Dreamy Places to Shop and Eat in NYC (Part 2)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

exterior of Seven New York (source)

With New York Fashion Week about a week away, I thought another installation of the Dreamy Places to Shop and Eat in NYC series would be helpful for those of you planning trips to the city. And who better to share their insights than some of my stylish fashion blogger friends? Read on to discover some hidden pockets of cool from three equally cool cats...

She Breathes

Name: Ms. Shoo {nom de plume aka my Sasha Fierce alter ego moments}. But for governmental purposes, DS De Carvalho.

Brief Description of Your Blog: The tag line is life, fashion, culture, but I like to say it's my virtual vault of goodies, a place where the emerging, established, and independent can be shared and supported. It's decidedly what I like and my own little bubble. I may not be the first person to discover some of the designers I share, but I'm a champion for those who do it well. Besides redundancy is a strange bedfellow that deserves to be left in the corner.

Favorite Neighborhood in NYC: Oh this is hard, but my top three have a lot to do with culture, where a particular neighborhood has been carved out for a certain group of people. Like little Italy + Chinatown, or the Greek and Brasilian community in Astoria Queens, or the Korean community in Flushing, Queens. I love neighborhoods more for this, because it's a learning experience without getting on a plane. But if I had to pick three then it would be the following:

The Village {east + west}. It's a beautiful kaleidoscope of the crazy and mundane. And for a long time I had no choice but to fall in love with the area considering NYU sits in the heart of it. But from Washington Square Park to all the little cramped shops from the east to the west, to the punk rock scene, and all the beautiful things in between {like to shopping on Bond Street at Blick or Bond No. 9, or getting a pedicure at Jin Soons} it's one of my favourites to get lost in. I always discover some place I've never heard of before.

Next would have to be Harlem {Spanish + Sugar Hill areas}. I use to reside in Harlem and despite The Sartorialist only capturing folks in loud clothes when he ventures past Soho, you'll find no better mix of style than in Harlem. I love going to two-fifth {125th Street} and seeing a mosh-posh of style from the skater boys to Harlem hipsters if variety is your thing you'll find it here! Not to mention MAC Cosmetics, American Apparel, Japanese retailer Atmos {for serious sneaker affectionados}, and former President Clinton are all on 125th Street now, hehe. Venture to the other side of 125th Street and visit The Cotton Club, you won't be disappointed loads of history in that building and there is swing dance! Sugar Hill has some of the most beautiful brownstones you'll ever see, and the area got it's name because it was home to the super fab and rich in the African-American community during the Harlem Renaissance. Let me warn you now the hills in this area are murder on unused calf muscles. Spanish {east 116th Street} Harlem has some of the best Cuchifritos {Puerto Rican soul food} around, not to mention on 116th street by the FDR is one of the best authentic Italian restaurants {Rao's}!

Union Square/Flatiron area, because it's where I do most of my home decoration shopping at places like ABC Carpet + Home, Design Within Reach, or all the itty bitty home decor stores along Broadway. I love visiting Beads of Paradise for inspiration or Fish Eddys for cool inexpensive dishware.

But to be very honest all of NYC is pretty cool, because this place is the United Nations on steroids! Know that where ever you venture in New York City you're sure to find things to document, because that's New York City — 8 million strong and counting. Honorable mention has to be the subways {particularly the A, 4 or 5, and 1 lines. These trains are neighborhoods in and of themselves! They're crowded and filled to the brim with personalities.

Three Dreamy Places to Shop: I love to harass + admire the things at Seven. It's one of the few places that has a brick and mortar and carries independent designers I love, and it's always fun to see Gareth Pugh in person. Sure there are others, but in my most humble opinion no one matches Seven's energy. Boutique Ludivine, because it's so French it hurts. Francophiles will love this place! I spend loads of time in Barneys, their sales people have the ability to sell you things you don't need. And despite them being on everyones list, they do manage to offer a few emerging designers that make your heart flutter.

Three Dreamy Places to Eat: I'm all over the place with food. I love to explore every crevice of the five boroughs for a good meal, because I'm an undercover foodie. I absolutely love Casa in the West Village. It's tucked on a street I didn't know existed until my mum {who was visiting from Bahia} took me here. The fact that she knew about it before I did still floors me. They serve authentic Brasilian cuisines and have the best Feijoada + Moqueca outside of my mums {the Salgadinhos aren't bad either}. A new discovery {which will ruin my waistline further} is Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn, the best chicken and waffles I've tasted outside of Amy Ruth's in Harlem. And Mama Mexico's on the Upper Westside is the best authentic Mexican food you'll ever want to eat outside of Mexico of course. An honourable mention is The Cafeteria, it's so SATC {they use to film there}, so overly priced, but their silver-dollar pancakes are too-die-for! And note Barney's Co-Op Chelsea is not too far away, hehe.

Lady Lunacy

Name: Corrie

Brief Description of Your Blog: My blog is essentially a personal style blog, filled with anything and everything I find overwhelmingly awesome at the moment. I never really stick to a single aesthetic as my tastes are constantly evolving.

Favorite Neighborhood in NYC: My neighborhood, Williamsburg. It's not the prettiest but I've lived here for five years and I know it best. There's always a new place to eat/shop/gawk at and plenty of good people-watching.

Three Dreamy Places to Shop: 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas (copious amounts of reasonably priced vintage), Built by Wendy (when it all goes on sale!), Jumelle (I do more fondling than purchasing in this well-edited shop).

Three Dreamy Places to Eat: Five Leaves (Aussie-owned, always satisfying and there's a drink on the menu called jar 'o whiskey!), Walter Foods (best oyster bar in the neighborhood), Roebling Tea Room (most consistently creative menu and a favorite spot for brunch).

Queen Gilda

Name: gilda

Brief Description of Your Blog: queengilda.com is a blog documenting the ups and downs of fashion and life, from a fashion designer/student's perspective! an unpretentious (hopefully), frank expose of a designer trying to climb up the ladder in this crazy and unglamorous world we call fashion, without losing her own aesthetic point of view.

Favorite Neighborhood in NYC: east village

Three Dreamy Places to Shop:
1. patricia field boutique for sure! i'm partially biased since i've worked there for a while now, but there isn't quite another store like it!
2. comme des garcons. it is my idea of heaven on earth.
3. seven new york. serious avant garde items from some of my favourite designers!

Three Dreamy Places to Eat:
1. ippudo!! perfect ramen! the broth is to die for!! i NEVER ever finish my ramen noodles when i go to other ramen stores but i always stuff myself silly here. i usually get the akamaru ramen, which is a little spicier than the regular white miso ramen.
2. curry ya for gourmet japanese curry! quite pricey, really, but properly made and seriously delicious japanese curry that reminds me of all the curry parties my friends and i had when i lived in tokyo. i love their berkshire pork cutlet curry.
3. yakiniku west or gyu-kaku, for yakiniku, which is a japanese barbecue. i prefer gyu-kaku's sauce dips, but it has been "americanized" here and is different from the gyu-kaku in japan. and it's seriously expensive here! yakiniku west is cheaper and has better meat quality.

i am quite obsessed with japanese food.

i also recommend udon west for cheap and yet really yummy udon meals, jewel bako and sushiyama for high quality sushi, yakitori totto for delicious yakitori (chicken skewers), la bonne soup for french food with a home-made touch (love their french onion soup), nyonya for south-east asian fare that reminds me of home, bourgeois pig cafe for savoury and dessert fondue, and bonchon for to-die-for fried chicken.

Thank you so much, Ms. Shoo, Corrie and Gilda for your lovely suggestions! For more tempting selections, check out part 1 of the series here.


Midtown Girl said...

I used to go to Cafeteria all the time until it became an after hours hip-hop spot with drunken thugs & their video-chick crew - not cool, LOL! Now I go to Tribeca grill - so pretty down there...

Def want to check out Boutique Ludvine why don't I know about this place (I went to NYU for crying out loud?!) I am the Francophile, now I need to find a place in the same vein for my apt goodies!

Love the suggestions!!


Kristin said...

I think you've single handedly just planned a vacay for me. Ah ha. Chicken and waffles? I'm there!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

gosh, NY sounds like a dreaaamm!!!! Thank You so much for the happy birthday, made me smile <3

cody said...

i <3 NY!!
great blog.

xx cody


Etrapar said...

please check out my blog, it's a question for you ^.^

Brigadeiro said...

I'm going to have to remember to print these all out when I next come to NYC ;) Hopefully *cross fingers* this time next year.

Mary said...

Oh I love this!

It's such a great way of getting insight into what people recommend to do/see/eat/visit in NYC!
Forget Lonely planet. haha. This series is a great guide.
So keen on actually taking up these suggestions. Oh how I long to visit NY again...


Vik said...

brilliant post! :) im copying it onto my pc now so i can refer back to it! Im visiting NYC in either Dec/Jan with my boyfriend so will have to look up all these great places. Also hoping to move there in 3 years once my boyfriend has finished his PhD at University. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)
magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

Frank&Rémy said...

Great tips! I just might look at few of them

Btw, really cool blog! Keep up the good job!

rika said...

wow. NY is such a stunning country !
btw, i loveee your blog ! :)

Ela said...

Oh this makes me miss NYC pretty bad, I know Nadia had mentioned (on part 1) Century 21 for shoes - they've also got sunnies for dirt cheap, last time I was there most pairs were from Marc Jacobs but they've got other brands too. Only thing is it's best to go as early as possible (they open at 7 I think) that places gets pretty hectic - nothing dreamy about it during rush hour, more like a nightmare in there.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I love Seven because they have some very unique things, and I love Harlem. It is more diverse than people think.

Allegra said...

omg I wanna be there too!!

Is This Real Life? said...

Oh great post, and great places too!

WendyB said...

I've been dying for Seven to update their website.

Children of the 90s said...

This makes me want to run off to NY for a bit, it's been way too long. Great suggestions!

The Anthology said...

Hooray for insider info!

I'll have to tuck this post away and save it for my next trip to NYC (though I have no idea when that will be).

* Kelsey

FabBlab said...

This calls for a midnight snack of highly unhealthy food.

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous bloggers, shoppping spots, and eatieries, darling! A winning post!


Sheena said...

This is a great post, especially for a girl who has never been, but is itching to go to NYC. So many choices and things to do, I almost feel like I'd easily become overwhelmed by everything.

Shopn'Chomp said...

I love this post! I need to take down notes. :) Lucky you for getting to attend Fashion Week!!

Taylor Sterling said...

Thanks for the great ideas for the next time I am in NYC! I have been a few times, but I am dying to go again. I love your blog girl!


NYC is fantastic!

The best place in the world!

musie said...

Mmm I love new food recommendations... thanks for putting this up!

Marian said...

This is the yummiest post on NYC ever!!!
Ok I so need to move! I am living in the wrong city :)
I HEART your blog name.

Hanako66 said...

I so wish I was coming to NYC for fashion week...maybe next year!

roxy B said...

those are great suggestions...

Chessa! said...

I love this list! I love Ippudo too...SO GOOD!

I love the buzz of Fashion Week. Now if I could just get tickets!

Looking forward to seeing you next week!!

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