Wishlist Wednesday: Summer Staples

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This week's Wishlist Wednesday is mostly about one of my favorite summer staples: the dress. I'm all about comfort when the going gets humid and unpleasant. You will notice that many of these items are designed by or available through sponsors of my 100th post giveaway. What a coincidence. *wink wink*

above: The Battalion Grecian layered dress [via Revolve]

I love the bamboo-jersey fabric that the designing sisters behind "eco-couture" label, The Battalion use in many of their pieces. This Grecian layered dress is just the kind of dress I can imagine wearing with some gorgeous flat sandals while meeting friends for brunch. Read more about The Battalion here.

above: Creatures of the Wind dress [via Stand Up Comedy]

This Creatures of the Wind dress from Portland-based boutique Stand Up Comedy may look like another simple little black dress, but its origami-like folds and its easy silhouette make it a chic, versatile choice. To learn more about Stand Up Comedy, read this profile.

above: NIT: FELT: PHRAME peach felted chiffon tunic

Although this tunic from NIT: FELT: PHRAME has a felted hem and is shown with winter tights, I can easily imagine it transitioning into summer because of its peach color and filmy chiffon body. You can read more about the line and designer Gail Travis here.

above: Louise Amstrup box panel dress [via Brittique]

The print on this Louise Amstrup silk dress is really refreshing and I love the way it drapes on the model. Not sure the pop of yellow would work on me; what do you think? Brittique carries a range of emerging and established UK designers on its terrific website. Check this out to learn more...

above: CRHEE Neutrino dress [via Standard Deviation]

This black dress from CRHEE is a subtly sexy number with a crepe de chine body and chiffon panel cutouts. It also happens to be on sale at Standard Deviation, which is a very good thing indeed. Check out more about designer Christine Rhee here.

above: Preen dress [via Seven]

I've had my eye on this romantic ruffled grey silk georgette dress from Preen during my trips to Seven. Perhaps now that it's on sale, I can make my dreams a reality? Check out more about avant-garde boutique Seven here...

above: mr. larkin Elsa dress [via Shopflick]

This goddess dress made of milk fiber (very eco-conscious indeed) and embellished with vintage sequins is my top choice for a fancy summer benefit. Available on the online, video-driven marketplace for emerging designers, Shopflick. For more about the website, read here.

above: Beth Terry fragrances [via LuckyScent]

Speaking of summer staples, I'm on the market for a new, breezy fragrance for warmer weather and loving the notes in Element of Surprise (Italian lemon and lime, white tea and jasmine) and Vita (four teas, blackcurrant, plums and Lily-of-the-Valley), two fragrances from the niche perfume house of Beth Terry. You can read more about Beth Terry here.

For a chance to win full sized bottles of these Beth Terry perfumes and other wonderful items from the sponsors in this post, including new items added today from Brittique, please click here to enter. I would love nothing more than for my lovely readers to sweep all three prize packages!

So what's on your wishlist this week?


xs said...

that mr. larkin dress is absolutely gorgeous!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Holy moley these are gorgeous. Have I mentioned how much I love that Mr. Larkin dress?

Carlotta said...

love the chiffon tunic and the mr.larkin I'd wear it as a wedding dress!!

nookie said...

I really need an oversized clutch but I can't manage to find it here...:(
The grecian layered dress is gorgeous:x

alexandra said...

ooooo such a pretty sequin dress! xx

Denise @ Swelle said...

This is great for summer daydreaming. There is nothing like bamboo jersey, I wish I could wear it every day!

Wicked Halo said...

love the creatures of the wind dress, really lovely...origami structured clothing really seems to becoming very trendy now, and I'm glad with it, it's something I really like

Lily G. said...

I love that layered grecian dress! lovely.


Chessa! said...

these are all so gorgeous and different but I think that the second one is my favorite (although it's nearly impossible to choose)...I just love the structure of it. On my current wishlist is a fabulous pair of black sandals. I don't have any one pair in particular but I want them high and leather and strappy...that narrows it down, right? I have tried on so many this month...I will know them when I see them:)

Jennifer Nicole said...

All of these choices are so pretty and unique! I love 'em.

My wishlist is always the same when summer hits: I want to replace my entire wardrobe with Indian-inspired things (think beaded sandals, sparkly nose studs and elephant-themed prints). I don't know where this obsession comes from, but this might be the first year I run with it.

Dream Sequins said...

xs: Thanks so much for your comment. I completely agree!

K: Doesn't it make you want to skip around your compound at The Cape?

Carlotta: I could totally see you in a gorgeous dress like that Mr. Larkin one! And it's eco-conscious ;)

nookie: Ooh. A hunt for an oversized clutch. Try online! Asos??

Alexandra: Thanks so much for your comment! I'm in the sequins :)

Denise: Oh bamboo jersey is amazing.

Wicked Halo: Phew. Glad I got your approval on the cool factor of these dresses ;) I do enjoy the origami folds and subtle design elements of the Creatures of the Wind dress.

LilyG: Glad you enjoyed it!

Chessa: Yes, black, strappy and high. That does narrow it down to a few 2000 choices this summer :D

Jennifer Nicole: Ooh. I love the ethnic inspired things, too. Loooove the Indian jewelry.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

the mr. larkin Elsa dressis gorgeous. i really love it. it made me stop and stare.

emma said...

that first dress is beautiful, i love the way it drapes

Brigadeiro said...

Oh my! Love all these 'staples', my fave is the Preen dress...gorgeous!

Have left a few awards for you in my blog ;)

Dream Sequins said...

thefatandskinny: Thanks for your comment. I agree. The Mr. Larkin is superb!

emma: Their bamboo jersey is also gorgeous gorgeous.

Brigadeiro: Yes I'm in love with the soft ruffles!

stylewithbenefits said...

These are all fab picks. I'm in LOVE with the Mr. Larkin dress. Too gorg.

xo, Becs

Kristin said...

That Preen dress is heavenly. And I"m dreaming of a purple strapless rosette creation by Marchesa. Sigh.

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