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Sunday, May 17, 2009

above: Katie Holmes and Hermes [via Fab Sugar]

I like to think of the year 2008 as the year the "It Bag" died.

Exhibit A: Paparazzi snaps of Katie Holmes lugging a ludicrously large red Hermes Birkin.

Exhibit B: The chilly reception at Chanel midtown when I tried to waitlist myself for a dark metallic reissue. "You're number 59," the sales associate informed me with a slight sneer.

I treasure all the luxury bags I purchased with robotic fervor that year: my Balenciaga City bag, my Chanel 2.55, my Miu Mius and Pradas. But given that I am more careful about spending these days, I want my next bag purchase to be something unique, well-designed and carefully made and, it goes without saying, not too trendy or boring.

So while I'm mulling over options, I asked some stylish and knowledgable Twitter friends: "Who is your favorite bag designer?" And here is what they had to say...

@samyair Fave bags are Orla Kiely & Nica bags, different but practical:

@decadentluxe Not a particular brand for me at the moment, but I adore the bags at Urban Outfitters.

@maryjanefrances i ♥ Lucky Brand bags, they are huge (!) and leather and affordable~

above: Nica clutch [via Aspire Style]

@felsull I heart Hayden Harnett, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, Alexander Wang, VBH, Bottega Veneta, Gryson, Tods, etc.

@TheSwelleLife Spencer & Rutherford! So lovely and gorgeously detailed, and many are limited edition. I have three!

above: Spencer & Rutherford clutch [via Spencer & Rutherford]

@LaPetiteBlog current bag faves - pierre hardy, chloe, miu miu, marc jacobs, kooba, B&D & my budget fave Maxx New York

@districtbelle Love Longchamp, Marc Jacobs, & Kate Spade (in leather)

@fairykikka I'm in love with my Balenciaga, adore Gucci YSL Goyard M.Jacobs & Mulberry!!

above: Balenciaga City [via Balenciaga]

@Parmie bags r like kisses,always welcome

@mizzjblog How could bags be over?! No way could that happen! My favs are Kooba, Balenciaga, Hermes, and Be & D atm

@chicagostyle bag loves- chanel vintage jumbo flap, goyard st Louis, ysl muse two, ps1 [Ed Note: That's Proenza Schouler for those who don't know; I had to ask!]

@samcab I'm kind of bagged out and couldn't think of any must-haves until @chicagostyle mentioned the PS1. NEED the coral in my life!

above: Proenza Schouler PS1 [via Barneys]

@Tfashionista How can bags be over!? I love them! I would die for a Wang but I love LAMB, GRAYSON, And LV

@chic_pr_ matt and nat!!!! killer bags babe...

@kimair my chartreuse PS1, balenciaga, Chanel reissues, ysl muse

@CRHEE my friends do a great line called Boyy. Their website is

above: limited edition Boyy Fall 09 "Slash" bag [via Boyy]

@boutiqueculture we love @juliekla or a fellow tweetie and BC designer !

@SoloLisa Bags trump It shoes imo b/c I can use them everyday, whereas It shoes tend to be heels too high to walk in for a commuter.

@SoloLisa Also, I'm pretty in love with Chanel bags, especially the 2.55.

@Brittique I bought the xl balloon bag from Marni in black and LOVE it. I love that's its got brown handles so works with black and brown

above: Marni balloon bag [via Marni]

@choosespun I have 2 Gustto's, 1 @Nordstrom brand, 1 Kooba, and a Francesco Biasia that I love and try to rotate when possible.

@declinedesigns I am much more of a shoe person than a bag person. I like vintage bags and some day I will own a TANO bag, though.

above: Tano bag [via Tano]

@jesicahamilton I'm particularly in love with this incognito LV right now

@JillENPaige Orla Kiely! Mainly for the prints . . . pretty $$$, though.

@ashemischief Hayden Harnett! I was never a "bag girl" until I discovered them. They're fucking stunning.

@90notes Bags! I have a lovely designer collection, but really, I sometimes just enjoy my no name vintage bags. They're 1 of a kind!

above: Hayden Harnett tote [via Hayden Harnett]

@FashnMatchmaker I don't go anywhere without my botkier bag :) also big fan of marc jacobs

@kimbui Matt&Nat is amazing. Totally green, but sexy.

above: Matt and Nat bag [via Matt and Nat]

@stylish_in_dc i am also more of a shoe person than into bags. but i'm old-fashioned and love a good ol' coach bag.

@kimair technically not a bag designer, but I love the ones at club monaco

@LakeUnionLesa my favorites: Jimmy Choo Ramona & Shaded Python Clutch, Balenciaga city with giant hardware, Devi Kroell green python bag

above: Devi Kroell bag [via Devi Kroell]

Please follow these fabulous people on Twitter and follow me here if you would like to participate in the next round of Twitter-views.

Now it's your turn: Are bags over? Do you have a favorite designer of the moment?

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Carlotta said...

that pic of katie is hilarous!! she'd carry suri and tom inside of it :)))
my mum is an handbag junkie too she has tons of clutches chanel lv ferragamo hermes (lucky!!) and shhe always say that I'm so boring 'cause I've too tons of bag but I wear 90% of times my balenciaga..I can't help it they're my "babies"..even if at my past bday my mum bought for me the new jacky'o by gucci it's the perfect bag!

Allison said...

That red Birkin...dear god! I couldn't help but laugh. The sad part is how expensive it must have been! My mom has a lot of bags too, which is great for me since I 'inherit' them when she's done :) I will always love Chanel and Miu Miu leather bags, but have been using my big Cole Haan recently, and just bought a tiny Lanvin evening clutch in Paris which I adore. I still covet a Balenciaga bag, and an LV epi leather bag for business though, and maybe a Loubi hardcase snake clutch!

So glad the 'it' bag died...I love bags as much as the next girl, but it's nice to realize that they don't actually make an outfit work by themselves :)

Ashe Mischief said...

Girl, you & I have HAVE to have similar taste. First you put up my favorite pair of Fluevogs, then you put up the Hayden Harnett bag I'm coveting the most right now..

This is a great way to get introduced to new bag designers, as well!

The Dark Bohemiian said...

fan of the nina and david kroll

Hanh said...

wow, huge red Birkin! I love Proenza and Hayden very much.
xoxo..from Hanh,

Louisee x said...

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :).

i've been looking for a bag for ages, these pictures have got my imagination flowing..!


WendyB said...

I still love Prada :-) Maegan said...

um, that BOYY bag is to die for ...shit!

Brian said...

Not over at all, I love Tanner Krolle - they were in WWD and making a comeback - have some vintage pieces, the holdalls and the eldon weekender OMG!! Lasts forever INVEST INVEST INVEST

lisa said...

Holy cow, Katie Holmes could fit enough stuff in that bag for a weekend getaway! Thanks for posting our Tweets--it was so interesting to see other people's responses.

Allure said...

Yes, they are over. I bought myself a 2.55 and I am more than happy with it. I used to be really obsessed with B-bags, but not anymore. Especially since my sister purchased one not so long ago, and the leather is not the same.

Apart from that, I'd love to get my hands on a Miu Miu bag. They sell simple and timeless styles, and the leather seems good to me.

Denise @ Swelle said...

I think I saw Suri's head poking out of that Birkin. What a sucker I am, using a regular ol' stroller all this time.

I love these collaborative lists you do - such fun!

Sister Wolf said...

Can we let 2009 be the year that the Gladiator shoe dies? Please, I am begging!

emma said...

ahahah that pic of katie is so funny! that bag is huge

Dream Sequins said...

Wow. Thanks for your passionate comments, everyone :) Glad people are still inspired by bags. I know I'm inspired by all the Twitter answers and esp the pictures. I nearly pulled the trigged on a Boyy bag last night ;)

Carlotta: You're lucky your Mom has such an amazing collection. I like to think my collection is nice, too. Although I generally depend on two or three bags throughout the week!

Allison: It's a picture of excess, isn't it? Look and you and your stylish Moms. I'd love for you guys to post pictures with your fab Mamas. Wow. Can't wait to see a picture of that Lanvin clutch!

Ashe Mischief: Glad someone has good taste ;)

Dark Bohemiian: The Devi Kroell is pretty mouthwatering, I have to say.

Hanh: The PS1 is pretty nice. I was contemplating that for a brief second.

Louisee x: That's why I love these Twitter-views. You get a whole selection of answers. Thanks for your comment!

WendyB: You're so classy; I can hardly take it :)

love Maegan: I'm in LOVE with Boyy. I had heard about them when they launched maybe two years ago (?) and I am just so in love with Slash bags right now. Apparently, so are all the "it" girls.

Brian: Thanks for stopping by the blog! I'll have to investigate Tanner Krolle!

Lisa: Thanks for participating! I know. The picture of Katie Holmes and her Birkin had me laughing when it was first published. Even now.

Allure: I like the simplicity of Miu Miu bags.. Thanks for your answers!

Denise @ Swelle: I agree. I am loving the way these Twitter-views are coming out. Any suggestions on new questions?

Sister Wolf: Thanks for stopping by the blog! Not sure gladiators are going away anytime soon, I'm afraid!

emma: LOL. I love that picture so hard.

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