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Monday, October 5, 2009


Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent most of my time catching up on sleep and catching up with friends... Just had a lazy, lovely time. The Mr. is back from his business trip to London. Sadly, I didn't tag along like Betty Draper for Don's trip to Rome on last night's episode of Mad Men. BTW, how amazing was that brief slice of La Dolce Vita Rome on the episode? Here are a few fun tidbits to help you start your Monday right...

Survey Says

I've been thinking about ways to improve giveaways for the blog, and would love your input. Would you like to see more giveaways on Dream Sequins? Less? Do away with them all together? If you have a few moments, could you please help me with this online survey? Thank you so much... I really value your opinion!

Awards and Tags

Two amazing bloggers sent some awards love my way, and how could I resist?

Brigadeiro sent me the Kreativ Blogger award. So fun! I am supposed to disclose seven things about myself, so here goes:
  1. The Mr. and I are addicted to magazines. How addicted? Let's just say that we could open our own magazine stand with our mountain of periodicals.
  2. I own several pairs of oversized round sunnies. I keep gravitating towards this shape.
  3. I hate those "How to Dress for Your Age" type features in fashion magazines.
  4. I am starting to develop a taste for "tacky" fashion. Not quite Versace or Christopher Kane tacky, but getting there. Slowly.
  5. When I was 13 years old, I was pretty clueless about fashion, unlike some wunderkind bloggers out there. My idea of a fashionable outfit then consisted of hitched up plaid shorts and a tee shirt with koala bears on it.
  6. I love how babies look like tiny versions of older people: with their wispy hairlines and their funny speech patterns. They're so weird. And awesome.
  7. I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots.
For this award, I would like to tag the following bloggers, who are oh so creative and amazing:
  1. Midtown Girl
  2. Manju Gone Blog
  3. Pink Bow
  4. The Sydney Girl
  5. Solo Lisa
  6. Lenore Nevermore
  7. Bailey and Meister Through the Looking Glass
Dot of Street Style London bestowed the Over the Top award on me, which comes with a fun tag. Use one word responses to the following questions:

Where's your cell phone : dunno
Your hair : black
Your mother : amazing
Your father : funny
Favorite food : pizza
Dream last night : golf
Favorite drink : champagne
What room are you : living
Hobby: writing
Fear : death
Where were you last night : home
Something that you aren't : allergic
Muffins : tops
Where did you grow up : LA
What are you wearing : tee
Your pets : none
Friends : loved
Something you're not wearing : scarf
Favorite store : many
Favorite color : grey
Last time you laughed : then
Your best friend : soulmate
Place you go to over and over : LA
Person who emails you regularly : Mr.
Favorite place to eat : balthazar

I would like to tag the following five "over the top" bloggers who make my day with their over the top ways:
  1. Style and Beyond
  2. It's Unbeweavable
  3. Couture Carrie
  4. Janetteria
  5. Modediktat
...and a weird non-fashion-related dream from last night

I just wanted to share this weird dream with you from last night. The Mr. and I took a late night trip to some top secret resort (sort of like an abandoned country club) in the middle of the desert where people were playing tennis and golf in the moonlight. At the rental center, we discovered that they had run out of ladies' clubs, so I was testing out a ludicrously long driver. I would say that the club was about 25 feet long.

Your interpretive guess is as good as mine... Hope you enjoy the week ahead!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I have Mad Men on my Netflix and I cannot WAIT to see it.
I think you should have more giveaways. They are always fabulous. I wore my Rock Socks this weekend (that I won from you a while ago). I will be posting a pic of me in them sometime tomorrow. I love them!

Midtown Girl said...

Oh I LOVE this tag and am SO going to do it this week, love - thank you tons gorgeous!

Btw - Balthazar is one of my abs fav as well - must share my Springsteen sighting story with you...over their Frites of course ;-)

And your dream - have you ever used a dream dictionary? Glamour has one - I would be curious to read their interpretation!

And tell the hubs I hope his trip went well!


Diana said...

I love Mad Men and I keep forgetting to mention, I have bizarre dreams of recent bloggers. So weird.

off to your survey now!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hello to you on a monday afternoon!

Enjoyed reading your answers and your "weird non-fashion-related dream" truly put a smile on my face ;)

Have a beautiful day ahead and enjoy the sunshine!

Ashe Mischief said...

Oh! I'm so excited to watch Mad Men now, seeing this still...

Lily G. said...

yay for awards!! I love the style of the characters on Mad Men!

janettaylor said...

Oh, thanks Honey. :-) I love reading Ur posts so much...Mad Man photo is really cool too.


daisychain said...

Congrats on the awards =)

alexkeller said...

how do they do that hair???
I need to make a necklace like that, but i don't know about the earrings...

BobbinTalk said...

Dreams can be soo weird, but they always have some strange tie to your day activities.
Mad Men seemed strange in just following their family/personal time and no office drama but I loved the fashions!
Have a great week!

Nubiasnonsense said...

How nice, COngrats on all these awards you def deserve them all sweets!

Jaime said...

I need to start watching Mad Men!!

Congrats on your awards :)

Etrapar said...

...what a dream! ^.^
PS: thanks for your sweet comment

Chessa! said...

we have SO many mags too...it's absurd. loves these lists:)

kpeach said...

I love that Mad Men still-I cannot wait to watch it tonight after being stuck on a plane last night! xx

Gabbi said...

So behind on Mad Men but the frame looks lovely! Also, about the dream... I'm horrible at analyzing them, but it sounds like a fun one? :) Do you play golf? I've never played myself.

styletrip said...

plaid shorts and a tee shirt with koala bears on it.
haha, i subscribe to that:)

The Seeker said...

Congrats on the awards and tags!!

Thank you so much for visited my blog and left such nice note.
Keep in touch if you feel like it.


Ela said...

Congrats on the awards!
I love how those babies look to. I know one who we've dubbed 'Benjamin Button'...he just looks so wise. I've yet to buy a pair of round sunnies - on the hunt...it's been a long hunt but I'm still hopeful.

Hanako66 said...

going to take your survey!

I loved last nights ep of mad men...so good, so steamy!

thank you so much for the tag...I loved learning more about you!

Susan said...

congrats on the awards- love your list of answers :)
have a great week, xoxo

WendyB said...

You know I agree with #3. But have you ever seen my (mostly) non-tacky Versace post? I don't know why they have such a bad reputation. I got a lot of nice suits there!

Couture Carrie said...

I love Mad Men!!
And champagne!
Congrats on your award, and thank you SO much for the fun tag, darling!


Niki B. said...

i'm catching up on last night's episode of Mad Men right now! Betty and the "Advisor"? Kind of love it.

ANYWAY I awarded you with the FANCY PANTS award, see my blog for more details. But congrats on being a fabulous, and fancy lady! Enjoy!


Taylor Sterling said...

I love Mad Men. I have some major catching up to do. I think the give waways are fun! You never owned a pair of cowboy boots?! You need some. They are great to have..for a few looks.

lisa said...

Congrats on the well-deserved awards, and thank you for passing one of them my way. :-)

Elizabeth Marie said...

THANK YOU! I am smitten with you...and LA frequently huhhh...lets work that out lady. I love learning more about you...and I laughed at "wunderkind" I thought you said "wunderkid" which is true too..OHHH SNAP.

True, not all LA peeps suck. I mean, hello, we turned out alright! XO


Thank you darrrling!
i'm sure you looked adorable with koala on your chest no?! Have a fab week~ XO*

Brigadeiro said...

Haha to your dream, sounds intriguing! :)

Have yet to watch Mad Men and really really want to, keep reading/hearing about it!

Loved reading your tag answers! :)

Michael said...

Oh I tottally forgot to watch Mad Men!! Thanks for reminding me. My friend says it's so good too.

Clarity said...

This is so charming, congrats on the awards, I like Manju's too, she's sweet.

As for Mad Men - still have not caught the bug (a season behind in London) although I get a running commentary - uninvited.

As for Rome, I was born there and remember little of it, perhaps one day I should visit it again, La Dolce Vita was quite evocative and cutting, but the music :)

As for your dream, I am REALLY good at interpreting them, but shan't post the meaning here ;) And it is not Freudian...

Macy said...

definitely don't get rid of giveaways, everybody loves them! Just stumbled across your blog... love it.

Maria Confer said...

Congratulations on the awards!

It's so weird seeing Betty in a beehive!


Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Just came across your blog. I am excited to read more. I definitely need to watch Mad Men. I keep meaning to...


E said...

Aw, you love gray too!! And I LOVED that episode! how insane was her hair??? I want to be Betty Draper, but without the Don :-)

Eden said...

seriously, i so want to get on the mad men bandwagon because it looks very hot and it IS hot (plus jon hamm is uber hott, hehe_) but i just havent had the opportunity to stream it here in the PI :(

btw, nothing wrong with giveaways! keep the generosity coming:)


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Mad Men was so good last night and really awkward as usual. I loved those fun facts about you.

Manju said...

lol at your description of babies!that's such a cute description xD
and i was just like you at 13 ^^
thanks for tagging me!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

you are one fabulous ladycakes and deserve every award in the book.

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