Wishlist Wednesday: Volume

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Since last week's outfit post was about the bodycon silhouette,
I thought I would explore a familiar shape in my wardrobe: volume.

I own far too many babydoll/empire-waist and tunic sack dresses than should be the case for a non-pregnant lady. It's just such a comfortable thing to wear all year round, even if the Mr. thinks it's a matronly look on me.

Right now, I'm loving baggy trousers cuffed just above the ankles (to show off the shoes, bien sur) and the men's shirt (not shown in this post)...

Here are a few pictures of some borrowed pieces. I'm especially in love with the Wood Wood pants below: they are fitted at the natural waist and fall flatteringly around the body.

How do you wear volume?

Minimarket Fall 2009 red dress @ Dream Sequins

Minimarket Fall 2009 red empire dress @ Dream Sequins
above: A/W 09 Minimarket dress,
no-brand black criss-cross pumps and Miu Miu booties

Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2009 pants and Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Winter 2008 platforms @ Dream Sequins

Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2009 pants and Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Winter 2008 platforms @ Dream Sequins
above: A/W 09 Wood Wood pants, F21 camisole,
A/W 08 Nicholas Kirkwood platforms

Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2009 plaid dress @ Dream Sequins

Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2009 plaid dress @ Dream Sequins
above: A/W 09 Wood Wood dress,
wedges purchased in Amsterdam years ago


Chessa! said...

I usually do volume with pants and not too much with dresses...it just doesn't look quite right on me even though I adore them on everyone else.

Carlotta said...

I wear volume in dresses or skirt, but never on top. I love the nd outfit so chic!!

♥Jozee said...

Cuteee! I am so glad you've started posting outfit photos :D

A little Princess said...

Ooh yes! These are awesome outfits. I love big volume xoxo

boubou said...

Love the pants girl :) !

Freya said...

Those pants are fabulous. I'm not sure I would trust my already inflated hips in them hehe, but they look divine on you.

The Haute-Shopper said...

I wear volume either only from the waist down (and never higher) with dresses or skirts. I don't mind volume in tops either, but it has to be loose all over. I like the empire line, but not on myself.. it really doesn't suit me. I love all your looks by the way.. the 2nd one is my favorite!

Dream Sequins said...

Thanks for your lovely comments.

Chessa: I hadn't done the voluminous pants before-- so I'm looking forward to incorporating more of this in my wardrobe!

Carlotta: I love full skirts. I just got myself a petticoat, too!

Jozee: Aw thanks. ;D

A little Princess: I'm about to get MORE volume. With my petticoats!

boubou: Thanks!

Freya: I gots curves and not afraid to wield them in pants! I was afraid of wearing the fuller pant, but it's kind of fun working it!

Haute-Shopper: I kept getting comments about when my baby was due when wearing empire waisted things (I'm not preggers) :D

Diana said...

ha, i already have enough natural volume on my body so i don't need anymore but i love the bubble skirts! if i could wear them, i would!

AsianCajuns said...

Oh I love the volume on you! You look like an Urban Outfitters model in these pics! I would love to wear more volume, but if I do, I have to keep the hem short or I look about two feet tall.

p.s. I loved "Virgin Suicides" too! "Middlesex" has a very different feel to it- still a coming-of-age story, but it's more casual and inviting. That said, for some reason I'm not enjoying it quite as much, but the point of view is intriguing.

fashion herald said...

Well, you know I'm loving volume these days:) But we've got to have these pieces in our wardrobes, they're so versatile and easy but still look so good! You in the babydoll dress and trousers is a perfect example.

Mo said...

the first two are amazing! those pants, i want badly!
i've given you an awrd on my blog :)


you gots the volume!
and i'd do bad things for those kirkwoods... just sayin.


Kristin said...

I love volume in skirts with a fitted top! Those pants are bad arse.

Shrimpton Couture said...

you look awesome - I love the pants

drollgirl said...

you wear volume well!!!

i like volume to hide the less PLEASING parts of me. and there are many! so it is all about disguising the bad and flattering the good. ;)

Hanako66 said...

holy moly, i love that aw minimarket dress!

Eyeliah SS said...

Great outfits! I don't really have the shape to wear much volume, other than a line skirts or flowy babydoll or empire dresses. Would love to wear some trousers like yours if I could. :-)

Denise@Swelle said...

Now, the idea of baggy pants cuffed above the ankle scares the heck out of me but you pull it off! I bow to you.

Love the dress as well, and although I love the look of an emphasised waist I tend to gravitate toward the adorable and comfy babydoll/empire waist dress myself, or anything that I can move in and eat in without worrying I'm going to pop my belt!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I can't pick. I love all three :)
as for shoes, me too, a total sucker for wedges (and) anything with a platform ;)

x, thanks!!

Deka said...

love the wood wood dress!
i enjoy volume dresses also, hides my belly

nookie said...

I where volume in dresses,meaning baby doll & empire dresses.
Love your outfits

LJ said...

I have the same Kirkwood's in purple!!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Dream Sequins said...

Diana: Awww. I love bubble skirts too. They're adorable!

AsianCajuns: LOL. An Urban Outfitters model? I'll take that as a compliment. hee

fashion herald: Agreed. It's definitely a staple of one's wardrobe. Not to mention easy for ample eating opportunities :D

Mo: Thanks hon!

TEXTSTYLES: You've got great taste then ;)

Kristin: It's not a bad thing to do full over full-- but since I'm so short, I have to rock something with a fitted top, I think.

Shrimpton Couture: Thanks darling!

drollgirl: I'm learning to embrace my curves! LOL.

Hanako66: It's so comfy, too!

Eyeliah: I think you would look amazing in a full pant!

Denise: I think you could pull off the full pant, too! Believe me; I've got some booty, and it's actually a good disguise for my lumpy bits :D

fashion chalet: Thanks hon :D

Deka: I know about the belly. LOL. I love to eat so I think these dresses are cozy.

nookie: Thanks hon. I really enjoy the volume in these. They're not the typical empire waisted number.

LJ: *fist bump* shoe twins!

stylewithbenefits said...

D, you look fab in these pics, and I also love the Wood Wood pants. Like the color and they look super comfy. You should def. do more outfit posts. :)

xo, Becs

Rosie Unknown said...

I love volume, but mine is usually a flowing/oversized dress/shirt, belted at the waist so that is creates and hourglass figure, without the sweaty-ness of form hugging clothing.

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