Copenhagen Fashion Week Preview Part I: bARBARA i gONGINI and Moonspoon Saloon

Thursday, July 30, 2009

With Copenhagen Fashion Week taking place next week, I thought I would use a few posts to review some innovative Danish labels. First up: bARBARA i gONGINI and Moonspoon Saloon. While they cater to different sensibilities: one dark gothic and another rainbow bright, they do have this in common: both labels are shunning the traditional runway this season, with bARBARA i gONGINI presenting a virtual runway show and Moonspoon Saloon debuting its work on film.


Designer Barbara Gongini, a graduate of Danmark Designskole, uses monochromatic colors, draped jersey and pleated tulle to create strong new textures and silhouettes in her collections. I love the voluminous, unexpected halo effect of tulle used throughout her Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. Despite the ghostly pallor of the models, her design details have a warm touch of humor and I've fallen hard for her accessories. A select range of her more affordable designs can be found at Pixie Market.

bARBARA i gONGINI Autumn/Winter 09 @ Dream Sequins

bARBARA i gONGINI Autumn/Winter 09 @ Dream Sequins

bARBARA i gONGINI Autumn/Winter 09 @ Dream Sequins

bARBARA i gONGINI Autumn/Winter 09 @ Dream Sequins

Moonspoon Saloon

Moonspoon Saloon is a new discovery for me. Now approaching their third collection, the Copenhagen-based fashion meets art collective includes key members, designer Sara Sachs (a Central Saint Martins grad), painter Tal R and photographer Noam Griegst. The key concept behind Moonspoon Saloon's fashion collections is that only 99 pieces of 99 styles will be released; once the limited editions have run for the label, the "project" will be considered finished. Their Autumn/Winter 2009 collection was a clash of eclectic colors, knits and furs, some of which was less than successful and others simply breathtaking. All of it unique and limited edition, of course. Select pieces from their first collection are currently available at Seven New York.

Moonspoon Saloon Autumn/Winter 09 @ Dream Sequins

Moonspoon Saloon Autumn/Winter 09 @ Dream Sequins

Moonspoon Saloon Autumn/Winter 09 @ Dream Sequins

Moonspoon Saloon Autumn/Winter 09 @ Dream Sequins

all images courtesy of the Copenhagen Fashion Week website

For more information about bARBARA i gONGINI, check out her website here
. And to learn more about Moonspoon Saloon, click here. Copenhagen Fashion Week officially kicks off on August 5th.

I'll be eagerly anticipating the spring collections of these labels. What do you think of their work?


janettaylor said...

I love them...


Diana said...

not ready to wear obvs, but i love them. this is what runway is about! if i wanted to see ready to wear, give me the streets of new york!

Lily G. said...

Those necklaces are awesome!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Happy sunny thursday!
What a funny hairdo of model #2 ;)))

The Haute-Shopper said...

Great feature! I've always loved Danish fashion - even their high-street selection is more innovative than what I've seen in other countries and Copenhagen is probably one of my favorite cities.

Love the tulle halo effect as well and the chunky knits of Moonspoon Saloon are terrific. I think if I ever wanted to wear these though, I'd have to adapt them slightly or else I'd be getting way too much attention ;-)

Nastasia de Valois-Berlioz said...

I liked bARBARA i gONGINI more. Not that wearable but an inspiration will be taken definitely. The dress on the second picture are my personal favourite.

Hanako66 said...

very beautiful....I love looking at them, it is very whimsical

Nicci said...

Wow, so great.loving monspoon saloon x

CAMILLE said...

wow thats some amazing work the tulle pieces..its like art!

jennine said...

barbara i gongini is amazing.. i'm so in love with the tule.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love the Gongini pieces - all of that tulle!!!

umama said...

woww... maybe too much?

PinkBow said...

i adore the layers & volume of the top collection

Wicked Halo said...

Love Barbara's tule clouds, not something to wear to work of course but still completely fab and dreamy :)

SOS! said...

the tulle...the knits....the plisse.........AAAAAH too good
xx-LJ from SOS!

Maide said...

These outfits are realy cool :-)

Your blog is great also !!!

Greetings from germany

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