Tutu Crazy

Thursday, August 13, 2009

As some of you know, I had a wisdom tooth pulled this week and the pain took me out of commission for most of Monday and Tuesday...

The only positive thing to come out of my dental woes?

This pale beige tutu skirt that I found near my dentist's office on the way home.
A cheap, no-name thrill.
Aryn K vest, tutu skirt and Emma Cook shoes @ Dream Sequins
above: Aryn K vest, tutu skirt and Emma Cook x Topshop shoes

The only problem with the skirt is that it's a wee bit on the short side...
So I thought about other styling options...

Tutu worn as poncho, Ann Demeulemeester skirt and Emma Cook shoes @ Dream Sequins
above: tutu worn as poncho, Ann Demeulemeester fishtail skirt and Emma Cook x Topshop shoes

Limi Feu tunic and Topshop wedges @ Dream Sequins
above: tutu skirt worn as petticoat under Limi Feu tunic with cutout shoulders and Topshop wedges

I'm thinking about using it next as a layering piece for some of my bold, patterned leggings.

Do you own a tutu? How do you rock it?

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Midtown Girl said...

The second option (petticoat ensemble) would be just perfect to wear during fashion week..which I assume fabulous you will be attending of course! ;-)


Iva said...

great shoes!!

thecreativemixx said...

I am lovin the tutu and the shoes???


modediktat said...

I'm delighted to read you're feeling better again. Wisdom tooth pulled, that's tough. Feel very hugged - you're a very brave girl (not kidding!)!
I love the first look and the last one especially. And the Topshop shoes are SO HUGE! 8-) <- telescope eyes!
No, I don't have a tutu skirt any more. I had a skirt once from a Belgian designer in a wonderful dove blue color. But, I've sold it.... :(
xoxo Sofie

Gisela said...

omg! genius! and I loove Limi Feu, she's so talented, like her dad ofcourse..I don't own a tutu but you're making me want to! My blogging partner Maury just bought an Oscar de La renta tutu,I can't wait to show her what you did with yours!

Elizabeth Marie said...


Just how I like em...bwahahahahha

1. Glad you're feeling better my love!
2. HOLY CRAP those shoes are HOT
3. I don't own a tutu, but I need one stat
4. I need legs like yours first

InnyVinny said...

I pull them down...but I like the ideas here. Maybe I can make it more of a ruff next time I give it a go.

Denise @ Swelle said...

I love the opportunistic shopping, turning a crappy time at the dentist into a great fashion find! I hope you're feeling better. At least your styling abilities haven't suffered!

(P.S. *whispering* I have an inferiority complex because my award to you wasn't mentioned with the others. I'm a fragile being.)

MizzJ said...

The poncho style is so innovative! I love it when bloggers wear items in unexpected ways. Feel better about your teeth!

nookie said...

I love all the 3 outfits but the the first is my fav.
I don't own a tutu, because I don't wear skirts that much and I think it wouldn't flatter me:)

Brigadeiro said...

LOVE it under your gorgeous Limi Feu dress, absolutely brilliant! I don't have a tutu per se, but have a silk tulle layered skirt which I wear as a skirt (obviously) usually with a tee (maybe a fitted blazer), or under a trenchcoat/dress, or under other dresses, so it peeks at the bottom... :)

janettaylor said...

Emma Cook shoes are gorge! :-) Whimsical and romantic...


thesydneygirl said...

oh my goodness me! i love tutus! if u c my ballet post you'll c my love for them haha

and you rock it very well. why haven't i bought one yet??? uve just inspired me to be on the search for a sexy 1.

also... sofie from modediktat told me how great your blog is. and she's right!!!!!

have a wonderful day xxx

FabBlab said...

The third is the best, I think :)
I like it.
I have a tutu! Never used it, though hehe
omg, Leighton Meester much?

dot said...

1st, sorry about your tooth but isn't that a great result: the tooth fairy led you to a great tutu!

I absolutely love all the looks, so creative. Both pair of Topshop shoes absolutely make the silhouette. Something's happened with me recently, I loved wearing flats but I really want either pair of those shoes. Using it as a cape is inspired!

Weird coincidence because I swear, yesterday I had gone to Target (I'm on holiday in the states) because I'm running thru swimsuits & wanted something cheap to ruin in the pool (couldn't find a thing). But I really was looking a long time at a pink girl's tutu.. as swimsuit. I knew my 7 1/2 year old niece would love the look, but my mother and husband wouldn't let me hear the end of it.

Sorry so long. Just so inspired! Hope you're feeling great now. jCx

LJ said...

I really like it worn as a shawl bolerso cape thingy... and those shoes, i've always loved.
xx-LJ from SOS!

konstantine said...

why, it's fantastic!

Maria Confer said...

Yikes, I had my wisdom teeth pulled years ago, but I can still remember the pain!!

Oh, I love how you styled this!! I think my fave is the petticoat look.

Hanako66 said...

omg, you look beyond amazing...I seriously love all 3, the 3rd being my fav! Those shoes are rediculous, I am obsessed! I have a tutu, but I never wear it...I've been telling my husband that he needs to at least photograph me in it!!!

glad you are feeling better!

daisychain said...

I LOVE the second look, phenomenal

Livie said...

Gorgeous tutu skirt - i really love your layering in the last shot.

Your shoes are insanely hot - love it.

I don't own a tutu skirt but I do have a betsey johnson tutu-style strapless dress that makes me feel like a punk princess. It's magenta pink with black lace overlayed on it and it puffs out with tulle underneath.

Style & Beyond said...

how are you doing D??
oooh love tutus hun!
and the cutout shirt - amazing -- one prob for me though: I HATE IRONING! LOL

PS: i've come to embrace wedges lately -- dunno what's going on -- i guess they're that comfy! lazy me LOL


Sher said...

Oh! Hope you're doing better. You look great in those photos!

Just love all the innovative ways you've styled that "skirt"!

Sheena said...

Glad that you feel better. That skirt is very cute and I love the styling options. Those Topshop shoes are beautiful, too!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hello to youuuhuuu ;)
Your sweet comment took me directly to your blog.

I looove the very first look!!!!

And to answer your question if I have a tutu:

No.. , but as a little girl I dreamed about these little ballett tutus ;)
Do you remember the "balloon skirts" back in the eighties?... MON DIEU ;))

Have a beautiful day!

I will add you directly to my blog roll this evening!!!

lisa said...

I love all the ways you found of styling this skirt!

drollgirl said...

ok FIRST off, it sucks about the tooth thing!!! i had all 4 impacted wisdom teef pulled years ago and IT WAS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!! bah. but i hope you are feeling better!!!

and you are gorgeous, and i love your style!!!

you rock the tutu like no other!!!

Nini's Style said...

wow, you're rocking your tutu.
Both of your shoes is dreamy :)

I like to wear my tutu underneath my skirts.
Love your blog.

PinkBow said...

FANTASTIC! i love the tutu & really love those emma cook shoes!

PinkBow said...

oh, hope you're feeling better after your wisdom tooth too xoxoxo

Savvy Gal said...

ouch! take care my dear!

Susan said...

tutus are gorgeous and I love them- but not on myself! :)
you look gorgeous, my dear! love your shoes.

indiana said...

Those shoes are magic! I love them! And the tutu is darling.

Flora said...

Those shoes work perfectly with the tutu - the ripples of fabric follow the skirt's shape, very clever styling.
I own a floor length tulle tutu, which is transparent at the top and gets darker as the folds of fabric gather at the bottom... I wear it over a black catsuit, with a cinch belt and fitted black dress shirt.

Chessa! said...

I am dying over those shoes..actually over all of these outfits. fabulousness. I can't believe you went shopping after you had your wisdom teeth pulled. I went totally under bc I am a big, fat baby and didn't want to be awake while they did it and I had to go home and go right to bed - hubs had to pick me up bc they won't let you leave without an escort. imagine...my dentist is on 57th Street in the same building as Prada...I barely even knew where I was!
you look amazing. love the tutu..I don't have one but I love them...I was a ballerina as a little girl and of course who doesn't love Carrie Bradshaw and her tutu??

Market Publique said...

fabulous! I love all the ways you were able to style it - and a tutu, none the less!

Niki B. said...

super creative, i love all those looks! and your topshop shoes are amazing.

Diana said...

i love it on you! i need some legs like yours to wear one, though!

Also, OMG your shoes!!

Shopn'Chomp said...

You are so creative! I would never think to wear it as a top. I love the last look the most. :)

Susan said...

hahaha- loved your story about anthony :))
thanks for sharing, xoxo

xtinagirl said...

HELLLOOOOOS! :) I'm gonna say I love it under the white top! It's subtle but you can still see the frills!

Hope your teeth/mouth feels better!!


Kat said...

Hello there! Your shoes are oohlala great! Love how you styled your outfits, too.

Tiffany said...

oh, not fun about the wisdom teeth but the tutu is great! I like it all three ways, I'd definitely wear it like you did on the last one as an layer underneath a dress or skirt.

The Anthology said...

Love all of it! There's no such thing as a too-short skirt. It's incredible. As are all of your shoes.

* Kelsey

vitaMinn style said...

WOW!! Sofie was spot on, you are one creative gal!! I enjoyed your blog and could spend hours here (and probably will this weekend =)

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. =) I just started out recently and I'm so overwhelmed with all the nice people I've come across with the past few weeks!

...And glad to meet other wives here who share the same shopping predicament! ;)

Nubiasnonsense said...

OMG your shoes = Nubias Love
I hope your feeling better doll xo
You look gorgeous

WendyB said...

Love it as a poncho!

Carlotta said...

your shoes are divine!! love the last tutu option :))

coco said...

I love all these looks, especially the second.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

honestly, i love both of these looks. i think the second look is genius, but both look great.

Kristin said...

I was just trying to figure out how to wear the one I saw at F21, but was going to wait until it was cooler to rock it with tights. Aren't you inventive. You look gorgeous and I love it as a petticoat! I hope you're feeling better. : )

lovecoutureluxe said...

OMG I love your style! Your shoes just killed me... I really need to start collecting Topshop shoes ;)) And speaking of which, I want a tulle skirt! Now I'm on the hunt for one, thanks to you! :P

Love to you,

nicola ticola ponders said...

Weird...your blog isn't on my list anymore...wondered why I hadn't seen this post! *shrugs*
anyway...THIS is what I wanna make with all my tulle! Love it!

nicola xx

Lynn said...

wow! i love the topshop shoes! its rare that i see ruffles on shoes and this one is done just right!

and the cut-out tunic! where did you get it? so sexy!

i wish you a great weekend!

btw, did you get my address for the postcard exchange? :)

Nastasia de Valois-Berlioz said...

The shoes! The skirt’s very nice.


Wrecked Stellar said...

Love how you styled everything! And love those Topshop shoes! Hope you are having a great weekend!

JHE'ANELL said...


Wendy said...

Cool variations (and I definitely agree about the shoes)!

Wicked Halo said...

how very imaginative, loved how you reinvented that skirt in such cool ways :)

Leia said...

I'm desperate for a tutu like that! I love all the ways which you wore it. For one that short, I would probably wear it as a petticoat. I also love those Emma Cook heels - but no idea how you manage to walk in them! :)

Holly Sanders said...

That was very creative to put it on top! I LOVE tutus! Maybe its just the ballerina in me! & Im SO scared to get my wisdom teeth pulled out bc I need surgery to get mine out! ahhh

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