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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For last week's Twitter-views, I asked some stylish Twitter friends about their ultimate favorite fashion designers. This evolved out of a conversation I had recently with talented designer Chrissy Rhee: If you could own season after season of one designer's clothing, which designer would it be and why? (In a way, the images accompanying this post are my own lazy way to "cover" the Resort collections. I'll leave the thorough dissection to other bloggers. Here's one thing I'd like to say about Resort: I would sell many pieces from my current wardrobe to own a piece of Christopher Kane's collection: it's the literal "bomb," yo.)

Here is what some stylish Twitter folks had to say about their ultimate designers...

stylesmith Marni! but without the fur items....(i just got asked something similar in an interview)

declinedesigns Vivienne Westwood. She is pure badassery in designer form. Probably McQueen if she wasn't available!

samcab For me, it would be anything Elbaz. I wouldn't care what house he was with. His pieces are on the cusp, yet timeless.

grrleigh OMG that is the hardest question ever. my off-the-cuff response is Jean-Paul Gaultier, b/c even his bad collections are great.

AbovetheFrayMag Church and State from Portland, OR. I love everything about their line and could definitely wear them forever.

hanako66 Chanel for sure! Dior is a close second...

Parmie Chanel, it had to be. They have pieces suitable for a party & a funeral, every occassion taken care of!

Black and white louche looks for Chanel Resort 2010 @ Dream Sequins
above: Chanel Resort 2010
all images courtesy of

fashionherald My all-time favorite since I was a young wild one - Demeulemeester.

LaPetiteBlog I would have 2 go by the seasons -4 A/W It would have to be Mcqueen, FENDI Furs,JPG 4 S/S Dsquared2, A.Wang, Balmain ...hard 1

jennaviva I don't think I've ever been so attached to any particular designer, but I'd say Zac Posen. (Balmain for the season tho :))

fairykikka it's hard nobody has everything some are good for bags other for dresses I'd say Gucci since the latest collec are gorgeous!

inmode for me it has to be rodarte atm for their concepts and colours

roselwear Rodarte in combination with Missoni :)

Misslizzymarie Balenciaga! Xo

selahdor ok. ULTIMATE: Alber Elbaz for Lanvin

Slouchy dark sequinned jumpsuit and short white wedding dress for Lanvin Resort 2010 @ Drean Sequins
above: Lanvin Resort 2010

ourcitylight nanette lapore. i can live in her whimsy dresses and dream of them when i sleep.

SoloLisa 3-way tie between Chanel, Carlos Miele, & Oscar de la Renta: change slightly each season, consistent aesthetic.

KayleeKaye BCBG MazAzria!

juicyincouture for me it would have to be Roberto Cavalli !

craftyasparagus Def. @M641: feminine & unique, but not kitschy.

sassisam Australian designers, Sass & Bide :-)

TheSwelleLife Great question! One is definitely Erdem - feminine, romantic, amazing prints time after time yet always fresh!

Dreamy navy printed dress and separates from Erdem Resort 2010
above: Erdem Resort 2010

maryjanefrances thats really hard for me to answer, unless this was 1974. if it was, I'd say Halston, hands down!

SaveOurShoes just 1 designer!! GASP,tough one. Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Chanel, Galliano would be options tho!

amandalee Bottega Veneta or Trovata! [also, in a completely different life, Built by Wendy.]

kimair lanvin all the way...he clearly loves to dress women...

chicagostyle I choose Balenciaga! Perfect balance of edgy and classic, bonus? The shoes and bags. My life would be complete.

FashnMatchmaker I have to go with John Galliano, though his clothes are practically museum pieces

SabinaLes all great answers! my person favorites are Biba and Pucci. i appreciate their philosophy

Atom bomb printed orange and nude silk dresses from Christopher Kane Resort 2010 @ Dream Sequins
above: Christopher Kane Resort 2010

lepetitechouNYC hard question... Balenciaga first thought but then love Stella McCartney...

FemmeRationale alexander mcqueen, ftw! Dior comes in close 2nd.

stylish_in_dc for everyday: anna sui/stella mccarthy, for eveningwear: giambattista valli, for shoes: christian louboutin

D_Chehab I like to try new designers, although Sakina M'sa was a fave for several years.

grrleigh oh shit, i almost forgot about rodarte! and mcqueen! this is why its hard to choose one! it's now a tie: mcqueen vs JPG for me

candidcomments I love Balenciaga - so chic, so perfect :)

WendyBrandes I can't pick OnE designer because of my designing friends! But I can pick 3! Ossie Clark, Zang Toi and Christian Francis Roth.

Blue and green hues with varying flounces and textures for Balenciaga Resort 2010 @ Dream Sequins
above: Balenciaga
Resort 2010

After a few days of deliberation, I choose Alexander McQueen and as an alternate, Yohji Yamamoto - for my fashion archives, darling! I think I would be happy to fling open my closet and see those pieces peering back at me. Every now and then for kicks, I would invite all my best friends and frenemies to come over for drinks and we'd play dress up with the archives.

And you? Who would you choose?

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Brigadeiro said...

This will most likely not come as a surprise, but mine would be Dries Van Noten, his designs never date, and I can pair something from his 2001 collection with his a more recent piece, eg. 2008, etc., his love for textiles (which I share), and beautiful comfortable cuts, make for incredibly wearable & desirable clothes :)

Couture Carrie said...

Wow! That Lanvin Resort is incredible ~ fabulous post, darling!


La PETITE Blogette :) said...

I love the Twitter-views...

Hanako66 said...

This is so much fun! I loved reading all of the answers.

I feel like I took the easy way out with Chanel, but I know that I could wear it, at any age, forever!!! (The reason I chose Dior second is primarily for the gorgeous amazing would it be to wear something like that to the market?!!)


Denise @ Swelle said...

I really like this question, it's permission to daydream!

Hanako: don't feel bad about Chanel being an obvious one - who wouldn't want to wear Chanel every day? I sure would! I saw an older woman wearing a Chanel suit while doing her groceries in Whole Foods in Toronto a few years ago and I thought, 'Now that's fabulous.'

Eden said...

i love twitter views, and i would agree with most of the comments! hmmm. i would give up my whole closet for some of alexander wang's pieces. totally my mood forever, and i love how its so chic and urban at the same time!

btw love, i tagged you for some q&a. do answer it if you havent yet... just refer to my new post. mwah!

much love


Nina (femme rationale) said...

i loved reading everyone's choices. it really was hard to pick one...but surprisingly i'm still happy w/my choice. :)

Dream Sequins said...

Brigadeiro: But of course Dries for you. :) Some designers are definitely timeless.

Couture Carrie: Thanks!

LPB: And they love you!

Hanako66: I have pieces from Chanel (accessories)-- and I think everyone can agree that their pieces are classic. When I'm older, I'll be wanting to wear a jacket, too.

Denise: I think being granted permission to dream is one of the great things about fashion...

Eden: Chic and urban... I can see that! Thanks for the tag! Can't wait to post my answers.

Nina: *hugs* Thanks for your answer!

The Haute-Shopper said...

If you are just talking clothing - looking at my wardrobe the answer would have to be Alexander McQueen. Just because I have everything from evening wear to basics to more edgy stuff from the guy. My other choices would be Balenciaga (if you count the capsule collections) and Lanvin, but as much as I love the latter, I find Alber's creations a bit too much for daytime wear. And if I'm going to be wearing a designer the rest of my life, I don't want to be hanging around in silk and embellished tops forever ;-)

Savvy Mode SG said...

chanel and armani

E said...

Givenchy Spring '09! I love the non-cheesy western inspiration - very David Lynch.

Claire said...

I'm standard - Alber, Nicholas Ghesquiere, and of course, King Karl!!! I do like Dries Van Noten and I appreciate Martin Margiela's quirkiness too!!!

LJ said...

i love your tweet polls!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

i love the Erdem and Balenciaga. Love'em so much!

FashionMatchmaker said...

Thanks for ReTweeting :) The Balenciaga for the resort collection looks gorgeous :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ohhh I loved reading everyones answers! I'm gonna go stalk by Balenciaga sisters now. haha.

Love how you use twitter this way. And as always, thank you for including me darling!

Love your new layout too!

Elizabeth Marie said...


I hate that.

But I was coming back to say thank you...and I adore you, and your strength gives me strength. xo

Hanh said...

Did I forget email you???...sorry, I get very busy on summer....
This is hard....well..let say..Rick Owens is my first choice. Then, Givenchy.

Kristin said...

I adore Marchesa. Chanel and Dior always make me swoon. What a fab post!

tanya said...

chanel, marni, balenciaga, Lanvin...i'm in LOVE!! How can anyone pick only one?? :-)

Eeli said...

Woah such a diverse bunch of answers we have! Babe-ette, the new layout is pretty snazzy. I agree though, personal web designers would be soooooo useful :P

Livie said...

what a fun post! Marc Jacobs #1, Chanel #2, Stella McCartney #3.

Dream Sequins said...

Haute-Shopper: You've got amazing taste, of course :)

Savvy Mode: Classic.

LJ: Tweet tweet!

Ringa Dinga: wouldn't it be amazing to have the archives from Balenciaga, too.

FashionMatchmaker: Anytime!

E: Sign me up for that. Love David Lynch!

Claire: Great minds think alike it seems!

Liz: awww. Fabulous, girl!

Hanh: Rick Owens is wonderful and consistent, I agree.

Kristin: Thank you! I enjoyed it, too!

tanya: Most people didn't pick one. LOL. I forced it.

Eeli: Personal web designer, personal assistant. I need them all! :D

Livie: Great choices!

GUGAW said...

those erdem pieces are gorgeous, thanks for introducing! xx

Wicked Halo said...

ooohhh, what lovely picks everyone has!
My absolute favorite is McQueen, I just love everything the man puts his hands on, but I think I'd also include Gareth Pugh for pure wacky fun factor and Sandra Backlund because I adore her intricate knitwear!

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