Two Awards + One Tag!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

These awards and tag are a wee bit overdue... but it's been quite the busy summer! I love receiving and giving these sweet internet nods of acknowledgment and apologize for the delay in lobbing these back into the blogoverse!

Circle of Friendship of Award


Thanks to beautiful Kelsey of The Anthology for passing on this sweet "Circle of Friendship" award. I'm very lucky to have such stylish blogger friends. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm reaching a critical mass of stylish Canadian fashion buddies from my brief fashion blogging life. So cool and crafty, these Canucks! Thanks for being so amazing, Kelsey! I would like to pass on this award to the following five awesome ladies:

An Experiment in Poverty
Midtown Girl
The Beauty File
Thumbelina Fashionista

Style Inspiration Blog Award


Sofie of the mind-blowing style blog Modediktat recently passed along this "Style Inspiration Blog" award and I'm happy to pass this bad boy to the following bloggers who constantly inspire me to be as stylish as I can be:

Street Style London
Nubia's Nonsense
Through the Looking Glass
Asian Cajuns
Wrecked Stellar


And last but not least, boho-chic mama Kerri of Ten Things tagged me to tell ten things about myself (how fitting for her name, right?). So here they are:
  1. I have really terrible vision. But I'm too frightened of surgery to go for Lasik because...
  2. I've never had surgery before... and by surgery, I mean going under general anaesthia for a procedure.
  3. I never thought I would want to write about fashion. I had always considered myself a semi-serious fiction writer. It wasn't until I attended my first fashion show a few years ago, when I made that connection in my head: that fashion is wearable art, a commodified form of design that, with recent innovations in mass production, has been made accessible for almost everyone. That first fashion show, though, in a way, was like my mini awakening to fashion. The show? Y&Kei.
  4. I once had a crushing addiction to shopping. I was in debt and denial for a long time, until I learned how to live within my means. Now, I get that secondary thrill of shopping from writing about my objects of desire, and checking out clothing at stores and maybe even trying them on. But nothing beats the thrill of purchasing something outright for me. I suppose most addicts would say the same thing about their addictions...Doing is always better than watching or imagining.
  5. I've been a pescatorian (one who eats seafood/fish and is otherwise vegetarian) since 1994. :)
  6. I've begun to develop a fetish for gadgets. I've developed real hard feelings for my iPhone and my brand new Canon Rebel XSi (just bought it today!!).
  7. Prior to this year, you might have thought I was allergic to wearing pants. I was strictly a skirt and dress wearing gal.
  8. I think I could give up chocolate and sweets for a year, but ask me to give up my coffee, and I may just sink my teeth into your arm. :) Only in the mornings.
  9. For fun sometimes, I find scripts of movies I like, and print them out to read with friends. We pretend that we're at some important "table read." I grew up in California. This is just part of the California dream, I guess.
  10. Whenever single girlfriends tell me that they are hesitant to try internet dating, I tell them that the chances are slim that they will find love online, yes, but sometimes, like a job that you find over craigslist or another job board, you never know where you might end up with an online match. (BTW, I didn't meet my Mr. online, but I did find two out of the last three jobs through Craigslist-- go figure.
Want to do this tag? I am now tagging, YOU, dear reader to tell me 10 things about yourself. Let's get personal in the comments today. What, like you have better things to do on a Tuesday before Labor Day Weekend? ;)


Midtown Girl said...

I love the circle of friendship award!! This is seriously one of the most endearing awards - absolutely love it and can't wait to post it D!!!

Re: Ten things list - After I attacked my closet this weekend I took the tags off the items I never wore. I kept them to the side and then tallied them up...$700.

$700?? And that's ONLY in clothes that were never worn - I'm not even going to get into shoes/bags.

This made me re-think that I may have had some type of impulse-shopping prob..but after this experience I think I'm just gonna stick to buying things that I really, really want & can use long-term. I hope, anyway LOL ;-)

p.s. - sometimes the only reason I wake up on time is bc I know I will be able to get my daily morn coffee...addicted ya think?

XOXO Darling!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

Congratulations on your awards :D!!! and your facts were so interesting to read, the shopping addiction sounds scary!

FabBlab said...

I have a mild case of shopping addiction and have really poor eyesight as well. I wear contact lenses but recently I've had some issues and the optometrist said I couldn't wear it for 2 weeks. I was so pissed. But I'm getting Lasik the day I turn 18.
You should go ahead and get it! I know tons of people who've got it and they say it's amazing!
Congrats on the awards too :)

Afraid To Die Young said...

Love your blog!

Eva Internazionale said...

I love & agree entirely with your #3. :)

Little Rus said...

So nice to see how the award I've created some time ago travels around and am very glad that you've got it, your blog is truly inspirational and very interesting.
Enjoyed reading your 10 things. Must say that you shouldn't be scared of the eye surgery. I had it done about 12 years ago and so glad I did! You are not asleep - you get special drops in your eyes, so you don't feel ANYTHING, and in my case I also had an injection of something that calms you down...
My friend did it last year and she could get back to work within 48 hours! :)

And just like you, I also love coffee and dresses, although I don't think I would ever give up chocolate. :)


konstantine said...

congrats! that's amazing. and by the way, i absolutely adore the layout on your blog. just fantastic.

Alexandra said...

Congrats on the awards!
I'm jealous of your new camera! The shopping addiction sounds scary! At least you're back in control now :)

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Thanks for the award!! So sweet of you to include me.

I plan on going to the IFB night on the 14th for sure so I think I will see you there, right?

Is This Real Life? said...

I love your tag!
And big congats on the awards!

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on your awards, darling!
I love that you are a pescatorian!


Susan said...

congrats, darling!
love your answers :)
by the way, in my opinion the Toni Morrison quote is not about "the grass is greener" thing, it is a lot deeper and more painful than that. as she writes mainly about African-American women and their struggles in the western world, it is more about their feelings. if you haven't read "The Bluest Eye" yet, I totally recommend it, that is a masterpiece! :)
have a lovely-lovely day, darling!

Miss Neira said...

thats adorable!! and yes coffee is needed every morning..if i could have an IV drip of it..even better

im glad you got over your shopping addiction! i definitely havent! haha

miss neira

Dream Sequins said...

Thanks so much for your answers everyone :) And now a few @s to kick off the convo:

@Midtown Girl: OMG that's cash in the bank! Sell that stuff pronto!

@pigtails: Um yes. The shopping addiction was very scary. I'm still not over it. :)

@FabBlab: I just can't get past the idea of someone cutting into your eyeballs. Eeeek! Plus glasses are tres chic now, right?

@LittleRus: Awww. It's nice to see the award circulating around. Thanks for creating it!

@konstantine: Thanks so much! I just made it! I'm pleased!

@Alexandra: Being back in control is a day to day challenge ;)

@Thumbelina: Yes I will definitely see you at the IFB thingie!

The Anthology said...

You deserve all these accolades, my friend.

And kudos for being a pescatorian for so many years.

saralovesshoes said...

congrats on your awards! i love reading people's ten facts

Miss Neira said...

haha love your comment! and it was not creepy at all..i find myself doing it to the pieces every time i see it in the store hahaha

xtinagirl said...

You changed your layout! :) I like it!

And yay for 10 things! I like reading those hehe.


The Haute-Shopper said...

Congrats on the awards! And damn, that reminds me how seriously behind I am on doing tags and giving them out (it's almost like homework!).

I've actuallyl been to 3 weddings where the couple met online, so even though I used to laugh off online dating, it does happen. P.S. Changed your URL on my blogroll. Have a lovely week!

janettaylor said...

Congrats again Honey!


Diana said...

Thank you for the award! I feel so thankful for you as well!!

You awarded some great blogs, too.

I can't wait to see your photographs!

wreckedstellar said...

Hey D! Thank you for my award- it brightened up this dreary LA day today! My boyfriend still thinks I'm a shopping addict, but I'm trying to get better. When Bec and I moved and I saw all the clothes I had accumulated, ie. a box of 'going out tops' (that's what I labelled the box) had never seen the day of light in the 2.5 years I had been in my previous apt. and I totally forgot about those tops- meaning I just kept buying new ones and totally forgot about barely worn ones- it did not make me feel good! And I'd love Lasik too but I am scared that something could go awry! I found my current job and another great job on Craigslist, so you really never know what you can find online! Hope you're having a wonderful week and thanks again for the award! :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

Awww thanks doll you are to cute! Cant wait to see you the 8th =) Congrats on the awards!

lisa said...

Congrats on the awards! The tag tidbits were very interesting; great to learn more about the person behind the blog. =)

Vik said...

em ok you want me to write ten things here in the comment box em ok here goes..
1) i just came across your blog today for first time and love it :)
2) Ive been bloggin myself since May this yr and am hooked!
3) I live in Ireland
4) Im a natural blonde but for past few yrs have been dying it diff redhead shades.
5) I work in fashion and breathe it everday!
6) I have 3 dogs one jack russell, 2 pugs.
7) Ive always wanted to see Japan and Barcelona.
8) I hope to one day move to NYC been before and loved it!
9) Im 25.. (old!)
10) I interned at Zandra Rhodes in London which was a mad experience!

Love your blog! xx
would you like to exchange links?

Taylor Sterling said...

nice post today. I am eager to see some pics with the new camera. I am feeling the urge to shop today...hmmm maybe some new jeand and a few shoes! Have a great day chica! xoxo

Iva said...

Congratulations on your awards!! Hope you are having a great day!!

jennine said...

oh my goodness! we have so much in common! i also never thought i'd write about fashion, i also had a shopping addiction.. and while i met my husband at a party, i was there because i was on a date with someone i met through myspace. go figure!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Congrats on your awards! I was scared to get Lasik but I was even more frustrated with contacts so the Lasik won. They give you meds and numb your eyeballs out so you feel NOTHING.

Dream Sequins said...

@Haute-Shopper: Seems like the love story of our times... Now why can't they get it right on the silver screen? Besides You've Got Mail, lol.

@Diana: I need help with my lenses :)

@wreckedstellar: OMG I would love to have access to those awesome tops!

@Vik: I think it's great that you worked for Zandra Rhodes!

@jennine: Ooh I love the story of how you and your hubby met!!! said...

Oh, :D, thank you so much! And congratulations. I'm chuffed to bits! I'm also enjoying reading the ten things about you. Now I'd better get on with my list of ten things!
You really are sweet. Thank you!

Kat said...

What a great read! I like this kind of stuff...and of course, your fun writing style is a big c'mon. Twas nice getting to know you a lil bit more!

I'm currently addicted to the Saks sales!

Hanako66 said...

congratulations and thank you so much.....I love the award and it means a lot coming from you my dear!

your 10 things are close to my heart...I always love to learn more about my DS!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Yay for your awards and I love all the blogs you passed them on to!

I am TERRIFIED of lasik but it's time dude. Yesterday had me driving on the 405 to my eye dr with one eye closed (I know, bad bad) because my last contact tore and I'm blind as a bat...I realized it's time but I'm soooo freaked.

And yeah I dont function without coffee.

Love the table reads! You are SO LA!!!!! :)


tenthings. said...

thanks for sharing! i have always thought you were adorable and now, even more so!

i, too, am totally addicted to shopping, but find that writing about it and shopping on etsy (i.e. putting things in my favorites) satisfies the urge, along with the occasional splurge. i can't help it!

i don't eat meat, ever.

love vegetables. love sugar. love fish. love (read: NEED) coffee.



WorkSafe said...

Great post - can't wait to check out all those blogs you recommend. Congrats on your many awards. Obviously there's lots of people out there that love what you're doing so keep it up!

I also have terrible vision! it's so bad, actually, that lasik is not even an option for me. Oh well.

have you ever posted pics with the Mr? i would love to see him. dating. For many of my friends, it has worked out. No marriages yet, but all long term relationships.

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