Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I got over my fear of the body-conscious silhouette and tried on two black, curve-hugging dresses last week. I always thought you had to be six-feet tall with boy hips to get away with these looks.

But I'm pleased with the way they looked and felt despite their very different styles. I'm especially in love with the stretchy fabric and strategically placed zippers on the second dress, which celebrates curves, instead of smushing them flat.

both dresses: Stine Goya A/W 09; Miu Miu patent booties

Did you happen to notice that in the second picture, the painting behind me fell off the wall? It's actually my favorite shot from the series.

Posting will be a little light in the coming week or two due to some exciting new developments... But look for a new store interview and please enter my 100th post giveaway, which ends this week.

Just three more days until the big 100!!!


behind the seams said...

hot shoes!

Brigadeiro said...

Love the shot with the picture falling (hope it wasn't 'injured' in the process), and you look Hot (capital H)!

Ooh, your 'exciting developments' do indeed sound exciting! ;)


PS. Thank you so much for your sweet words on Nini's blog, and for voting for me *insert sheepish look*!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hi doll!
You look amazing in both dresses! I love the second one, holy sexy! The zippers are pretty bad-ass :)

And hot shoes.

It's so funny how quickly one can fall in love with a new blog. You're one of my absolute must reads, oh my gosh did she blog...blogs. :)


Eeli said...

haha no I hadn't noticed the falling pic just your beautiful silhouette ^.^ Did the frame break? :(

Exciting developments eh? You must reveal more. Internet suspense is not cool! ;)

geisharock said...

love the dress :) very flattering. haha thats such a cool picture with the painting falling! ooh a giveaway, i shall have a look now! xoxo

nookie said...

both dresses are gorgeous!
the shot with picture falling is so funny:)

Helen Cox said...

Those dresses look amazing on you...very flattering! I'm glad you faced your fear because you are going to be turning heads in those :o)

Eden said...

celebrate what you have, babe! there's nothing to be embarassed about your figure. you are gorgeous, curves and all! thats what they make bodycons for, of course. you rocked the two dresses, and the shoes are simply cute!

btw, sent a very special thanks to you by way of my blog.. check it out.:)

much love


Lily G. said...

Hot shoes and dresses!

Couture Carrie said...

You look gorgeous, darling! Loving both dresses!


P.S. Yay for white fishnets!

loft in soho said...

OMG! you are so beautiful dear, you look amazing in that stunning dress! <3

thanks for your visit,


Modelizer said...

LOVE the last dress. It looks amazing on you!

fashion herald said...

great silhouette on you! I tend to scare away from body con also.

MarcyChen said...

Come on! You're beautiful and have nothing to worry about. Great dresses and I love that the camera caught you looking cool when the picture fell and not the half second after when you probably jumped up in surprise :)

amanda lee said...

Those side zippers, oh my! I love 'em! :-D

Dream Sequins said...

Damn. Thanks for the love, everyone.

behind the seams: Thanks! I totally overuse those booties in my shots. I will rotate my other shoes. I promise I own other shoes...

Brigadeiro: I was happy to vote for you! You're so amazing.

Liz: You're so awesome and supportive! Thanks for your comments. Right back at you and your awesome blog.

Eeli: Oh yes. I'm going to draw out the internet suspense :) ;)

geisharock: Aw. Thanks for the visit! I was surprised that I could actually fit into the dresses. They looked TINY.

nookie: I love that shot, don't you? :D

Helen: I never believed what people said about body-con dresses, but I'm about to own it now!

Eden: You're so awesome and hot-mazing. Thanks so much for the lovely shoutout!

Lily G: thanks!

loft in soho: Thanks for YOUR visit. I'm happy you could stop by! :D

Modelizer: Thanks! I think I'm in love, actually.

Carrie: You're sweet, doll. Yes, white fishnets. This will have to be a new post!

Marcy: Damn. Thanks girl. I love that pic, too. I wanted to publish the after shot, where I'm looking down on the ground; but I couldn't find it. LOL.

amanda: you need those zippers to get into the dress! they're functional.

The Haute-Shopper said...

My favorite is the second dress as well, though both look great on you! I was wondering what was going on with that pic in the background... thought it was some cool effect you managed with your camera!

WendyB said...

You look amazing and I love the accidental action shot.

misslikey said...

love both dresses..specially one with the long sleeves

cuteseas said...

thanks for the love girl :)

those dresses are amazing!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

those dresses are gorg. i really love the one with the zippers.

MizzJ said...

You look sexy girl!! I'm not sure I'm feeling the zippers, but I bet they are elongating?

Eyeliah SS said...

Oh good job, I haven't tried that style yet. It does look good on you!

modediktat said...

Hey there, I hope all is well!
I love both dresses AND the booties! ROOOOAR! Very sexy!
Wishing you a sunny and happy day!!
xoxo, S.

tanya said...

WOWWWW, both dresses are just divine on you--I can't even decide between the two...gorgeous!

Lily said...

Awesome dresses! They look fabulous on you. Also love the shoes.

Oh dear did you painting get smashed to pieces? I hope not.


E said...

Hahahah! That cracks me up! Seriously though, that second dress is elegant and edgy at the same time - something I love.

the capitol fashionista said...

embrace your curves, boo! it is what makes women special.

Leigh said...

Both look stunning, but I agree that the zippers are tres chic.

wreckedstellar said...

You look great- esp. love the last dress!!

Hanako66 said...

you look so pretty!!

Denise @ Swelle said...

Ooh! Such hotness!! Pictures were even falling off the walls!

SOS! said...

you had a fear!! but darling, you look unreal!


xx-LJ from SOS!

Chessa! said...

I LOVE your shoes. LOVE. and yes, I did notice the painting...I hope it's ok! and that you didn't hurt yourself! :)

Dream Sequins said...

Haute-Shopper: Thank you. I wish I had that much control over my camera!

WendyB: Fortunate accidents create opportunities for accidental art.

misslikey: I know. I think I'm addicted to the flattering shape of it. It's also very comfortable!

cuteseas: Looking at the dresses, I'm starting to feel a little less in love with black, though.

thefatandskinnyonfashion: Thanks! :)

MizzJ: Yeah, the zippers were a bit iffy, but I was surprised-- they are actually functional and help you shimmy into the dress.

Eyeliah: I was surprised at how comfortable and flattering it all was!

modediktat: I'm having a wonderful day (even if it's rainy today) :)

tanya: Thanks so much for your nice comment!

Lily: Thanks for your visit! The painting actually recovered. The frame is another story!

E: I could totally see you rocking out a bodycon dress like this. It's something new for me!

the capitol fashionista: I totally agree. Curves are HAWT.

Leigh: Glad you approve! :D

wreckedstellar: Thanks hon!

Hanako66: Yeah, the black-- I'm trying to back away from it. It's my fashion crutch!

Denise: LOL. You're too swelle.

LJ: You work it!! :D

Chessa: Thank you! The boots need to be put away to let another pair come out and play!

stylewithbenefits said...

You should do outfit posts more often! I love both dresses, esp. the one with the zippers. Stunning! And those booties are amazing as well.

xo, Becs

glitzy said...

great outfits!

Dream Sequins said...

stylewithbenefits: Becs, thanks. That means a lot coming from you, stylish girl :)

glitzy: Thanks for the comment! Thanks :)

Birdie! said...

This outfit is totally hot - Flaunt it! :D

Dream Sequins said...

Birdie: Thanks girl :D

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