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Sunday, May 3, 2009

above: an illustration of Garance Dore via The Swelle Life

This week, I asked some super stylish Twitter friends about new fashion websites/blogs on their radar, whether new to the Internet or simply new to them.

As for me? Right now, I am in love with fashion blog, The Swelle Life, an amazing compilation of things that make me swoon: Paris and indie fashion, for instance. Check it out, and please check out these other recommendations: (via @ten10things) (via @minimummouse) (via @splendiahotels) (via @ondolady), and (via @SporkFashion) (via @inmode) (via @nicoassatly) (via @juicyincouture) (via @fairykikka) (via @DesignerElla) (via @paperdollblog) (via @najeema) (via @talkfashiontome)

Special shoutout to my modest friends who responded with websites/blogs other than their own:

@ten10things (who is a jewelry designer with a fun Etsy shop)

@fairykikka (who runs a lovely boho-chic fashion blog, and

@splendiahotels (which is a luxury boutique hotels website

And you? What are some of your new fashion website/blog finds?

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Carlotta said...

wow so many great sites..need to check them all!! love your twitter post is a great idea can't wait for the next one!!

Ondo Lady said...

Thanks so much for adding me among these great blogs. Apart from your one, other cool blogs that I have come across are Balmain Bazaar, Marian Khiogo, Daddy Likey and Fashion Toast.

Ebba von Sydow said...

Also, please check out my Twitter @ Style, trends, fashion blogs and pr from Swedish fashionista based in Stockholm. Thank you!

Helen Cox said...

These are great! Thank you for sharing them. I'm also a big fan of Fashion Toast, I love Fashionality and Hong Kong Fashion Geek. The posts are always great on these sites, as are yours!

Fashion Personality said...

Thanks for sharing the great sites. Your twitter-view are excellent!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Wait - so most people actually recommended their own blogs? Wow, talk about self-promotion! My new favorite is Blog de Tendances by Alize Morand.

inmode said...

such a good idea to have the twitter views..- got loads more to read now :)

Dream Sequins said...

Carlotta: Hurray! Thanks for participating!

Ondo Lady: Oh those are some great sites. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for adding yours!

Ebba von Sydow: Thanks for visiting! I'll be sure to follow you on Twitter!

Helen: Excellent suggestions... Been loving your site as well!

Haute-Shopper: Nice suggestion. Thanks! Everyone, please check out Haute-Shopper's site, an excellent global window-shopping resource.

inmode: Yay... Thanks again for participating!

david bennet said...

Lots of great links!! Thank you for it!

Denise said...

Oh, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for the mention and for introducing us to so many great blogs, which I will be checking out right now!

I love yours as well, it's got a lovely feel. I've added you to my links :)

Denise xx

Dream Sequins said...

David: Thanks for your comment and your suggestion.

Denise: I'm so excited that Twitter is connecting us all! So happy you have new blogs to check out...

Nina $erafina said...
shameless plug

Allen said...

Cigar Stores

Honda Prices

DesignerElla said...

Hey I just late decided to check my DMs on Twitter to find this post. Never do because they used to be ALL "visit my site!" Grr. Anyway, my URL is wrong in the article (which I wouldn't request the fix* if I didn't need some Google attention).. it's with no hyphen (-).

I don't really remember responding to this, but if I had suggested my own site, I think I was confused. ? I also doubt so many of us did, so I think the great blog poster found our Twitter accounts to link to as well, which was sweet.

*Don't like pointing it out when it seems as though I've suggested my own site, even though my Twitter name isn't the same, _I_KNOW_ it's me. Heh.

Anyway, thanks!

Designer Ella said...

*Bathos* (Private-ish word sort of meaning embarrassed.)

I do think I was confused, but apparently I recommended my site.

I'm fine with the wrong link then.

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