Dreamy DC Weekend

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Mr. and I took a brief trip to Our Nation's Capitol, leaving by train from New York on Saturday morning, returning on Sunday afternoon. We had such a wonderful time, and it was nice to take a breather from our home in the concrete jungle... Here are some pictures from this past weekend...

Obama Tote Bag Found in DC Shop @ Dream Sequins
above: Obama tote bags from a tourist shop; kind of kitschy but cute, no?

Riding the Amtrak Train from New York to DC @ Dream Sequins
above: the Mr. (his first appearance on Dream Sequins) and I on Amtrak

After arriving in DC around noon, we checked into our wonderful room at the Park Hyatt, a few walking blocks from the Georgetown neighborhood. The room was spacious and I really loved the bathroom, with its walk-in closet and separate tub and shower areas. I would highly recommend this hotel! The concierge was very helpful and there was a tea lounge near the entrance where they were serving up an afternoon tea buffet upon arrival. Sadly, we had no time to waste on cakes, and headed straight to the boutiques (I had, of course, drawn up a list of must-sees in DC) after we dropped off our luggage in the room.

Hu's Wear a fabulous new multilabel boutique in the Georgetown neighborhood of DC @ Dream Sequins

Interior of Hu's Wear in DC @ Dream Sequins

Interior of Hu's Wear in DC @ Dream Sequins
above: Hu's Wear, a multilabel boutique in Georgetown

One of our first stops was Hu's Wear, an independent womenswear boutique which opened a few months ago. The boutique was hosting a sale on spring/summer items, and there were some labels which were new to me, but the pieces were a bit conservative for my taste. The sister boutique down the street, Hu's Shoes, had a few shoes that I lingered over, including some Givenchy wedges and Chie Mihara stacked heels, but I wanted to hold off until I saw a few more boutiques.

Exterior shot of Relish, an amazing multilabel boutique in DC @ Dream Sequins

Sale shoes on display at Relish, a multilabel boutique in DC @ Dream Sequins

Merchandise at Relish in Georgetown @ Dream Sequins
above: Relish in Georgetown

We walked a few more blocks down to Cady's Alley, a charming little side street full of design boutiques and Relish, a multilabel haven for avant-garde in DC. The boutique, which was bright and large, was hosting a great spring/summer sale, and I browsed the racks of Marni, Jil Sander and Japanese designers, including Junya Watanabe and Limi Feu, before trying on their entire stock of Limi Feu items. Shoes were stacked neatly in their boxes and many customers spent time lingering in the area. I wound up buying a Limi Feu black cotton dress with a zipper (which you can see later in this post).

Cozy shopping outfit consisting of Reiss shirt, Topshop harem pants and silver Lanvin flats via DC @ Dream Sequins
above: yours truly in a beat-up Reiss shirt, Topshop harem pants and silver Lanvin flats- cozy shopping clothes!

The best seafood we had at Tackle Box, a casual dining place in Georgetown @ Dream Sequins
above: seafood galore at Tackle Box in Georgetown

After we checked out Relish, we hit a few more stores, including Barneys Co-op, which was having a great sale, and where we both scored some work-appropriate items, including a zippered navy APC dress for me, and a black button down Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt for him. We were surprised that the sales associates at Barneys Co-op outnumbered the customers, but then again, the weather that Saturday was gorgeous, so who could blame people for wanting to be outdoors enjoying the sun?

We stumbled into a local seafood joint for dinner called Tackle Box, which was a casual fresh seafood restaurant off M Street in Georgetown. Everything was made fresh to order, and I enjoyed my fish tacos very much!

The impressive ceilings at the Kennedy Center @ Dream Sequins
above: Kennedy Center

The Royal Ballet program at the Kennedy Center @ Dream Sequins

Then, it was off to the Kennedy Center to enjoy a performance of
MacMillan's Manon by the Royal Ballet. What a wonderful treat! The ballerinas were amazing, and it was nice to take in the atmosphere at Kennedy Center, especially the amazing outdoor areas at intermission.

A moonlit view of the Lincoln Memorial in DC @ Dream Sequins
above: Lincoln Memorial

Candid photos of our stroll in DC near the monuments @ Dream Sequins
above: the Mr. and I taking dorky paparazzi-style photos

Wearing my new Limi Feu black dress with the Lincoln Memorial as a memorable backdrop @ Dream Sequins
above: me in my new black Limi Feu dress with the Lincoln Memorial as a backdrop!

After the performance, we took a cab to the monuments so that we could take a moonlit stroll. If you have never visited DC before, I highly recommend an evening stroll by the monuments. There are tons of visitors hanging out in the area so it's a safe bet, and there's nothing more alluring than the glow of moonlight against the splendor of the building facades!

On Sunday morning, the Mr. and I finished off our trip with a farmer's market breakfast at Dupont Circle with a friend and a brief visit to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, which was pretty brilliant and best of all, free!

So long, DC... until next time! We are contemplating another weekend getaway for the 4th of July, which is coming up this week. Anyone have any plans for the holiday yet?


jordana said...

Looks like so much fun! You are so freaking adorable! :) Love your outfits!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Such a jetsetter!!! I love your LBD! And you rock harem pants...I can't!

DC is so great...when I move to NYC lets take the train again?! (I'm forcing you to hang out with me fyi)

And that was total food porn.

Lily G. said...

Looks like you had a blast! I love cute, trendy boutiques!


A little Princess said...

What awesome outfits for a perfect getaway! Love it. And I really like that Obama bag! xoxo

la flore et la faune said...

thanks for the trip. xo from paris

butterfly said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Its always good to get away from time to time isn't it? Love the new dress!

Brigadeiro said...

Ooh, what a wonderful weekend indeed! Thanks for sharing this with us! Love the Limi Feu dress!

PS. I love the ceilings and design of the Washington DC station, took so many pictures when I was there! :)

FrouFrouu said...

Looks like a fun trip away,well documented and gosh the dress at Hu's wear is GORGEOUS. You and Mr. are adorable together :)

- nadia

jaassnnaa said...

you`re bag is beautifull..like it because i love o`bama

Denise @ Swelle said...

Shopping and eating, and ballet! My kind of trip! And yes, those totes are really cute, I think only this First Family could get away with that! You two make a lovely couple, by the way.

And I love Limi Feu, lucky you!

Eden said...

awwwww love-- so glad you had an AMAZING weekend with the hubby. looking really sweet btw! you look so fantastic in both outfits. and that LBD.. never would have thought it was limi feu! its incredibly cute.:)

much love


Adela said...

love the black dress!


AsianCajuns said...

Ohhh it looks like you guys had a lovely time in our old home town ;)
It made me a little home sick. I'd never been to those boutiques, but Cath and I consistently would visit all the free smithsonian museums, and we danced a few times at the Kennedy Center.
You and your Mr look so cute- and I bet very dapper in your newly purchased attire!

TheBeautyFile said...

looks like a great weekend! love the obama bags & your dress is killer!

Eeli said...

Oh hun, you are your Mr should take more candids and plaster them on here. Their fantabulous. Glad to hear you had a wonderful break too.


Dream Sequins said...

Wow thanks for your lovely comments!

Jordana: We had a blast :) I'm exhausted tho.

Liz: Um... Vegas and DC do not a jetsetter make! Of course we'll hang when you move here. LOOK OUT! :D

Lily G: The boutiques were adorable. And friendly staff, too.

A little Princess: Me, too. The bag was adorable. Of course they were selling tons of merch around the city. Including some Michael Jackson gear. (Too soon for that?)

la flore et la faune: Wow. Thanks for visiting the blog and for your lovely comment!

butterfly: Thank you so much! And thanks for visiting.

Brigadeiro: I love the train station, too. I didn't notice the ceilings! This is what a train station should be-- elegant.

FrouFrouu: Aw thanks :D

jaassnnaa: I actually didn't end up buying the bag, but I loved it!

Denise: Shopping, eating and ballet- I knew you had good taste :D

Eden: Thanks, hon! We had an amazing time.

Adela: The black dress is very comfortable as well!

AsianCajuns: I forgot that you guys are from DC! Well it was a lovely little town and we loved every moment of our weekend there.

TheBeautyFile: I know. I'm kind of kicking myself for not buying the totes now!

wreckedstellar said...

Great pictures and recap! I went to school in Maryland so we'd go to DC often- love it there, esp. around the monuments. And gotta love a summer day in Georgetown!! And you look great in that dress!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

you and your man make a beautiful couple.

Love your both looks!

Kenedy center is pretty. I love the pics of the moon!


Couture Carrie said...

Wow, what a fun weekend! I adore shopping in Georgetown! You and the Mr. look fab ~ love that Limi Feu dress on you!


janettaylor said...

I adore Ur new dress. Amazing!


Damsels said...

the MR. is so cute
thanks for letting us see him
ohand i love the silver flats and that blackdress

fashion herald said...

You look gorgeous in your new dress! Sounds like you guys did DC up right, the monuments at night are incredible. And congrats to the mister's debut!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

you look so chic!! love both outfits :)

Hanako66 said...

first of all, you look beautiful! (and I love all of your clothes)

that seriously sounds like the PERFECT weekend!

Nicci said...

looks like such fun!

Clarity said...

That sounds like a well-researched trip! You two look very sweet together. I must say while the city caught my eye, the seafood grabbed my attention and the gorgeous photo you took of the moonlit memorial - riveting.

This weekend is probably work again- but I enjoy it immensely :) I hope yours is lovely.

WendyB said...

It's so nice to meet the Mr.!

La Couturier said...

I love DC (: Those stores look fantastic, & I love the black dress!

La C.

Chessa! said...

I love DC...I haven't been there in over 10 years when I lived there for a summer in college. Mr. S and I have talked about going down there to hang out and visit his cousin who lives there. I love Georgetown! and I'm loving your outfits:) this weekend we're just going to my parents' house out in Long Island to hang out by the pool, bbq and do absolutely nothing! :) hopefully it will not rain...

Lynn said...

i know! the sales right now are CRAZY! bad for the wallet though, tsk. tsk.

love the lanvin flats and the LBD!

Diana said...

i have yet to visit DC but you look so stylish traveling! i'm embarrased to say what i wore on my trip there @_@

Mo said...

i love museums!

I'd like to spend some time in that Hu's Wear, there's some things there i'd like to acquire ;)

love your outfit! so adorable.

E said...

I love Tackle Box! Isn't that the greatest deal for seafood! So glad you had a good time here!

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhhh. I'm dying. I miss DC so much. What a fabulous dress!!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i always go to dc but never hang out in georgetown. i think i will do that next time.

drollgirl said...

oooooooooooh!! i have never been to d.c. and you better believe i want to go after reading this post!!!

Trang said...

what a great post! ;)

MT Days & Nights said...

How fun. DC is such a nice city, I haven't been there in a while but want to go back. Love the obama tote.

Helen Cox said...

Wow this is amazing, looks like a fabulous time. I wish I had gone to DC after Obama got in...Bush was in when I visited and somehow I doubt it was the same atmosphere!

glitzy said...

you and your Mr actually look alike!!

georgetown at DC is nice to shop!

Birdie! said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Also, you look amazing! :D

ambika said...

You look great in those harem pants & love the drapey top.

JHE'ANELL said...

DC looks fun - I'm hoping to visit there as soon as I can myself! Love your Lanvin flats by the way :)
...and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

stylewithbenefits said...

Glad you had fun! Like Mel said, since we went to school in MD, I have a special place in my heart for D.C. and would totally live there if I wasn't in LA! Cute pic of you and the Mr. :) And LOVE your harem pants.. perfect black and white outfit. You look great in the dress too!

xo, Becs

Acaiburn said...

I adore Ur new dress. Amazing!

PinkBow said...

oh wow, you look like you had a fab time. i would love to see more of the us

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

it looks like you had a splendid little vacation. Your pictures are just so beautiful and tell so much about your tip. The ballet must have been spectcular and that little shop that sells that longsleeved LBD is a gem in itself. Great post!

Rebecca, Maddy,Madeline and Alec
La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society

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