NYFW Diaries: The Finale Bow

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New York Fashion Week is now a happy blur in my memory, and I had an amazing time overall. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the rest of my week. I spent many hours catching up on sleep this weekend. I think I'll be back to my normal self by Monday. Sad to be missing London, though! After looking through my blurry runway shots, I have developed a new respect for fashion photographers...

Backstage at Cushnie et Ochs

Backstage at Cushnie et Ochs

Backstage at Cushnie et Ochs

Cushnie et Ochs

Cushnie et Ochs











Ohne Titel

Ohne Titel

Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing

Tim Hamilton film presentation

Models at Tim Hamilton

Band of Outsiders

Yohji Yamamoto!


Rad Hourani






Model knitting backstage at Geren Ford

Backstage at Geren Ford

Model losing shoe at Geren Ford



Matthew Ames

Matthew Ames

Matthew Ames

I had many many many more pictures, but many of them were lost in a blurry haze! Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did...


Brigadeiro said...

Great pics! Poor model...losing her shoe...

janettaylor said...

Such a great photos!


PinkBow said...

fantastic, i felt as though i was there! hope you've managed to catch up on your beauty sleep :)

Sher said...

I'm savoring all of it! That is where we get ideas and try to implement them in our style.

Kudos to the model who lost her shoe and still probably didn't miss a beat.

Thank you for the pictures :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Great photos! I really feel like you captured the essence of Fashion Week. :)

modediktat said...

Sooooo many wonderful pictures again!
And NOOOO - I'm not getting tired of your runway reports and photo collections! I'm becoming a fan more and more :-D
So much input and information here! Thanks for all your efforts, darling!
xoxoxo sofie

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hello to you!
Just realized that you have in your "blog photo" the same black/whte Chanel sunglasses ;)

It´s somehow sad these are the final pictures of your NYFW! Enjoyed every picture in every single post you did (did the model found her lost shoes ;)

Happy weekend to you!

alexkeller said...

it looks amazing - and thank you, for i got to go through you!

Lily G. said...

These backstage pics are great!! I'm loving this perspective.

InnyVinny said...

Indeed I did! Amazing pictures.

And I'm glad that model managed to work it out sans a shoe!

Taylor Sterling said...

Great pics!!! They are awesome!! xoxo

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

awesome awesome pictures. they were great!

Eden said...

love, are you back yet? itlooks like you had a FANTASTIC time.

thanks for these incredible close shots! i totally fell in love with cushnie et ochs, and as always rad never fails to blow me away!

btw, i'd love to invite you to take part in my giveaway going on at my blog! its open to US residents:)


Annie said...

These pictures are fantastic. I especially love the ones from Bodkin.

vitaMinn style said...

I love that skirt that looked like half a trench coat, it's so unique!

So this is it? Awwww... sad. We want more of this everyday! =)

Meg said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like you had an amazing time!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Amazing pics!! You deserve a week of sleep darling!!! XO

Jowy said...

I did I did! so many amazing pics, this post was a delight to see!

One Love,

daisychain said...

thank you so much for sharing your experience with us

Nini's Style said...

Hi Dream Sequins- It was such a pleasure meeting you too. You look amazing that night in your Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. All of these photos are beautiful. The purple one-shoulder dress from Bodkin is my favorite. Have a lovely day,

Livie said...

Amazing photos - that's so cool you went to so many shows. I'm sure it's all very hard work and you are exhausted but it's so glamorous!!

Lynn said...

would have loved to see the Y3 show! it was so nice to meet you and your husband last saturday. we should do it again!

Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic photos, darling!
How cool that you were at all these shows!


Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

Great pics!!!
so much Fun!!

I thought about you today and wanted email you to say It's nice to see you at the party in NY. But, you're ahead of me...;-).
you're sweet person. I'm sorry for not saying good bye to you at the party. Hope see you soon when I'm in NY again.

lisa said...

Beautiful photography! I'm sure even the seasoned pros have tons of shots that don't work out; you give yourself far too little credit. :-)

39th and Broadway said...

Your photos are beautiful! They do look completely professional. It was lovely meeting you in person finally, one of the best things about NYFW is it brings so many of us together in the "real" world.

drollgirl said...

wow, there is some amazing stuff here!!! and i think your photographs capture so much so well! the missing shoe shot is RAD! bah! love that! :)

Ljubica said...

wow.. so many awesome pictures!! looks like it would have been so exciting!

Kristin said...

Dying over Preen. What an incredible experience that week must have been!

Midtown Girl said...

Please - your pics are fabulous!!

Your inside views are what keeps us inside the shows!!


Hanako66 said...

this is such a rad post! It kind of makes up for not being there lol!!!!! but seriously, you did an amazing job on covering it for us all!

Susan said...

I enjoyed your coverage so much, darling! thanks :)

Editor said...

It all looks so amazing. Wish I was there! xoxo

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