xoxo, mica

Hanako66 said...

Everyone looks wonderful!!! This was so much fun!

39th and Broadway said...

Belated Happy Birthday D!! Love the Dave & Busters idea and the virtual tea party! It is so fun to see fellow bloggers all dolled up.

jen laceda said...

Love the entire series! So dreamy...

Rose Red said...

Love this post! So fun and creative. Happy late birthday.

PinkBow said...

fantastic! and i think i have actually been in the same tea-room as the swelle life!

MizzJ said...

This has got to be one of the funnest posts ever! I had so much fun reading and being a part of this. You def need to do a NYE one, and let me know when you do b/c I'm already pondering outfits ;)

Kristen said...

what a fun idea, i love the variety of different interpretations of tea party attire!

Cait said...

Oh this is such a cute idea. Everyone looks so pretty.

TheBeautyFile said...

Seriously, part 2 of my FAVORITE BLOG POST EVER! Sorry for screaming, but it had to be done.

Shopgirl said...

I love your blog - only just found it! I love the virtual tea party idea - sorry I couldn't be there!! xx

Katie said...

i love this idea! what a fab virtual party you all had!! everyone looks gorgeous (natch).

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