Postcards From My Hometown Update

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For the first installment of a project I called "Postcards From My Hometown," I challenged my lovely readers to send postcards to two randomly selected people around the world. About 60 people signed up for this project. Thank you so much for contributing to the project's success! I received a few lovely cards myself (including an extra card or two from some thoughtful participants!) and wanted to share them and other images of postcards that bloggers sent to me... In this day of e-mail, Twitter and text messages, it's nice to receive a piece of handwritten snail mail.

from Stephanie in Romania of brealfeel

a vintage Montreal postcard from Reanna of Reanna Time

from Ambar in California of Ambar's Thoughts

a fashion forward postcard from Fashion Fille addressed to Fashionista 0921

a lovely postcard from The Anthology addressed to brealfeel

A special shoutout to the bloggers who participated in the first installment of this project....
Adored Austin
African Tea Party
Alex Keller Blog
All Things NYC
Ambar's Thoughts
Aspiring Couture
The Anthology
Being Bitchy, Not High Maintenance
Bobbin Talk
Bon Bon Rose
B is for Brown
Call Me Stylista
Casa di Tarturaga
Captivate Me
Chelsea and Brian
Clandestine Chic
The Creative Mixx
Crossing Over to the Dark Side
A Daisy Chain Dream
Decline Designs
Denim Debutante
Experiment in Poverty
Fab Blab
Fashion In My Eyes
Fashion Fille
Gabby She Wrote
A Girl and Her Blog
I Am Style-ish
I Know, Right?
Inny Vinny
Into the Fray
It's a Beautiful Life
It's Unbeweavable!
La Petite Fashionista
Life More Exciting
Miss Glitzy
The Mom Side of Things
Nearly Stylish
Notes from the Tooth Fairy
Orange Rocks
Orange Sparrow
Pink Bow
Pudding and Pie
Random Bloggings of a Wannabe
Reanna Time
Rock Socks
Saskia's Spot
Sincerely Claire
Swell Vintage
The Staple
The Swelle Life
That's Hideous
Through the Looking Glass
Wicked Halo

Stay tuned for the second installment of this project. Another postcard exchange! Would you participate in another postcard exchange? Any suggestions for improvement or other feedback for me? Happy Tuesday to you!


InnyVinny said...

This was a great project. I loved getting my two postcards!!! =D

MizzJ said...

Such a cool idea! However I never received or heard if my postcards were received? Argh sometimes I hate snail mail

Dream Sequins said...

InnyVinny: Glad you enjoyed it!

MizzJ: Rawr! I know I was running a wee bit behind on my postcards... so maybe there's still hope on yours? :o Sorry to hear!

katie d said...

aw thats such an awesome project!! I'd looove to participate in the next installment :)


Etrapar said...

oh darling, I receive yesterday your postcard...thank you so much ^.^...I think we can send some special photos with us in the next project, it's only an idea *.^

Elizabeth Marie said...

I loved it! I met 4 new bloggers! And of course YOUR postcard kicked ass!

Diana said...

oh dang it! i keep meaning to do this but i want disneyland postcards and in order to do that i have to visit disneyland *palm to head* i'm sorry i'm such a bad blogger friend, i promise to do it this week!

nookie said...

aww sweetie I just recieved your postcard!thanks so much,love it:)
I have to recieve one more:)
can't wait:x

Marie Reed said...

I'm a postcard aholic so this sounds like a FAB idea to me! I have a blog event called Postcard Friendship Friday! Do you mind if I share you link?

Sherin said...

Wow. This looks like such a great idea. I love recieving handwritten mail, its so special. If you do this again,, I'll definitely signn up for it.

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

this was a fab idea! btw, i received your postcard and loved it. ps - we live close to south street and i love it too. there is a great tapas place. lunch date one day? ;)

modediktat said...

Ok... Obviously I made something wrong because I've joined the postcard project too. Purchased some funny postcards as well but then I didn't get more information (hm, at this point I think I've missed to do a step 2 or something...) HELP!

fashionblogger said...

It's so nice to see a postcard from Brasov!!! I went there a few years ago and loved the city, the hills and the black church (loved Romania too!). Cheers

Lily G. said...

I wish I had done this too! What a great idea!

Denise said...

this is so sweet.

can i join?


Jaime said...

How fun! I would def be interested :)

daisychain said...

I had so much fun doing this! I'd totally take part again.

kpeach said...

this is such a cool idea! I love how global this fashion blogging world is!

Wana said...

awww! yayy! kudos to all! :o)

FabBlab said...

Awesome! I've got one from Seb so far and sent mine out a week back. Thanks for hosting this, I'll be posting them up next week. XO

The Socialite said...

Love this project! :)

Taylor Sterling said...

I somehow missed this! What a cool idea! What fun!

TheBeautyFile said...

I'd love to participate! I love this series!!! Not sure how people would like a postcard of Long Island, but I will definitely dig up a good one!

Kristin said...

I never heard if my girls got mine either. I'm always worried that snail mail won't make it through. But when it does it's so lovely!Got yours yesterday though! Thanks!

alexkeller said...

this was a fun exchange - thanks for organizing it and linking us all up :)

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I think this is a neat project. good luck with the 2nd installment.

The Anthology said...

I'm so happy my postcard made the cut! Yayayay!

Thanks for your card, by the way. I love receiving real mail written by real people. So old school. And amazing.

* Kelsey

Sheena said...

I really enjoyed participating in the project. I would love to participate in the next installment as well. Looks like you received some lovely postcards :)

Susan said...

I enjoyed it so much! I searched millions of shops to find the perfect nearly stylish postcard and I did- I was so happy! :) it was really nice to receive two postcards so far- one from lovely Kristin @ bonbon rose and another one from you! :))
thank you!

Hanako66 said...

I'm getting mine out!!!

I received one and am going to do a post about it when I get mine sent and get the other!

janettaylor said...

Great idea! :-)


Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oh what a lovely idea!
I like the ones from Fashion Fille and The Anthology a lot.

Florrie x

PinkBow said...


Vicki said...

fab idea!!! such a shame i missed it! will be eager to join in the second installment :)

yoshi said...

OMG BRASOV! aka TRANSYLVANIA! when i was studying in budapest my classmates and i went there for halloween - HAHAHAHHA! then we wanted to go to "turkey" for thanksgiving... never happened - AWESOME IDEAR!

Gabbi said...

Wonderful postcards and project! My favorite is from The Anthology... lovely.

yoli said...

I love postcards...

Niki B. said...

what a great idea, i would love to participate next time!

Pop Champagne said...

ohhh interesting idea!! I'd love to participate in the next one!

E said...

This was such a great idea! I love these wonderful creative projects that you do that involve bloggers from around the world!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Wow I would love too participate in the second installment seems like a great idea.

Michelle said...

I loved sending mine off! I didn't hear anything about them being received though, so I hope they got there : /

I still haven't got any of mine except for your's (which, by the way, was gorgeous! getting thumbtacked to my inspiration board), either. :( It makes me sad when people flake! Or maybe, more optimistically, they're just taking a while to get here! I hope it's that.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

AWWWW thanks so much Deanne. This was really amazing. And I would def do it again. I LOOOOVED your postcard. OMG all of this was just amazing. Do I keep saying that? Oh well...

PS: The one below mine, with the models is.. you guessed it... amazing :)

Have a great week, Kisses XO

dot said...

Oh, sorry I missed it! Yes, I'd absolutely participate. How does it work? Do you need a post address for me? Please count me in.

jill @

Thanks D!!

Saskia said...

I LOVED this feature!!! I would love to take part again :)

Saskia xx

PS A massive THANK YOU for your postcard which arrived on Monday - it truly brightened my day!

Denise @ Swelle said...

I just got yours today, what a nice surprise! Thank you! I was still waiting for my 2nd one but am going to go ahead with photographing the two and posting them.

I love this idea, it's so great to be able to connect with our blogger friends in a tangible way and get a glimpse into where they're from.

Denise ♥

Deka said...

it was fun and a great idea!
sorry i forgot to send a picture

Livie said...

i'm so glad i participated it was so fun! i just got my first postcard in the mail last week so I'll be featuring it soon on my site.

thanks for putting this great initiative together. I met 2 very cool bloggers b/c of it.

Chessa! said...

I would TOTALLY do this next time. I love the idea.

Ela said...

What an amazing idea!
I read off one on someone's blog...I think that's how I found yours :)
Such a fabulous project!

Noble Beeyotch said...

I had so much fun participating and choosing 2 special postcards to send. I can't wait to see the postcards i receive. Thanks a ton for hosting this whole thing! You rock!!

sarala said...

I'd love to participate next time around.

booksandletters said...

This sounds wonderful, I'm so disappointed I just found it.

Would love it you did it again, I've just discovered the joy of letters and would love to send/receive more.

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