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Sunday, September 6, 2009


With Fashion Week just around the corner and fall fashion rolling into the stores... I thought it would be fun to do an update of my Behind the Blog features with some super savvy bloggers. Reading their responses was just as fun as reading their original featured interviews. Here are their thoughts on what they think will be hot for fall...

Modelizing (who was interviewed here)

(1) What trends do you think will be hot for Fall 2009?

Sadly I don't think F|W 2009 will bring any new trends. Outside of the economic meltdown and most designers being cautious and reusing looks/concepts, I think people just don't care enough to go out and update their wardrobe heavily. So I'm expecting leggings [enough already please], leggings in new obnoxious cuts and materials [stop it!], more DIY inspired looks/Alex Wang/Erin Wasson clones, and chunky accessories like scarves a la Missoni's brilliant F|W collection. Do I want to see these trends together on one person? No, so choose one trend and then untrend the rest of your outfit. Life isn't BEBE/Topshop, you don't need to throw everything on at once.

(2) What three trends will you be rocking this fall?

I'll continue my year round uniform of skinny jeans, the skinnier the better. More oversized button downs, something I've gone back to this summer after a 2 year hiatus. And really shiny obnoxious jewelry. It's fun to have 8 fingers covered in rings a la Karl Lagerfeld and still be able to shoot normally. I think for fall I'm really trying to create a hipster prepster look, I've been toying around with it all summer and I finally feel like I have an awesome direction to go in.

(3) Any news or new projects that you would like to share with readers?

Nothing at this time :( But I will be dropping a bomb at the end of September. So look out for that!

E of District of Chic (who was interviewed here)

(1) What trends do you think will be hot for Fall 2009?

Definitely leggings in different fabrics and patterns - I'm particularly inspired by Missoni's use of sheer cream-colored ones with lots of layers. I'm also thrilled by the idea of COLOR this fall. I noticed quite a few designers had wonderful use of color in their collections - very exciting.

(2) What three trends will you be rocking this fall?

Definitely lots of hardware and gold jewelry - Givenchy! Tons and tons of layers in soft, comfy fabrics. I love the idea of hoods and headscarves mixing up my wardrobe, too.

(3) Any news or new projects that you would like to share with readers?

I have a few exciting collaborations and features coming up, but they are a surprise :-)

Felicia Sullivan (who was interviewed here)

(1) What trends do you think will be hot for Fall 2009?

As someone who grew up in the 1980s, I’m slightly lamenting its return, yet pleased it’s getting a modern update. As soon as the days darken in New York, we all slip into our ubiquitous black uniform, however, I’m beyond overjoyed to see that color is finally a force with which to be reckoned. I was flipping through a recent issue of InStyle and was enraptured by the Ferragamo ads, notable of two women dressed in head-to-toe scarlet. Not that you’d ever see me adopting that sort of monochromatic look, but the berries, reds, yellows and greens against our palate of silvers, blacks and navy's, is refreshing. I’m ignoring the animal print nonsense in lieu of the rocker cage-glam chic. Studded rings, rocker booties, chain belts are making me artfully pine for leaf-changing.

(2) What three trends will you be rocking this fall?

I’m OBSESSED with belt buckle booties (notably the Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots and the Alexander Wang rocker boot), voluminous gauzy scarves in berry, poppy and violet, studded belts and chunky rings. As someone who dresses relatively conservative, I always look to accessories to add that element of surprise. Long chunky cardis and dark denim leggings will definitely make a strong appearance in my wardrobe. For me, fall is all about comfort and playing with layers in lengths unexpected ways.

(3) Any news or new projects that you would like to share with readers?

Fashion For All
, my burgeoning non-profit, which seeks to empower women in low-income areas with clothing and opportunity, has found its first corporate sponsor — Foot Petals! We’re elated with the very auspicious partnership. I’m chronicling my journey in launching a non-profit on my blog in the form of posts, videos, and more. Check it out!

Thanks for the updates, Modelizer, E and Felicia!

(On a personal note: Hope you are enjoying the Labor Day Weekend so far... Posting on Dream Sequins will be light, as I'm preparing for my first New York meetup (cocktails on Tuesday) and Fashion Week, which for me, kicks off on Wednesday night. I just found a fairy godmother in the designer behind CRHEE, who graciously lent me a few choice frocks to mix into my wardrobe for Fashion Week events. I'm like a kid in a candy store... Watch this space for some outfit posts!)


janettaylor said...

Great post! :-)


Talisa said...

looks amazing :)

jaassnnaa said...

like it

Anika said...

Love this post, notwithstanding the laments over the continued trends. Hey, I'm liking the current trends and how open they are to interpretation. There's something so freeing about being allowed to interpret trends uniquely.

Have a great one!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ah, so jealous of you Americans getting a labor day holiday! I love their predictions, and completely agree about giant jewelery.

Also, so sorry I'm so late! Do you still want my responses?

Midtown Girl said...

I am on board with E. I am all about Givenchy this season. Vintage & New!

Hope you are having a great labor day wknd so far dahling!!


daisychain said...

fabulous post doll

Antonio Barros said...

Amazing blog!!! Good work!

Sher said...

Hon I can't wait! Since I can't be there I want tons of blog photos!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Love it!

alexkeller said...

so i've got my leggings, my Missoni scarf, my skinny jeans, tons of my jewelry, buckle boots on order, and my chunky cardi. but oversized button downs? that's sooooo 80s! :)

HeelShields said...

What about the Over the Knee boots?

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Jumpsuits aren't really my thing, but I like the one pictured a lot- very chic.

Florrie x

Janey said...

I think Vintage is coming back in voque. I recently updated my whole wardrobe (well, as much as I could afford) with authentic vintage clothing (ie. not re-creations, but realy clothing from the 60's, 70's, 80's, etc.) from here:

Everything is one of a kind, so when the stuff sells, its actually gone!

InnyVinny said...

I'm with Anika...the lamentation was a bit much. Otherwise, great interviews! =D

PinkBow said...

looking forward to seeing your outfit choices!

Tiffany said...

i'm glad that leggings are coming back for fall. I'm such a huge fan of them!

hope you are having a great weekend, can't wait to see the outfit posts!

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous interviews, and great idea for a post! I especially love E!


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Yeah I can totally see leggings staying in the game for a little while longer.

Sheena said...

Great answers! I agree that many designers are probably going to be reusing looks/concepts and many folks aren't going to be going haywire with the spending for awhile. Although I'm kind of content with what's out here right now and this period in fashion right now. I wish I was in NY to partake in all of the exciting FW festivities!

E said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! I totally agree with Modelizer's love of Missoni's chunky knits and Felicia Sullivan's coveting of buckle boots!!

Taylor Sterling said...

love their answers. This was great. I want more. :)

Kristin said...

Note to self. Get more leggings. Ah ha. Fab interviews!!

saralovesshoes said...

great post! i love hearing what other bloggers are thinking for fall. i'm loving the leggings and the brights!

Livie said...

best quote i've heard all week, "life isn't all bebe/topshop.."

I'm totally digging colour for this fall - especially with dreary, rainy weather here in vancouver.

Hanako66 said...

what a cool post!!! I can't wait to hear about all of the fun this week!

Wicked Halo said...

bravo, these ladies expressed it all so much better than I could possibly hope to!

Fashion Articles said...

I love it! Great post!

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