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Friday, June 12, 2009

Black Zero Maria Cornejo Pre-Fall 2009 dress @ Dream Sequins
above: Zero Maria Cornejo dress
courtesy of Zero Maria Cornejo

Rejoice! Friday is here! I never thought we would get here! TGIF, indeed. It was a long hard week at work, and I was juggling a few projects, wearing a few hats, but now I'm ready for the weekend to begin. What are your plans for the weekend?

On Saturday, the Mr. and I will be heading to his hometown in the Boston area for what he calls an "unofficial" high school reunion of sorts. "Unofficial" because it will just be a bunch of old friends hanging out in a Boston pub reminiscing and meeting each other's significant others. Now, as you may know, I'm an LA girl and have adopted New York as my home for the past 10+ years. Over the nearly five years we have been married, I have gotten to know Boston a little better, and the charms of Beantown have been growing on me. Any native Bostonians want to share a shopping or food suggestion? I probably won't have too much time, but love having an idea on hand in case I have an hour to spare.

Hope you enjoy this Father's Day weekend, friends... and check out these weekend links if you have a spare moment!


La Petite Blog
is giving away hot-mazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

Constant Craving is giving away a beautiful photography by Jena Ardell...

SOS! Save Our Shoes covers Graduate Fashion Week in London and has the paparazzi photos with celebs to prove it!

Clutch22 rocks these new embellished Norwegian Wood leggings that I've been eyeing!

Gnarlitude goes ga-ga for Christopher Kane resort.

If you are just catching up on Dream Sequins, be sure to read
this wonderful Behind the Blog interview with garment industry insider blog 39th and Broadway; this Shoptalk interview with Magda of the LES-based haven for hot and affordable emerging design, Pixie Market and coverage of some Parsons graduate collections!


New Yorkers Save the Date: The Parsons graduate collections will be available for one week at Debut starting next Tuesday June 16th!

Parisians Save the Date: A three week exhibition and pop-up shop for Zero Maria Cornejo will open June 20th at brachfeld gallery in the Marais district of Paris. As part of the exhibit, a capsule collection of archive styles and a selection of pieces from the Pre-Fall 2009 Collection will be available for purchase. For more information
check the WWD article here.

The LA-based Cheap Monday concept store, Choose Chinatown, sent out an email announcing that their online store is now open. Check out goods like this lace-print skirt (below) and the famous Cheap Monday jeans
online here.

WKND by Cheap Monday lace print skirt from Choose Chinatown @ Dream Sequins

above: WKND by Cheap Monday lace skirt
image courtesy of Choose Chinatown


Brigadeiro said...

That Zero by Maria Cornejo dress is GORGEOUS!!! Am in love! :)

No plans for the weekend...after our beautiful weekend away last week, it's back to grey & cold dreary weather. Hope you have a good one ;)

The Haute-Shopper said...

Ooh, thanks for the pop-up store reminder. I'll definitely check it out. By the way, the WWD link you posted doesn't work?

Have a fab weekend! Never been to Boston but I've always wanted to visit. My weekend plans involve traveling as well ;-)

Margot said...

Have a great weekend! Your plans sound great.
I will be packing, because I'm moving away in a couple of weeks and need to get started filling boxes etc...not fun, but at least I'll listen to music.

Thanks for passing by.

LJ said...

hehe thanks for the pimping. My plans.. going to the tate modern museum for modern art tonight, perhaps do some shopping (i have items on reserve there..tut tut). Brunch with my friend tomorrow..and who knows what else will crop up!

xx-LJ from SOS!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

whoa that skirt is epic!!!!!
passed you an award :)

stylewithbenefits said...

Thanks for sharing these! Great stuff! Have fun in Boston!

xo, Becs

Adela said...

love the dress!


Couture Carrie said...

Fab link list, darling! The SOS post is definitely worth seeing, and I will have to check out the others you've listed as well!

TGIF for sure ~ have a lovely weekend!


Savvy Mode SG said...

have so much fun in boston. a quiet weekend, perhaps just hanging out with friends.

Kristin said...

Another reason I was closer to NYC. Parsons. Sigh. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! We're off to dinner on the beach and a ball game to celebrate the hubs bday.

modediktat said...

Hi there :)
i hope all is well!
The Maria Cornejo dress is a must have for sure! I'm in love with that dress! Amazing!

Plans for the weekend: MY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!! YAY! Going out with friends and family, enjoying food and yummy beverage.

Enjoy the weekend as well, sweetheart!!

much love, s.

Hanako66 said...

oooooh, have fun in Boston!!! off to check out your links!

Aline said...

Have a great week-end in Boston!
I'm planning to go to the openingof the Lace Museum in Calais (France) where I have been living for the past 5 years. Like you, I've moved from my hometown in the South of France to live in the North. But i am enjoying every moment so far. Have an excellent week-end

Eden said...

zero maria cornejo can never do anything wrong, yes?! LOVE LOVE that dress and the draping is perfect. ooh, i wish you all the best in boston! sounds like a fun time to be spent:)

much love


WendyB said...

I want to wrap myself in that lace print from head to toe so I can look like a mummy.

dapper kid said...

Oh wow, I absolutely love that dress!! And I was drooling over the SOS GFW photographs, some of the collections were sooo amazing. Hope you and the Mr had a wonderful time in Boston and you're enjoying the weekend :)

Marian said...

that dress is gorge honey! thank you for the lovely comment, hoping you and your partner are having a wonderful out of town wknd!
muah x

Dream Sequins said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. I had a wonderful time, but I'm exhausted! Glad to be back home in New York...

Brigadeiro: I think my next dress purchase will definitely be Maria Cornejo!

Haute-Shopper: Can't wait to see your report of the Paris pop-up shop!

Margot: Oof. Moving is never fun, but I love that just moved in feeling after the hard work has settled...

LJ: Wow. The Tate Modern is my fav. Can't wait to see your shopping finds. ;)

pigtails and blushing cheeks: Mwha!

stylewithbenefits: Thanks. It was a wonderful time!!

Adela: Me too. Thanks for the comment.

Couture Carrie: Hope you enjoyed the weekend! xx

Savvy Mode: Quiet weekends are the best. I'm exhausted from my one day trip to Boston. Up next? Vegas, baby :D

Kristin: Aw. Hope you enjoyed the weekend with Hubs!

modediktat: OMG. Happy birthday! *hugs hugs*

Hanako66: I went, I saw, I'm pooped :D

Aline: Moving from the south of France to the north sounds more glamorous than LA to NYC for sure :D Thanks for visiting!

Eden: I know. It's so flattering and lovely her stuff... Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

WendyB: LOL to the mummy idea. I nearly bought the skirt, but refrained. I think I saved the world an unflattering bum wrap idea.

dapper kid: I'm so exhausted but happy to recharge. Those quick weekend trips are key to a happy summer, I think.

Marian: Thanks for the lovely comment as well!

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