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Friday, July 24, 2009

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Last week, we hosted a giveaway from Mademoiselle Style, the new personal style consultation service from the inimitable Mademoiselle Robot. And... after Mademoiselle sorted through your lovely entries, we have a winner!

of a girl and her blog!!!!!
You are the recipient of a Style Booster service from Mademoiselle Style.

Here are a few words from Mademoiselle explaining her choice:

carly said "hey. i wasn't going to enter this because i thought what could be helped. but then i got to thinking when i went out yesterday. i look frumpy? not so much i look frumpy but i feel it. i think i need some help in feeling the fashion. and getting my style a little bit of a revival. i'm ready to take on the world. i just need that little umph that is missing."

My reason for picking her, is that out of all the ladies who commented, she is the one who could benefit the most from the
Style Booster.

The Style Booster is a very light consultation, that focuses on inspiration and injecting a little bit more "oomph" through new ideas. It is not a full on consultation like the others, and as such, it doesn't offer the same depth of help.

Here are the consultations I would recommend for some of the others (and I am more than happy to do them all online at a reduced price especially for the lovely ladies who commented here!)

For Brunch at Saks, I would recommend the "wardrobe detox".
In her comment she says "I finally graduated college after a few setbacks, but unfortunately my style has yet to "graduate" into the real world." She is genuinely interested in Fashion, so I am sure she already knows where to shop etc. She has just had a change of life, so what she really needs is to dive deep into her wardrobe and get rid of the vestiges of her past life to "start fresh". Build new bases if you will.

For Lori Smith, I would recommend the "wardrobe basics"
In her comment she says "Dressing up is fine, as I've found a handful of great dresses and tops which work well, but as soon as I dress more casually I end up back with my old frumpy stuff and the glamour vanishes!" Sometimes, a few good basics are enough to take from frumpy to sexpot, especially if you have problems with your more "casual" outfits.

For Ashe Mischief, I would recommend a "full style consultation"
In her comment she says "Within the last year, I've graduated, got my first professional job (slightly outside my field), and gained quite a bit of weight. As a result, I'm feeling very disconnected with myself" I know Ashe a little bit from chatting online, and I know she has the most wonderful personality, which is why the "full style consultation" would be perfect, because it would really teach her how to let that personality shine through her clothes in any situation. Ashe also says she knows her style, so it would be a good time to put this to the test!

For tor (fabfrocks), I would recommend the "Vintage Introduction".
In her comment, she says "i'm getting so bored of the highstreet and would love some tips from the queen of vintage on what kind of vintage styles will suit my shape!" All Tor needs is a little bit of guidance to buy Vintage, and that's exactly what the Vintage Introduction does!

For DCMetroreader I would recommend the "full style consultation"
In her comment she says "My style is definately blah. I could use some serious help!" I think you could really benefit from a long session to discuss you current style and the improvements we can make to it.

For Sheena I would recommend the "Credit Crunch Consultation"
In her comment she says "I'd love how to find ways to maximize the wardrobe that I currently have and only seasonally add a few pieces here or there. I'm trying to save money, so my budget is pretty tight, so I'd love to work with someone to help me find what works best for me and my body type." The Credit Crunch Consultation is like a Full Style Consultation, but on a budget. We will work on building a core wardrobe for you on a budget we agree on, but generally under £75 / $100.

For Andrea and Angel I would recommend the "wardrobe detox"
Andrea says "I would love to learn how to make new outfits from what I already have!".
And Angel says "i have a varied wardrobe and would love to learn how to mix and match it to create different looks." The best way to do this is to go shopping in your wardrobe! Once we clear it out, and find new ways of wearing what you already own, it will transform your style.

For SHIRK MAGAZINE I would recommend the "Full Style Consultation"
She says "i want a fresh start in ... everything. even my personal style!" Nothing like a Full Style Consultation to get your Style a clean slate! We will work to make your clothes fit your brand new life!

For wheretheprettythingsare I recommend the "New Mum Consultation"
" I'm thinking about a big career change (yes that's what happens sometime when you turn 30), had a baby about 8 months ago. Those tiny t-shirts don't work so well for me now and on top of that I'm back to being flat-chested." As a maman myself, I have been through the same, and I created the New Mum Consultation especially to make new mothers feel great about their new shape by adopting a brand new style. I read your site, and I am French too, so we could even have the consultation in French!

For BetseyJ I recommend the "Vintage Introduction"
She says "I used to be the fashion queen in my family and friends, and now I feel so boring." Betsey has lost a lot of weight, and she feels "boring" as she complains about losing her "spunk". I think there is nothing better than a gorgeous vintage frock to boost your confidence and give you the extra sass you need to feel yourself again!

For Aspiring Couture I really recommend the "lunch time consultation"
She says "I really have a limited amount of time to actually do anything for myself anymore and I am only 21!" The way you help everyone is amazing, and I think the best way for you to keep on top of your style is to try the Lunch Time Consultation. we would have a few email exchanges and a short chat on the phone, and then I go shopping for you online and send you links to the items that would be good for you. You can decide to buy or not! I created this consultation with people like you in mind!

Finally, for Amber I would recommend the "full style consultation"
She says "new career, newly single, new life = a need for new style!" To find your new style, nothing better than a long talk about what YOU want and who YOU are! You need a day where it is all about YOU.

So for all of you ladies who are on this list, here is what I offer - 50% off the consultation I recommended for you (and you can book when you like) + one month FREE membership to the STYLE HOTLINE which includes one Style Booster and 4 "Mega Fashion Crisis" calls."

Thanks to everyone who entered and shared their very personal stories with us. Intrigued about Mademoiselle's services? Check out Mademoiselle Style to learn more...


Kristin said...

Congrats to the lucky lady. I am so in need of a "wardrobe detox." What a perfect way to put it.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Congrats and how cool that she specified what would work for everyone else!! That is so awesome!

Diana said...

i need to save my pennies for this since i didn't win! congrats to the winner!

janettaylor said...

Congrats to the winner!


[LA] said...


Your blog is fantastic!

dapper kid said...

Congratulations to Carly :) And wow, how lovely to have made all those recommendations too. Hope you're having a beautiful day!

captivate me. said...

how very cool! Congrats to the lucky winner. WHat a fabulous giveaway :-)

AsianCajuns said...

What a cool give-away! I must've been stuck under a rock last week and missed it!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

The Socialite said...

congrats to the winner! Great recommendations. ;)

carly said...

i cannot believe it won.
thank you so much!
i'm totally excited for this!
it's going to be AWESOME!

Chessa! said...

fabulous suggestions and congrats to the winners....lucky birds! happy weekend!!

Sheena said...

Congrats to Carly! That is an awesome prize! And thank you to Mademoiselle for her suggestion as well! :)

AsianCajuns said...

Awesome contest. Congrats to Carly!

HoneyBunny said...

Congrats to the winner:))
This was such a lovely giveaway:)

Hanako66 said...

this is so cool....I'd love to hear a follow up with any/all of these ladies!!!

Jade said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I love reading them all and appreciate you all taking the time to read through my blog.
I've added your link to my blogroll :)

Aspiring Couture said...

what a great post!!!

i love the recommendations for others than just the winner! You are spot on with what I need- and I am sure others feel the same way!


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