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Saturday, May 9, 2009

For this week's Twitter-views, I went straight for the kill: whose shoes do you love? I have expressed my deep and abiding love for Nicholas Kirkwood in the past, and was happy to encounter some up and coming labels such as LaRare and Omelle...

Here are what some of the most stylish people on Twitter chose as their favorite shoe designers:

@ShrimptonCoutur Balmain for this years bling, Mcqueen because they R comfortable, Choos for sexy but classy. Loub just to look cause they hurt

above: Balmain [via Fashion Police]

@fairykikka even if I don't like very much his latest creations C.Louboutin has the best taste and the most gorgeous collection ever!

@declinedesigns Fluevog definitely, only shoe brand I'm really loyal to.

@ashemischief John Fluevogs, Converse, Steve Maddens for affordability/comfort/style, Corso Como.

above: Fluevog Mitte platform pumps [via Fluevog]

@SaveOurShoes swoon. miu miu makes my heart go woo. adidas kicks. zara&topshop hightstreeeeeet!

@queenie_nyc steve madden for variety and affordability, kate spade for my preppy side, cole haan for the awesomeness of nike air in heels.

@TheSwelleLife Hmm.It depends on the season, but I love my Proenza Schoulers and Sergio Rossis, most of Christian Lou, Celine + Beatrix Ong!

above: Alejandro Ingelmo [via Intermix]

@craftyasparagus I'll add a vote for Steve Madden! New favorite/unknown: Ash (on Bluefly). For comfort: Saucony (Converse have no support!).

@VtgRoseClothing Right now for Spring/Summer.. Dolce Vita, all their strappy heels are to die for!

above: Dolce Vita "Celtic" [via Dolce Vita]

@cashdiva the Arena S. Collection of course!!! This shoe is iced out completely... the other side is all black... owwww

@NuvanyNice forever RACHEL COMEY :)

above: Rachel Comey "Bergen" [via Forward by Revolve]

@Fasshonaburu I ADORE Cole Haan for their comfy heels, also love Marc Jacobs

@maryjanefrances my fav (i'm all about comfy & cute) is minnetonka.. love the peace mocs and the fringy mid calf boots, the little booties too

@decadentluxe I'm currently loving Lanvin for their bold uniqueness! And will forever love Nine West.

above: Nine West "Kellers" [via Nine West]

@FashionEthic Anyone mention BCBG pumps yet? I have them in at least 4 different colors. *adore*

@BrandyShaloo love the ones from HUGO

@tenaciousleigh i think these melissa shoes would make the cutest rain shoes -

above: Melissa Ultragirl + J. Maskrey [via Melissa]

@choosespun I heart my Cole Haan's and Seychelles (own 2 pairs) and my sister's black Jessica Simpson heels that I'm "just borrowing".

@rachael_kearley I love steve madden boots at all times of the year, and Nine West has a stunning new spring sandal line + always classic pumps

@LaPetiteBlog Shoe lovers: LaRare, Louboutin, alejandro iglemo, bruno frisoni, & Nicholas Kirkwood....I can go & on & on & on.....

above: LaRare [via LaRare]

@GauriPendse love BCBG pumps!

@shopcalico Lovin' my Jeffrey Campbell platforms. They are like chic meets cartoon!

above: Jeffrey Campbell platforms [via Urban Outfitters]

@jessestrada mine are BCBG, dolce vita & report signature. Dressy & sassy! and for comfort I'm a Nike girl :)

@chicagostyle louboutin, hands down the epitome of subtle sex appeal

above: Louboutin "Very Galaxy" [via Saks]

@90notes right now Brian Atwood is my favorite, though it changes often!! ;)

@pamelaanastasia Nicholas Kirkwood and Loeffler Randall; bought these last year and happy everytime I wear them

above: Nicholas Kirkwood Spring '09 [via Nicholas Kirkwood]

@inotherwords_c fav shoes? flip flops... oh ya, and any shoes that make me taller :)

@selahdor prada, miu miu, galliano, and omelle. I wrote a blog about shoes months ago. Check it out.
above: Omelle "Artist" [via Omelle]

If you are on Twitter, please follow all these fabulous people... You can also follow me here.

Now I turn the question to you... Who is your favorite shoe designer?

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Mademoisselle Chic said...

I love the Loubi's! :)

♥Jozee said...

Tisci. Kirkwood. Hardy. Skovgaard.

For the affordable brands: Jeffrey Campbell, Frye, Nine West

Carlotta said...

great answers and lots of new shoes to but!! I adore the melissa. I want a pair now!

Wicked Halo said...

I also adore those bedazzled Melissa's, just the cutest thing :)

Dream Sequins said...

Mlle Chic: Thanks so much for stopping by! We had a bit of an argument recently about Loubis and how comfy they were. But they can be pretty to look at!

Jozee: Oooh. You're my shopping sole-mate! Love Tisci, Hardy and Skovgaard. Thanks for pointing them out, too!

Carlotta and Wicked Halo: Yes the Melissas are cute. I just realized that all my other shoes are high heeled strappy sandals. Must be a subconscious exploration of something. Have you guys tried Melissas? Are they comfortable? My fear: plastic shoes.

Couture Carrie said...

Divine post! The Electra Montanas are amazing!


Audrwey said...

I love my last purchase from Aldo:

But I would like to have some Louboutins...


Allison said...

What can I say? Still love the Balmains best of this year's shoes so far...but I'm also not quite over Tributes yet :)

Brigadeiro said...

Ooh! I have many faves (although some are the fashion label, not sure who designs the shoes for them): Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Christian Louboutin, the list could go on...


LJ said...

Aw! thanks for za mention. That was Fi's tweet..

My fave show designers are Christian Louboutin, Nicholas Kirkwood, Miu Miu..

xx-LJ from SOS!

Dream Sequins said...

Couture Carrie: I know. I'm loving the LaRare boots also!

Audrwey: I was just thinking that we forgot about Aldo! Love them for inexpensive shoes. Thanks for the comment.

Allison: Ahhh YSL tributes. They're still classic and I'm sorry to have missed out on them!

Brigadeiro: Dries, of course Dries for you :) I'm on such a shoe kick right now!

LJ: I was confused about you girls sharing a Twitter account? Anyway. Love both your taste in shoes. Mwha!

Fasshonaburu said...

great post!

Chessa! said...

omg - so many beautiful shoes! I can't take it.

Nuvany Nice` All things Indie Fashion, Art, Giveaways support inide artists said...

Yay, thanks for the mention!

Dream Sequins said...

Fasshonaburu: Thanks so much for your comment! I'm happy to share shoe loves with everyone.

Chessa: I am right there with you. Love looking at these shoes!

Nuvany Nice: Thanks so much for stopping by! And for your Tweet!

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