Wishlist Wednesday: Accessories

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never thought I'd do a "how to" style post...
But I somehow just discovered accessories this week!

Take this plain navy dress for instance.

Consider how the addition of accessories elevates
and changes up the look of the same dress with...


above: Arielle de Pinto A/W 09 necklaces

I am in love with these Autumn/Winter 09 samples from Arielle de Pinto.
The Canadian designer uses crochet techniques to construct matte, yet shimmering effects in her jewelry.

The necklace shown on the right is also a pouch and was shown in the Autumn/Winter lookbook carrying a mini cellphone. Amazing.


above: Aschon scarf sample A/W 09

Before I held the silky, limited edition aschon scarf in my hand, I had always associated scarves with a certain bourgeois stuffiness. Not so with these gorgeous accessories created by a Berlin design duo. I'm not only addicted to the tactile touch of the fabric, but the infinite possibilities presented by the interesting print. Scarves from aschon: a new addiction.


above: Norwegian Wood harness

I finally caved and made my first Etsy purchase with an amazing and versatile harness from popular Etsy seller, Norwegian Wood! The triple elastic harness is comfortable to wear and creates a flattering waistline without being constricting. Love it!

Speaking of Awesome Canadian Designers...

Did you notice that the common thread from this week is awesome Canadian designers (mono, Arielle de Pinto and Norwegian Wood)? Well here's another Canadian to add to your radar: I interviewed womenswear designer Jeremy Laing for my gig at Dossier Journal's style blog. Check it out here!


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Do you have any new wishlist items?


WendyB said...

That scarf is fabulous!

39th and Broadway said...

OMG, seriously I was just debating buying that exact harness on Etsy yesterday! I've wanted it for awhile but was doubtful if I could carry it off. I finally decided to buy it yesterday and the hubby saw it on the screen and said "cool porno clothes" and I didn't buy it AGAIN! But your post must be a sign, so I'm buying it tomorrow! For sure!

CHuan said...

Love the necklaces!!

Denise @ Swelle said...

What a great post! Love your styling photos and what great choices of designers and pieces to feature - makes me proud of my home from across the ocean!

I'm laughing at 39th's comment - what her husband said. But that's what I love about Angie's harnesses, they could go that way but she pulls it in the other direction with the vintage trims and clasps.

It looks amazing on you! I look forward to more styling posts.

(And those arm warmers are heavenly!)

Najeema said...

You are too pretty! That scarf is amazing! That was my favorite outfit options by far!

♥Jozee said...

ooh that harness is too cool.

E said...

I would happily steal any of those wonderful accessories you chose. i love that you picked just one, instead of layering tons. There's something to be said for one focal point.

emma said...

love all your accessories, especially the harness

Fashionista0921 said...

I LOVE the idea in the first scarf photo. never thought of that. will totally rock that look out for sure now! Thanks for the inspiration.

nookie said...

I'm glad you did it!
Love how you accessorized the dress!!!
more style posts!!!

La PETITE Blog said...

What an amazing post!!!!! Love the work you do here on DS

Carlotta said...

the scarf is gorgeous!! I love accessories too, with a simply black dress and the right accessories you can have tons of different outfit!

Brigadeiro said...

I LOVE accessories, and totally agree that they can completely change the look of an outfit! :) Those arm warmers look great, and love your Norwegian Wood harness! :)

FashionMatchmaker said...

Love the harness it totally transforms the dress! They seem to be getting more popular, you think it'll be a big trend?

AsianCajuns said...

You look gorgeous- all the accessories really change the overall "look" so much- in a great way. That scarf is breath-taking. I've been toying with the idea of getting that harness from Norwegian Wood too- you might have sold me!

Lily G. said...

Yes! Accessories can definitely make an outfit!


wreckedstellar said...

That scarf has some serious originality going on! Love it!! It's always fun to see how you can dress up a black dress!


Jin said...

you are so cute! love the poses!
the harness belt is da bomb. and you know i love that necklace.

Glendy said...

Absolutely love that harness, it looks uber chic girl :3

Much love,

stylewithbenefits said...

Wow, this is such an amazing post. I learned so much! :) And I learned that I need/want a harness/belt. So freakin rad. Thanks for sharing!!

xo, Becs

Allure said...

I love Arielle de Pinto as well!

Wicked Halo said...

I'm all for acessorizing, it can totally change the mood of your frock!
And I LOVE LOVE your harness, it's beyond cool, it was a really great find!

Dream Sequins said...

Jeepers. Thanks for your lovely responses. I'm a bit behind and overwhelmed reading them! :)

Wendy B and Najeema: I agree with you. The scarf is gorgeous. Ugh. And limited editions, too. Pricey :o

39th and Broadway: Oh I hope you rock it! I think it's hilarious that your husband had that reaction to it!

CHuan: The necklaces are amazing, I know! Thanks for commenting ;)

Denise: You're so awesome. Thanks for your comments! I agree with you about the awesomeness of the harnesses. And they're stretchy and comfy. Don't forget that!

Jozee and emma: I'm totally in love with the harness and the way it transforms a blah outfit into a there outfit!

E: Thanks for the comment. I was experimenting a little about seeing how one thing could transform one dress. I thought it illustrated the principle nicely :)

Fashionista0921: Yeah-- with the longer scarves, you can totally do a lot of looks!

nookie: Aw I'm blushing. Thanks for your support! I was being shy, right? :)

La PETITE BLOG: Thanks for your support, love!!

Carlotta: xoxo! I never thought Id be the sort of person who believed in accessories-- I consider myself more on the minimalist side of things.

Brigadeiro: Thanks! Yeah, those armwarmers look awesome. Too bad I can't win them ;)

FashionMatchmaker: I think the harnesses are definitely becoming a trend in some way. I love that these are handmade, too!

AsianCajuns: You ladies would look so great in one! Do it!!!

LilyG: Thanks for your comment!

wreckedstellar: Agreed! And thanks for your comment.

Jin: I'm learning so much about accessories. Damn. We need to go shopping :)

Glendy: Thanks lady! Yeah the harness is the bomb!

stylewithbenefits: Thanks for the comment. I think you'd look so amazing in one. Buy one! It will change your life! LOL

Allure: Glad I'm not the only one! Now if only they made her work less expensive... Sigh.

Wicked Halo: I don't know why I didn't learn this lesson sooner. Heh.

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