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Sunday, June 7, 2009

In lieu of Twitter-views this week, I decided to compile a list of 35 Fashion Bloggers you need to follow on Twitter. Along with their snapshot bios. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, and I decided to focus my search on bloggers with under 300 followers on Twitter (despite their awesomeness) who are generally interactive with their followers....

Here they are in no particular order:

@inmode "day dreamer and night worker. fashion user. life lover."

@dekadaye "student/fashion blogger and one day doctor/stylist. and i shaved my head before amber rose!!"

@stylesymmetry "I like to take photos of my outfits, play guitar and sing."

@tenaciousleigh "Creative dumpster diver. Connector. Loves research & the creative process."

@jesspgh "PhD student in communication: media and cultural studies. Writing my dissertation on the history of post-conscription military advertising and consumer culture."

@declinedesigns "Work retail by day, writing/sewing/fashionreading/cat-owning by night!"

@TheDemoiselles "Fashion, inspiration, and female empowerment!"

@grrleigh "Media gadfly, pop culture sponge, non-angry feminist."

@SoloLisa "Technical writer, blogger, freelance fashion writer, fashion enthusiast, salsa dancer, Diego Luna fan."

@kimair "a right coaster living on the left coast. lover of fashion, magazines, interiors, architecture, paper, and all things design-y"

@decadentluxe "Welcome to the age of un-innocence. No one has breakfast at Tiffany's and no one has affairs to remember."

@PoeticandChic "Poetic and Chic - a blog for everything fun, beautiful, and stylish. P and C loves design, marketing, food, trends, and funny people..."

@TheSwelleLife "I'm a freelance fashion writer whose heart remains in Paris"

@nookie07 No Twitter bio, but her blog Fashion In My Eyes rocks the house.

@francisnewyork "Tweets about Francis by Christian Francis Roth, by Wendy Brandes."

@misslikey "fashion journalist, your guidance from couture to edgy, runaway to streets"

@NinaWenstrom "16. Style. Life. Audrey Hepburn." [Ed Note: her blog is in Swedish, but she's got wonderful style]

@Parmie " - SF Women's Fashion Examiner, love style and fashion but realize there is more to the world than that bubble that can be created."

@mizzjblog "I enjoy fashion and making new friends!"

@samcab "The neurotic shopper"

@BobbinTalk "Bobbin Talk promotes talented emerging designers!"

@hanako66 No Twitter bio, but her blog notes "I love Hub, my dogs, fashion, home decor, food, our planet, and art....I hope you do to."

@Eeli_Y No Twitter bio, but her blog, Aphex-Nation is a visual delight!

@FemmeRationale No Twitter bio, but she's got amazing style and her blog Femme Rationale is great!

@ChrystinaGrace "Deep love for Disney, Music, Movies, Pirates, laughing, knowledge, Makeup, fashion, and hair bleach!"

@HiStyley "Los Angeles Street Style."

@malanb "Writer, Fashionistette, Artist, Poet, and Music Critic"

@misslizzymarie "Fashion. Marketing. Advertisng. Modeling. Makeup. Fun."

@ReannaTime "A magazine art director discovering things that inspire from design, photography to stylish finds. What time is it? It's Reanna Time. Yeah!"

@SugrRockCatwalk "daily style and shopping updates from New York"

@TheAnthology "Part style, part lifestyle. The Anthology is a modest collection of inspiring and intriguing things — fashion, decor, places and music."

@fullonstyle "Full On Style is a lifestyle blog for curvy women, and is your source for fashion, lifestyle, health, beauty, and well-being."

@fashionherald "Online editor of Bryant Park and 34th Street shopping blogs."

@thefatandskinny "Fashion grad student and blogger"

@KarenBritChick "British blogger obssessed with shopping and fashion in New York."

Are you on Twitter? Is there anyone I should add to this list? :)

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Hanako66 said...

you are awesome AND thank you for introducing me to new people...going to check everyone out!


mary jane said...

off to follow these great people!
thanks for posting them!!
mary jane

BobbinTalk said...

Thank you for including me in such an amazing group of talented bloggers!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

WOW. i'm so flattered to be included in this list. honestly, i didn't expect to be on here...just curious to see who i should be following! thx again!...i'm happy to be on ur blog and to be in the company of such cool people. :D

Gnarlitude Jen said...

looks like you just found me on there too! your blog is great!

Ashe Mischief said...

I love seeing so many of my favorite bloggers & tweeters on there!

misslikey said...

I am very very beyond flattered since you are one of mine very favorite bloggers

Elizabeth Marie said...

Thank you so much! I am so honored to be included...I was walking around the mall checking my twitter and totally didn't expect to be included, I just wanted to see some cool new people!

You are a ray of sunshine in bloggyland!


Jennifer Nicole said...

Yay! Thanks for adding the Demoiselles to the list!

Eyeliah SS said...

I got your message about this and thought oh cool, will check these people out and then I am on there??? Thanks you thank you so much for including me on your list!! I added all the others who I didn't already follow. :-)

Diana said...

great list!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

cool list!

Reanna said...

HIGH FIVES! Thanks for adding me to the list of superstar bloggers on twitter. I'm glowing!

Kristin said...

You rock!! That is so awesome!! Can't wait to check out fellow fashion bloggers! I'm @gatorgrrl

Ashley Bartlett said...

Paulina Bijoux - @ashley_bartlett!

EvaLotta said...

Thank you!!

dapper kid said...

I keep thinking I should sign up to Twitter! Definitely going to have to check these out :)

I completely agree with what you said about fast fashion. A lot of people no longer seem to appreciate the clothes they buy anymore. They do not see the poor conditions those who make the clothing have to endure, as because the price is so low, they take it for granted that fashion is now disposable. I really do think investing in quality pieces is far better, not only because in the long run it saves you money, but also because of the inherent benefits of well designed and constructed classics.

Although I have a fashion blog, I actually own a surprisingly few number of clothes. I try to make sure I have the bare minimum, and that everything I own I love, so I know I will wear everything. I would hate to think that there were pieces in my wardrobe that I bought but never wore, it would feel like such a waste.

Denise @ Swelle said...

You're awesome, thanks so much for your support, it is HUGELY appreciated. I'm feeling the love!

And I'm about to take your recommendation and add everyone I don't already know from your list. Here's to wonderful new fashion friends!

LJ said...

we on twitter! i'd love to get a blackberry just so i can have it on my phone..
xx-LJ from SOS!

Leigh said...

thanks so much for the shoutout! i'm so pleased to be on this list and to find all these awesome new folks... just one more reason i heart twitter.

la petite fashionista said...

fantastic! i follow several of these bloggers as well & there are some great new suggestions! :)

great post!

Denise @ Swelle said...

Oh, and so glad to see you're getting the word out about ReannaTime! I love her and her blog, she features the most exciting artists and is a fabulous person.

The Anthology said...

You're a star! Thank you Dream Sequins!

In terms of who I'd add to your list, I'd have to say: you ;)

<3 Kelsey

geisharock said...

I'm on twitter too! :) Only just joined somewhat recently and I am addicted to reading people's updates hahaha xoxo

My Wooden Heart said...

Great list and thanks for sharing!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Thanks for listing me on this twitter list. I am totally going to follow these great people!

Audrwey said...

wow cool list!!!


Deka said...

you're amazing!! i was wondering why i got so many new followers today.
thanks so much!

MizzJ said...

Thanks so much for featuring me, you're so awesome yourself lady! :)

lisa said...

Oh wow, thanks for including me on this list! I'm super flattered. =)

Samantha said...

I'm a little late to the party, but thanks so much for including me in this list! I am constantly amazed at the fresh perspective and inspiration I garner from the fashion community I find online. Thanks dreamsequins for bringing us together!

Dream Sequins said...

Oh wow. Thanks for your responses, everyone! I'm so happy to connect with you on Twitter. You're all amazing!

fashion herald said...

Really honored, thanks! Such a great list to be on, and such a good idea to post favorites like this.

Tiffany said...

very cool for you to put this list together! will be adding to my follow list right now!

nookie said...

thanks you so much for the mention:x
and the sweet words!

@Parmie / Parmeeta said...

thank you for the mention, love ya! Will be checking out the other recommended twitters that I don't follow yet tomorrow! x x

Hanako66 said...

I added a link to this on my blog:)

thank you again!!!!

Michelle said...

Sorry this is late (been without internet) but thanks for the inclusion! :D will check out the others too, for sure :)

Chrystina said...

Oh my goodness. Thank you SO much hun! Wow, I feel so honored to be on this list, with a lot of the most fabulous tweeters and bloggers I know, and new ones that I can't wait to check out. Thanks so much for adding me, Im so shocked!! Love it, you're a doll. I appreciate it!<33

tanya said...

thanks so much!! I love being introduced to new bloggers and NEW people to follow on twitter :-)

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Thanks for such a great list - you can follow me too on: - Fashion Stylist & Blogger

KayleeKaye said...

Hey DreamSequins! I'm a blogger on Twitter...Your blogs ae awesome!


Merily said...

Thanks for the list!
Mine is

Leia said...

Oh wow, I had no idea there were so many bloggers I have yet to check out! Thanks for the list! I'm on twitter :) @Leia12

Polished Sense said...

Love how you put this together. Thanks for introducing me to some new twitterers :P



I found some amazing blogs courtesy of you! Thanks a bunch!

lexi said...

thanks for the awesome list, i would also add @loveMeagan - she has a fab blog and posts some GREAT DIY tips

TheBeautyFile said...

I just found this list through Miss Lizzy Marie's blog...thanks for this! So excited to go follow these peeps!

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