Weekend Links: Tulle on the Brain Edition

Friday, August 14, 2009

do you remember SJP in the tutu from that title sequence on THAT show? [source]

from left to right: Ouma; Zacharydickorydock and Ouma

Do you ever get gripped with obsession over a single item of clothing? And want to stock half your closet full of them? Or am I just a little clothing-OCD this week? Still fixating on tutus... And I found a handful of them on Etsy! Now to think about ways to make them appropriate for my conservative office ;)

In lieu of normal Weekend Links, I am going to return the favor of a few fun awards. I know you're thinking: Hey, these award things are like the chain letters of the internet... And normally, I would think that too, except that these awards are kind of pretty. So I'm posting them because I feel like posting something pretty today.

And please read and follow all these amazing bloggers! They do amazing work.


Given to be by FabBlab, who is fab-blab-ulous and is as obsessed with shoes
as I am! Thank you, ladies!!!


I would like to pass this award to the following "KREATIV" (ok anyone bothered by the typo there?) ahem- creative bloggers who make my days on the internet super enjoyable:

Lenorenevermore: a visual delight and this recent post about a rubber duckie
is brilliant

That's Hideous: if you ever gasped while shopping online and said "oh that's hideous" then this is the site for you; check out this recent HSN post

It's a Beautiful Life: because Liv is lovely and I was really taken with this recent post about new design objects

The Swelle Life: I know I keep blathering on about Denise and her blog, but if her blog were a hotel, I'd check in and just never leave... her writing style is just that amazing


Given to me by The Trendy Dwarf, who tells me he is not very dwarf-like at all. In fact, he's a trendy tall guy. But I guess this street-style blogger wanted something slightly more memorable as a title. Thanks for the award, TD :)


I hereby bequeath this award to the following bloggers whose style makes my heart do flutters!

Through the Looking Glass: Hanako66 is gorgeous
and does a delightful Etsy feature every Wednesday. What more do you need to know?

Daisy Chain Dream: she's got lovely style; sort of vintage-inspired, I would say! Love reading her blog!

Fashion In My Eyes: Nookie is an awesome girl and I love that she's kooky enough to photoshop googly eyes on herself

The Anthology: Kelsey's blog is a visual delight and she's just beyond gorgeous herself!

***Your Blog is a Treat Award***

Last but definitely not least, there's this award with a funny backstory. Denise from The Swelle Life gave me this award over email in early July. She had created this lovely button herself and sent it to me asking if I wouldn't mind being the first recipient of this award. I was so delighted that she would even choose me, so of course I said YES!

And, like a girl waiting to be asked to prom, I was kind of hanging there, waiting to be formally asked, but received no word back! So recently, I emailed her and was like: "Hey, did you give this award to me? Did you pick me?" And once we realized that things had been lost in translation, I was slapping myself on the forehead. So... THANK YOU, Denise. Better late than never, I hope!!!


I would be proud to pass this award to the five beauties whose blogs have shed light on what was once a dark, lonely blogging existence. Thank you for being you.

It's Unbeweavable: Liz is like a ray of sun. She is really wonderful at conveying her sparkling personality and warmth online! Love her!

Brigadeiro: This is one of the first blogs I crushed because I became enchanted with Brigadeiro's style. I'm always drooling over her latest buys, too.

SOS! Save Our Shoes: Not only are these girls wonderful and in the know about fashion and music... I had the amazing pleasure of meeting LJ and Fi in person and I was so charmed. Meet them online and get charmed yourself!

our.city.lights: She just has this rare taste in photography and a keen aesthetic eye. I crush her polaroids!

Wendy Brandes Jewelry: WendyB is not only lovely and hilarious, but one of the hardest working, multi-tasking New Yorkers I've ever met! She's got inimitable style!

Stay tuned this weekend for Twitter-views and the launch of a new series about shopping in New York (from your favorite New York based bloggers)!!!


Marie-Louise said...

you have good reason to fixate on tutu's!! they are delightful!

WendyB said...

Who can forget that tutu? Thanks for the award. Funny that you say multi-tasking when I was just thinking that I am utterly confused by all the things I should be doing RIGHT NOW.

Susan said...

gorgeous post, darling! :))
regarding "kreativ"- as far as I know, in Swedish for example, you write "kreativ"- it has probably been created and designed by a Swedish blogger :)
have a lovely day, xoxo

Denise @ Swelle said...

Ha, I'm such a silly! I wasn't aware of the blogger procedure for giving awards but I am now! Glad to see it passed on to such deserving lovelies.

Love the tulle! The pink tweed coat I've mentioned has a tulle snap-in skirt that creates volume and peeks out from underneath and I've never worn it with the coat. You have convinced me that this is a terrible waste of tulle and I can't wait to flounce around town in it this fall!

Elizabeth Marie said...

The opening scene was exactly what I thought of...when I was thinking about your tutu...when I was driving because I'm in looove with you!!! I actually thought-must.email.her.

THANK YOU...awwww I'm blushing. Blogging sucked before I met you! So did twitter hahaha!

I KNEW I would get you with the sequins on that Balmain! It was part of my master plan dude...I was like, she's going to hate me...ohhh no she's not there are SEQUINS! :)

K I'm rilly rilly happy it's Friday srsly. :)
Happy Weekend beautiful friend! XO

(puts crack pipe down and walks away)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Oh so sweet you did another "TUTU" post!!!
And who looks more stylish than Carrie in a tutu...

Congratulations on all your awards!!!

Have a beautiful day and a wonderful relaxing weekend!!!

Hanako66 said...

I may or may not have warn a tutu when I went to see the SATC movie in the theater as a tribute:)

I love tutus too...love what you found, etsy wednesday perhaps??!!

thank you so much for the award, you are so sweet and congratulations on all of your goodies, well deserved!

InnyVinny said...

That's hideous is my new favorite blog. Thank you.

Shopn'Chomp said...

Congrats on your awards! Yay to red bags and mochi...hee hee! :)

Damsels said...

ive always been crazy about that skirt

lisa said...

Great minds think alike about tutus! I've got a post scheduled for Monday I think you'll like. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Iva said...

wooohooo!! love tutus! have a great weekend!


Lovely tulle...I want to rush to a fabric store now!
Thank you so much for the Award darling...

BIG xo* & have a fabulous weekend!

The Anthology said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you, D! So exciting coming from someone as stylish and gorgeous and lovely as yourself.

I'll put on a little tutu and do a pirouette of joy.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Congrats on the awards. :) Truly well deserved. And thanks for the links for the skirts. I have been looking for one of those for AGES. Huge S&TC fan. :)

Leia said...

I love tulle as well! Have got a black tulle skirt (it came with a French Connection dress) but now am thinking I should wear it on its own...

Deka said...

thanks so much for including me! and i appreciate the list of other great blogs :)

nicola ticola ponders said...

Oh HOW RUDE of me not replying to your comment!! I randomnly just remembered...!! Camp America...so basically a load of us Brits went to America on slave labour wages to work at a summer camp, and it was the best. summer. ever. It wasn't too far from you actually, Connecticuit. And I got to go to NYC which was amaaaaazing. As you already know!
I ordered a load of the softest, loveliest, tulle fabric just last week, having that Carrie Bradshaw skirt in mind...but I just can't work out what to do with it...think I may just completely copy the Sex and The City tutu.

Brigadeiro said...

Ooh, thank you so much for the award! Congratulations on all your awards ;)

LOVE tulle skirts! Wish I could wear them more often...

Have a fab weekend!

Sher said...

I have never worn a tutu. I'm must be missing out in life ;)

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i love tutus!

Diana said...

Thank you!!!

I was waiting for blogger to stop acting up.
You are very sweet and I love love how you introduce new blogs!

Flora said...

Tulle! I love it worn underneath regular skirts, with just a little showing at the hem. Maybe for winter worn under a knee length coat to give it a little shape.

Belle said...

I loveee tutus!! If i could I would wear them every day. And ahhh ♥ carries outfit is so gorgeous!
Congratulations on the awards xxx

Annie Spandex said...

I'm liking what I see at Oumo!

misslikey said...

tutu is cool.i have pink and black and I wear them for ˝le special˝crazy occasions. I nominateed you in my last post for some questionnaire
xoxo my favorite newyork blogger

Lily said...

Mee too..I adore tulles, their so feminine and romantic..I had the most amazing one given to me when I was younger but sadly I threw it out a few years ago:(

janettaylor said...


Have a lovely weekend!

CC said...

Im not a big fan of the tutu but the Zacharydickorydock is so cute! The beige Ouma with the satin belt it pretty too.


la petite fashionista said...

i loved the last look you tried on with the tutu; so cute!! the scene with SJP rockin her tutu is so iconic!

sophie la-la-la x said...

i love tulle tutus, i really want one thats either pink or black and is somehow graceful but whenever I find one, I put it down because i can never find an ocassion to wear one ...
please visit my blog -

sophie x

39th and Broadway said...

That shot is so iconic, I just love it! Recently, while mentioning SATC on our site I heard from many readers who had never seen it, shocking to me and I was afraid I was dating my old self. So happy to see so many of you here with fond memories of miss Bradshaw!

Hope you are feeling better, dentistry is no fun.

yiqin; said...

One of my most fave scenes of SATC :D

Toni Tones said...

definitely gonna check those blogs out, thanks 4 sharing :) and i adore tutus

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Love tutus! If fact, I ordered one a couple of weeks ago..but it was less Carrie Bradshaw, more Stephen King Carrie! I've not given up hope of finding the perfect one though

Livie said...

Hi Gorgeous thanks for your lovely comments and award - I'm so flattered coming from you since your blog is pretty kick ass and so popular.

Your tutu post has really inspired me - I think I'm going to be on the look out for a vintage one or a ballerina one somewhere this fall. Beautiful!

Happy Weekend!

glitzy said...

Was at a wedding over the weekend and saw a mom and 2 little flower girls in tutu skirt! They looked fab in the skirts that I really wanted to get one for myself too! :)

Lily G. said...

Tutus are so feminine and cute.

PinkBow said...

great selection :) i love tutu's, i have a couple of tutu dresses

Marian said...

i loved SJP in that tutu! loved the ones you found, tulle is spo girly!
congrats on all the awards honey,much deserved

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

You always have such great post ideas! Love it.


p.s. I mentioned you on my blog :)

Little Rus said...

Congratulations on your awards! I've created the Stylish Blogger Award a while ago and am so glad to see how it travels all over the blogging world! x

Niki B. said...

yes! that skirt is amazing, i've always wanted one. loved that scene in the movie where she pulls it out of the closet! ps. saw a black tulle skirt at h&m, could work for work...

Wicked Halo said...

I love tutus, they're such fun :)

Denise @ Swelle said...

I'm a silly x 2! I didn't thank you for the Kreativ Blogger award! Thank you!! I'm going to pass it on, and I was wondering...now that I've started the Your Blog is a Treat award what's the unwritten blogger-award-giving protocol? Can I still give it out or is it a one-shot deal? Is it gone forever once it leaves the nest? (I didn't even kiss it goodbye.)

Thought I'd ask before messing it all up again! :)

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