Wishlist Wednesday: All That Glitters

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This week's Wishlist Wednesday is all about glitter, baby!
I'm in the mood for it because my girls and I are heading off to Las Vegas on Friday for a weekend of mischief!

I still haven't made up my mind about what to pack...
but I'm definitely leaning towards something wackier than I would normally wear for a night out in New York...

How do you wear glitter?

Black sequin tunic dress from Ashish for Topshop and satin and lizard Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Winter 2008 platforms @ Dream Sequins
Tunic: Ashish for Topshop; my soulmate shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood

Blue sequin and black silk shirt from Falls, black Topshop harem pants and satin and lizard Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Winter 2008 platforms @ Dream Sequins
Blouse: The Falls; harem pants: Topshop; shoes: Kirkwood

Matte dark silver dress from Hong Kong market and beige and gold Emma Cook for Topshop platform shoes @ Dream Sequins
Tunic as dress: no name from Hong Kong market; new soulmate shoes: Emma Cook for Topshop

Blue ruffled romper from MINT by Jodi Arnold and beige and gold Emma Cook for Topshop platform shoes @ Dream Sequins
Playsuit: Mint by Jodi Arnold; shoes: Emma Cook for Topshop

Skeletal print zippered Topshop tunic and silver Diesel shoes
Tunic: Topshop; shoes: Diesel from years ago

I try to do a girls' weekend every year. Two years ago, it was Paris, and just last year, it was Las Vegas. This year, due to ease of travel (there are friends coming out from the West Coast) and budget constraints (we got a great rate at our luxe hotels), we decided to return to the scene of last year's crimes (shhh don't tell the husbands and boyfriends).

Any recommendations for eight rambunctious ladies in Vegas? The spa is booked. We're looking into restaurants, shopping and dancing spots.


Carlotta said...

baby you look gorgeous!!!wow the emma cook shoes are s sexy ;)
I love glitter and sparkle on summer nights are my uniform!

Savvy Mode SG said...

you look fab. i love your ruffle shoes.

Annie said...

That metallic dress/tunic is really awesome!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

whoa, you've got a formidable wardrobe !! both shoes rock with all that sparkle stuff :)

and thanks for the well wishing, i'm beginning to feel much better :)

Roarclothing said...

that first outfit is so amazing! xxx

Slices of Beauty... said...

One of few who look fab in harem pants, loving the kirkwood shoes!

nookie said...

you are killing me with those shoes!!!!
i have a lot of glitter accessories

modediktat said...

Hey sweetheart!!
Very captivating! BADABOOOOOM!

Glitter is very coooool - I wear it almost everytime to blue skinny jeans and high heels...

Thank you for asking: Birthday was fine, but with some very sad moments.

Wishing you a wonderful day, my dear!
xoxo, s.

Song of Style said...

dude, u have the best taste in dresses................ omg..

Shrimpton Couture said...

love the first two outfits and those emma cook shoes are crazy cool!

AsianCajuns said...

I love your sequins, but what's making me drool are you shoes! Every single pair is gorgeous!
Hope you and your ladies have a blast!

Dream Sequins said...

Carlotta: Thanks! Glitter and sparkle on summer nights... that sounds nice :)

Savvy Mode: Thanks. The ruffles are a bit overwhelming, but I'm working with them.

Annie: One of those anonymous finds in a HK market. Pretty cool.

pigtails: Thanks ladies! Love my shoes, too.

Roarclothing: I haven't had an occasion to wear it out yet. Maybe Vegas? :D

Slices: Admittedly, those harem pants are less extreme than others I've seen. Thank you :D

nookie: Ooh glitter accessories. That's taking it to the next level!

modediktat: Aw. I'm sorry to hear about the sad moments... Those things happen. Glitter and blue skinnies. I might have to work that!

Song of Style: Thanks for your comment.

Shrimpton: I know. I just got the shoes recently and I know I've got to wear them somewhere!

AsianCajuns: Thanks hon :) I will!

WendyB said...

Amazing outfits! The ruffle shoes are hot.

Karen said...

girl you can rock anything you look awsome!!

i really love the third and second outfit

Chessa! said...

gorgeous! I love all these looks on you. You look amazing. as for Vegas...I was there the last time 5 years ago so I'm afraid I'm no help...have so much fun!!!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Love all these outfits! But dare I say the first is probably my least favorite? I love the sequins, but I'm not a fan of long-sleeves on a short dress. I really like the harem look (#2) and the last one. Oh, and fab shoes of course! How can I not like an outfit that includes Kirkwood!

Btw, I never did see that Vicky Christina Barcelona movie. Is it good? I think the combo of Scarlett and Woody deterred me, though I adore Penelope.

Couture Carrie said...

Love alllll these fabulous looks ~ hope they're all going in the suitcase for the Vegas trip!!


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Have fun in Las Vegas. My sorority sisters and I going on a trip this weekend too. We are going to Atlanta. Be safe and don't let your man see those sexy Vegas outfits.

Tiffany said...

wow! all your outfits are gorgeous and perfect for Vegas. Love the ruffle-y shoes!

I just came back and highly recommend going to The Bank at the Bellagio, we had a great time! We also went to Lavo which was fun. Restaurant wise we went to Boa Steakhouse which was fantastic.

Shopping if fabulous right now as all the designers are having great sales! Have fun!

The Socialite said...

sparkle & shine - nothing is funner than a shiny dress!

Pop Champagne said...

oooh hot outfits!! Mmm I went to Tao a while ago when I was in Vegas, it was pretty good. I hear theres frequent celebrity sitings there too if you're into that ;)

And if it's for 8 ladies... go see thunder from down under. it's awesome!

Kristin said...

That blue sequin blouse is incredible. Such great looks!!

InnyVinny said...

Olympic Gardens...but only if you guys are brave. LOL

And you look stunning in all of these. Love the sequins. Very Vegas-ready.

InnyVinny said...

Oh, and co-sign on The Bank at the Bellagio. Very nice club.

MollyCake said...

damn girl, don't hurt em.

spearmint rhino. yeah, it's a strip club but damn if they don't have great cocktails and plenty of dudes to buy them for you.

Highdee said...

Aww have fun in vegas!
You'll def be showstopper in those outfits. Love the sequinss.

Hanako66 said...

I am seriously DYING over those Emma Cook for Topshop heels...like dying!!! ahhhhh, tooo fabulous!

I expect you to document your trip young lady!

Eyeliah SS said...

Hells yeah rockin the sequins! Love that last look too!!

Jenny said...

Oooff, love love loveee that first look!

Alice said...

oh true, the bomb prints would be AMAZING on tshirts.

and i could spot those nicholas kirkwoods from a mile away! and the ruffles on the emma cook x topshop heels are AMAZING!

clandestinechic said...

Love the glitter look and it's perfect for Vegas! Love those Emma Cook and Kirkwood shoes, too! Have fun in Vegas and I hope you will post some pictures! :)

janettaylor said...

U look so unique. I adore Ur shoes!

I added to my bloglist! ;)
Exchange link?


deka said...

you're bolder than me
i reserve glitter for accessories

Claire said...

Amazing blue sequinned blouse, so pretty. And the Emma Cook shoes look even better on foot than in store!!!

Dream Sequins said...

Thanks again for your wonderful comments, all!

WendyB: Aw thanks! I'm obsessed with ruffled shoes right now!

Karen: You're very kind. Thanks for your visit.

Chessa: Vegas seems to change rather quickly every year. I'll have to report back on my finds!

Haute-Shopper: You cannot NOT watch the Woody Allen. I know those stars are a bit hyped out, but I really enjoyed it! It's a fun summerish romp.

Couture Carrie: xx!!!

thefatandskinnyonfashion: Wow. Enjoy YOUR weekend trip, my dear!

Tiffany: Thanks so much for your recommendations! I will have to check out The Bank since everyone seems to enjoy it so much!

The Socialite: Indeed.

Pop Champagne: Thunder from down under. LOL!!!

Kristin: Thank you! It's from a new label; I adore it.

InnyVinny: Whoa. What is Olympic Gardens? I'm googling that right now. BTW thanks for your suggestions!

MollyCake: I'm surprised that boys would buy girls drinks at a strip club; especially if they already have their eye candy. LOL

Highdee: I guess you can't disappoint with a name like Dream Sequins!

Hanako66: Oh yes. I may be documenting most of my trip. Most. What happens in Vegas, LOL

Eyeliah SS: Thanks! My husband thinks sequins are a bit too much to wear, even in NY, but I'm rocking them out. I don't care!

Jenny: Thanks honey! And thanks for your visit!

deka: Yeah it's pretty much for the Vegas trip ;)

Alice: Thanks for your visit! Yea I'm obsessing over my next pair of Kirkwoods. And I love the ruffles on these shoes. A bit hard to walk in but you gotta suffer for fashion ;)

clandestinechic: I'll be sure to post photos! I'm so excited!

janettaylor: Added you to my links list!

Claire: A selfish part of me purchased them because I believed Emma Cook was going out of business, which was a RUMOR!

Mads said...

aaaahhhhha the 1st 2 dresses are amazing!! i super love anything with sequins!!=) thanks for your comment BTW=)

Mads said...

Oh BTW I added you on my blogroll and I'm following you! can't get enough of your sequins..=P Hope you'll visait my blog again soon..


May Kasahara said...

loving all of this.
hope your GFWeekend is sickkk * *

♥Jozee said...

Brilliant shoe collection! :D
love everything.

La Chauve-Souris said...

those Kirkwood shoes are inanly sickkkkk love those outfitt

Maria said...

The sequin tunic is gorgeous. *

glitzy said...

OMG! you have the most awesome shoes!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I'm so nuts for that sparkly Topshop tunic. Fabulous.

I've never been to Vegas, so no recommendations (except to check out the male company!)

Sarah said...

if you're going to vegas you MUST have glitter lol

Lani said...

your wardrobe is amazing! i think i would die if i saw your closet. love your style. :)

{tig} said...

Definitely into glitter. Hope your weekend away was fun :)

stylewithbenefits said...

D, you look fierce in these pics!! Keep the outfit posts coming! :)

xo, Becs

Barnard said...

Lovely interview! And that last dress...be still my heart.

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