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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I don't consider myself a "trendy" dresser. I like what I like and I wear what I wear... But it's always interesting to see what the glossies and blogs have to say about seasonal trends. For this week's Twitter-views, I decided to ask some of my fabulous, stylish Twitter friends the following question: "What top three trends will you be rocking this fall?" Some of the top choices included leather, black, 90s grunge, statement footwear (over the knee boots and ruffled shoes), hardware (studs, zippers, etc.) and sequins (my favorite!). Here's what they had to say...

@fastidiousbabe biker glam is definitely on my list

@Audrwey sequins, tight boots, leather! ;o)

@juicyincouture hmm that's a hard 1. A lot of the fall trends are remixed from spring 09 like those Harem pants. I'm going the classic route.

@jesspgh 1. PLAID (not tired of it). 2. 90s Grunge i.e. floral dresses and Docs (luv u Angela Chase). 3. And tights in all colors!

@ABeautifulLife 90's minimalism and global gypsy for fall 2009 for moi

@Misslizzymarie Over the knee boots, motorcycle jackets, and acid wash.

@gabbyshewrote I'll play! : one shoulder dresses, neon, and pink & red.

@Annabelle42 Simply: NEON.

@modediktat 1) fur vests + jackets 2) leather leggings/pants 3) BLACK

Rick Owens Fall 2009 via

@TheBeautyFile overtheknee suede boots, studded black leather booties, dark vampy makeup!

@joulesstar Leather, (of course!) sparkle and shine, maybe a few scattered studs.

@ashleeflanagan for fall- subtle sequins mixed with a lot of black and neutrals fall is going to be very minimal with statement accessories

@fairykikka my top 3 for F/W skirts & wedges, berry lips and gold accessories, hairbands & tons of black (as usual!!)

@DonStugots blue jeans and black button down shirt.

@BitsofBeauty Only 3? Ruffles on shoes (wearing them now), embellishments like exposed zippers, sequins, beading, and the like & lace

@BitsofBeauty Also, my trend picks this fall:

@queengilda sequins, leather, spikes, spandex and heels. that's gonna be my wardrobe.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 via

@alexandrakeller my trends to rock this fall: my Frye boots, tunics (from summer to fall) and my jewelry :D

@hanako66 leather, over the knee boots, coats with ruffle detail to girly up the first two!

@StyleTelevision I'm loving black and silver for fall. I'm sick of gold. Also lots of Russian-inspired outerwear.

@katandjules It's hot in AZ, so rocking the urban boho trend going from sandals to moto boots as appropriate! And flared denim. I ♥ it.

@BetseyJ Creepers. Cuffed Jeans with cute ankle socks that show.

@MidtownGirl grey suede OTK boots. denim leggings. statement jewelry. yay!

Chinese Laundry boots via Chinese Laundry website

@Fasshonaburu HARDWARE! I am obsessed with studs, zippers & chains, especially on shoes and purses!

@lovelydisco oversize everything, lots of black and skirts.

@craftyasparagus My fav. fall trends: Seattle 90s & (fake) leather...& high waist skirts (I KNOW they'll be back-maybe in leather?).

@craftyasparagus OH! And Docs! (I never stopped loving them.)

threeASFOUR Fall 2009 via

@aliciakan Pearls, bows and brooches.

@IdStyle leather details, borrowed menswear pieces and girlie add-ons like vintage inspired hats and pretty cocktail jewelry pieces.

@mizzjblog hm bf blazers, chunky gold jewellery and tights with heels

@shopcalico FALL! Leather biker gear, bandage everything, drapey layers - and I wld DIE to find a pr of reallyreally DESTROYED vtg jeans!

@fashionista0921 ruffles on shoes_ LOVE i have a great pari from madden girl

@declinedesigns I don't know what's trendy for fall, but I'll probs be wearing ankle boots and funky legwear (tights, thigh highs, etc.) a lot

Nicholas Kirkwood Fall 2009 via designer's website

What trends will YOU be rocking this fall?

If you are on Twitter, let's be friends! You should follow all these fabulous people, and you can follow me here.

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kirstyb said...

wow i love those shoes they are fab xoxoox

Nastasia de Valois-Berlioz said...

My three favourite fall trends are definitely one shoulder dress, grunge inspired accesory and 1940s inspired clothing.

Style Bird said...

I love this post and your outfit in the post below.

Kb said...

I'm gonna stick to grunge-lite, extreme layering, and cosy knits! I'm going to continue wearing my Docs and denim shirt until they fall apart.

InnyVinny said...

sequins and leather!

Dallas Shaw said...

some good trend forecasts here. do hope legewar sticks around as long as possible. Hope it becomes not a trend but a staple- just adore it


AsianCajuns said...

What a great idea and spot on ideas for the fall!

lisa said...

Your Twitter-views are always so fun! I hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

Pop Champagne said...

heh yeah knee high boots are definately the trend for fall! Heh I thnk that Shia is cute... But then I hear some of the stuff he says in interview and he's kinda... awkard? LOL i guess looks aren't everything after all!

Zarna said...

this fall im looking forward to defined shoulders and thigh hight boots!


SOS! said...

i'll wear everything! but if i had to pick 3 it would be biker leather, light sheer fabrics, and chunky shoes & accessories!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Fun fun fun! Thanks for including me again, I love your Twitterviews, you make twitter fun!

Emailing you right now! XO

WendyB said...

My top three trends are Francis clothing, WendyB jewelry and Francis clothing and WendyB jewelry worn together.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I too see a lot of 90s, leather, biker glam, sequins, and otk boots.

Dream Sequins said...

Thanks so much for your comments! Please keep them coming. I loved reading them all.

And now to respond to a few particularly feisty comments...

@Kb Thanks so much for your visit! I never should have chucked my Docs. I will have to buy myself a new pair soon...

@InnyVinny a woman after my own heart for sure. YES!!!

@SOS!: chunky shoes-- hell yeah :)

@WendyB: Name drop much? ;) Of course, they are the best names to drop!

@thefatandskinnyonfashion: Well I love it all!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Boots, boots, and more boots! :)

modediktat said...

Hey darling,
how was your weekend??
Yesterday I was working on my new posting and I was happy when I was able to finish it... Uhhhhh... Sometimes collages don't lift me up ;) That's such a great idea to post the Top Fall Trends from fellow Twitterer. I LOVE THAT!
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!!!
much love, sofie

Hanako66 said...

I love reading all of these...the twitter-views are always so much fun!

Carlotta said...

you know that I love so much yout twitter-views!!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Wow, that's a lot of twitter responses. Maybe I should get on that.

Now I can't wait to do mine!!

saralovesshoes said...

so many great ideas! what a fun post. i am loving patterned tights, booties, ruffles and studs.

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