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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pixie Market boutique homepage @ Dream Sequins
above: Pixie Market website homepage
all images except for the New York store pictures, courtesy of Pixie Market

Pixie Market opened in Fall 2006 on the Lower East Side, but it wasn't until last year that the shop crossed my radar while doing some browsing on its crisply designed website. Just last month, I had the opportunity to check out the physical boutique on Stanton Street, and was surprised at how bijoux and warm the space was: three walls of on-trend, whimsical clothing, shoes and accessories by an international roster of emerging designers, waiting to be discovered. It's no coincidence that the space feels a bit like London's Portobello or Spitalfields markets as they were the inspirations for partners Magda Pietrobelli and Gaelle Drevet. I got a few thoughts on the wildly popular boutique from Magda, who, along with Gaelle, present amazing yet affordable womenswear and accessories for their loyal fans. Please read on to learn more!

Pixie Market New York boutique pictures @ Dream Sequins

Pixie Market New York boutique pictures @ Dream Sequins
above: exterior and accessories display at the New York store from a recent visit

Can you tell us a bit about the concept behind Pixie Market? What inspired you to open the shop?

We both love London markets like Portobello and Spitalfields where one can find special finds from small upstart mostly affordable prices so we wanted to start something like this in NYC with Pixie Market. I'm based in London and Gaelle, my partner, who is French, lives in New York. It’s been a fun, mad ride so far.

You focus on a lot of popular, emerging designers that are very well priced. What new designers or items can we expect for Fall?

We definitely prefer small designers and labels from around the world. There is something quite special and exclusive about working with small designers; they march to their own creative beat without all the commercial constraints of bigger brands. They are also more flexible and very personable to deal with.

Our Fall selection is truly International: from Denmark, Italy, UK, Sweden, Finland, Israel, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Seoul, NYC, LA, Brazil and more. They are special, exclusive, fun and mostly on the affordable side......although we also stock “Splurge Worthy items” as well. You can expect big shoulders, tons of black glam rock, lots of leather, mesh and sheer and some fantastic coats and jackets !

Sold out Blak strong shoulder dress from Pixie Market @ Dream Sequins
above: a Blak dress, one of many sold out designs on the website

Do you buy with particular trends in mind? Where do you do buy your items and how many of each do you buy?

Our fashion buy is very item driven and I would say very edited, whether it's girly or edgy. The hardest part of the job is finding special must-have items at a reasonable price... It’s much easier to find beautiful things that are pricey. We travel abroad to many fashion fairs; and scout endlessly for interesting new designers/labels and luckily we also receive a lot of referrals from our existing designers.

So here's something I noticed and wanted to ask about: a lot of your cutest items often sell out quickly online. Here's looking at you, Blak zip bat shoulder dress, Bijux sandals, Martin Lamothe perforated suede dress and Best Behavior grey silk harem pants!

Regarding the sold out items online....if we had a crystal ball to know which ones are going to sell out quickly we would have definitely ordered more....a lot of our buying is done five months in advance so it is difficult to know which ones will be the most covetable. Many times it’s impossible to re-order items because the designer cannot get the fabric again or the factory they use will not produce small runs etc.!

Do you have a typical customer online and in-store?

Well I would say our customer shares our love for fashion and can be pretty fearless about it. She just prefers it on a budget... like us.

Women should never stop playing dress up ....even if you are in your 90’s!!

What do you see in the future for Pixie Market? Any collaborations or other projects we should know about?

There are some small charming projects in the works via the designers we work with and their muses... but nothing completely confirmed yet!

Eucalyptus floral dress from Pixie Market @ Dream Sequins
above: floral Eucalyptus dress

Liquorish dress from Pixie Market @ Dream Sequins
above: Liquorish dress

Ka Pow Wow neckpiece from Pixie Market @ Dream Sequins
above: Ka Pow Wow neckpiece

Have you experienced Pixie Market yet?

Pixie Market
100 Stanton Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 253-0953

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Slices of Beauty... said...

No but love these designs.

emma said...

they have some awesome clothes

stylewithbenefits said...

D, this is a fantastic interview. LOVE Pixie Market.. as does everyone else! Thanks for sharing!

xo, Becs


I'm so sad Pixie Market left LA, it was literally a couple blocks from my place :)

Though online has a great selection too.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i just got into them this year. they have some really cute things. i would love to check out the physical store when i visit nyc later this summer.

Vyque said...

Love the store, but I wish they wouldn't sell out of everything I want all the time!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Great interview...I loved how they mentioned women never want to stop dressing up, and on a budget!

I linked your twitter post on my latest, I hope thats ok...I just think you're such a doll :)


Kristin said...

Fabulous interview. Can't wait to check them out. Love the pieces you featured!

Hanako66 said...

great interview....I was pouring through their stuff last it!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Great feature! I love the fact that they were inspired by London markets. Too many stores start looking the same - independent boutiques tend to look too industrial or end up being copies of Anthropologie. I'll definitely schedule in a visit to their store if I'm in NYC again!

DaisyChain said...

great post =)

Hanh said...

Great interview!! Love those outfit you posted. I would check them out.

ps: could you remind me about your prevous email? please. Thanks

Lily G. said...

Wow, I would totally shop at this store!

Modelizer said...

I love love love that little black dress with the gold shoes. I had no idea the store existed, might have to stop by next time I'm in the area.

fashion herald said...

I've got to drop by the Stanton Store, it looks so inviting.

FashionMatchmaker said...

Great interview, it was interesting to find out they go to fairs to find new designers. I love the liquorish dress and the necklace :)

Ashita Alix said...

i absolutely love pixie market!! great interview and congratulations on surpassing the big 100
have a great week

Dream Sequins said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.

Slices of Beauty: Thanks so much for visiting the blog!

emma: I agree, I love their girly/edgy pieces.

stylewithbenefits: Glad to see I'm not the only fan!

BLACKBURN&SWEETZER: I know-- I read about the LA store closing. How sad!

thefatandskinnyonfashion: Oooh. NYC visit! How exciting!

Vyque: Totally agree with you. I hate that they sell out of the cutest things. Gotta jump on it!

Liz: Hugs hugs hugs! You're so great.

Kristin: Happy to introduce you to a new shop!

Hanako66: Love their website, don't you?

Haute-Shopper: Great point "Too many stores start looking the same - independent boutiques tend to look too industrial or end up being copies of Anthropologie."

Daisy Chain: Thanks love!

Hanh: I love that they bring affordability into the mix, too.

Lily G: Glad to see you've got good taste ;)

Modelizer: Yes, the black dress is SOLD OUT booo. Glad to introduce you to a new shop!

fashion herald: It's adorable there. Smaller than you would think, though.

FashionMatchmaker: I know. I'm in love with that strapless peplum look!

Ashita: Thanks, hon!

mysterycreature said...

Loving the shoulder pads on that Blak dress! Soo cool, and I don't noramlly like shoulder pads

Dream Sequins said...

mysterycreature: I think the shoulder pads were very tastefully done!

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