Dreamy Places to Shop and Eat in NYC (Part 1)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


With Fashion Week a few short weeks away, I thought it might be helpful to share some tips from three of my favorite New York bloggers about their favorite places to shop and grab a bite to eat in the city.

This will be a continuing series on Dream Sequins... So I hope you enjoy! (BTW: the Mr. and I just spent the weekend at a hotel in the city, and enjoyed pool and vintage shopping time! We definitely made good use of some of these recommendations. Sometimes it's nice to be a tourist in your own town...)


Name: Wendy Brandes

Brief Description of Your Blog: My Wendy Brandes Jewelry blog
was started to promote my jewelry line, but I also write about fashion, medieval history, feminism, dogs and anything else that inspires or annoys me. You can also find me writing about the Francis clothing line here.

Favorite Neighborhood in NYC: I seriously can't pick one. There's something to love about every neighborhood.

Three Dreamy Places to Shop: Frock
for vintage, Prada for bags and shoes, Bergdorf Goodman for everything.

Three Dreamy Places to Eat: Emporio
(order the peach sangria), BondST (don't mix Champagne and sake), Novita


Name: Iyam

Brief Description of Your Blog: Just a simple reflection of my interest in fashion and expression of creativity but at the same time not being confined on that aspect, hence, the word beyond -- being in NY only makes things even better!!

Favorite Neighborhood in NYC: SoHo & West Village -- lovely places to shop. East Village -- thrift stores and independent fashion designers

Dreamy Places to Shop: Seven New York, Topshop, Opening Ceremony

Three Dreamy Places to Eat: Oh Taisho- Japanese Yakitori - St. Marks and 3rd Ave.; Mr. Tang - Chinatown - Mott & Bayard and Burger Joint - Le Parker Meridien


Name: Nadia from We Were Damsels

Brief Description of Your Blog: Me and my best friend contributor run a blog primarily based on our personal style and places we visit , random events in our lives and the daily indie song post.

Favorite Neighborhood in NYC: Hmmm this one is very tough . I have to go with the Lower East side . Any place from 2nd Ave to Delancey is where I usually hang out most nights.

Three Dreamy Places to Shop: DSW in Union Square has the greatest prices on really nice shoes or the Century 21 near Wall St has excellent designer shoes at bargain prices. I prefer to thrift in the Salvation Armies in Queens (Astoria and Woodside) because they are lesser known . Also Williamsburg is worth checking out . Very good vintage there (Buffalo Exchange, Angel Thrift, Beacon's closet)

Three Dreamy Places to Eat: Churrascaria Plataforma- very pricey but you will never regret going there , I think everyone should go there. It's the best thing ever. MAMOUN's in St. Marks - this place is a must, must, must! Best falafel in NY. I kid you not . I make all sorts of excuses to go there . I go at least once a week.

Special thanks to Wendy, Iyam and Nadia for their fabulous recommendations! More great shopping and food finds to come in future reports...


thesydneygirl said...

how fabulous! what
a great idea. if i'm
ever in NYC this will
help immensely! hope you
have a fantastic day! ♥

Jill Pilgrim said...

Awesome! I am very jealous!

Mads said...

Great post again! I wish I can go back to NY soon..


E said...

I've just recently discovered her blog! I'm so glad you profiled her so I can learn more about her! I love Frock, too!

konstantine said...

i've never been to new york, but oh, how i would love to... i think my friends and i are going to try to have a road trip there sometime next year.
i really like what you've done in this post, good thinking!
i recently had relatives visiting from england, and we showed them around town. it's really interesting, even though i've lived here all my life! i went places i've never been before!
being a tourist in your own town is one of the most fun things to do.

vitaMinn style said...

I will bookmark this now so I have an idea where to shop when I go visit NYC again! =)

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

loves it. going back to nyc on friday. can't wait.

Lily G. said...

What great tips on NYC!!

Livie said...

Very cool - what a great idea. I look forward to seeing the rest of this post.

maybe a good idea to replicate for other chic cities, too?

Midtown Girl said...

These are some of my fav places!

Some great bloggers on this post ;-)


Kristin said...

Wendy is constantly tempting me with that peach sangria!

Nastasia de Valois-Berlioz said...

now all I need is a fly ticket to NYC. But thanks for fab reccomendations anyway..

Belle said...

Love it!!
This was a wonderful insight.
Ahh I can't wait for the day I can finally parade around New York. I think I was born for it haha
have a lovely evening xxx

Flora said...

I can't wait to try out a few of these when I get to New York! This was a great idea for an interview!

Susan said...

oh I wish I could be there!
I left an award for you on my blog, darling!
have a lovely week, xoxo

Elizabeth Marie said...

OMG OMG OMG this is incredible. I think I stopped breathing...I want to be there SO BAD.

flights on virgin are 199 rt. CONSIDERING IT!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

we do live in the best city ever, don't we? i did this awhile back...picked my top fave places to eat and shop.

Shopn'Chomp said...

*takes notes* Thank you!

captivate me. said...

what a fabulous post idea--I wish I could sit front row at ANY of these...amazing!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Very cool you made this segment. Im sure this will help people out that come for fashion week. They all gave great suggestions

Style & Beyond said...

hey love!! thanks for the post!! been away last weekend so didn't get to check -- this is absolutely awesome!! everybody loves NY!!! yaayyy!!


Pierrot le Fou said...

I'm hoping to go to New York in the next year, do you think it's a city that you can visit alone?

Hanako66 said...

I can't wait until I get to come for a visit and try these places out!!

Tiffany said...

fantastic! am bookmarking this for our next trip to NYC!

PinkBow said...

oh how i wished i lived in nyc!!!

lisa said...

What a great new series. I can't wait to see upcoming installments and what other bloggers will recommend. :-)

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