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Thursday, May 14, 2009

all images courtesy of Brittique website

I’ve been a fan of online boutique Brittique for a while now, and they cater to my British fashion fetish. Reading their list of designers is like reading a roster of Who’s Who in emerging fashion at London Fashion Week, including Emma Cook, Hannah Marshall and Preen. Recently, Brittique expanded its reach, seeking out newer designers such as Kate Tailyour, whose grey, environmentally friendly bubble dress has been added to my wishlist. I had a chance to interview the charming Nicole Bremner, who recently relocated to London after spending two years in New York. Bremner, who is about five months pregnant, just added a maternity category to her site, which is thoughtful indeed, because one thing I’m dreading if and when I become pregnant is dowdy maternity wear! Read on to learn more…

Tell us a little bit about Brittique. Who are the owners/partners? And… how did you come up with the name?

Brittique launched in October 2006. It is owned by me – it would be nice to have a business partner though! The idea was to support up and coming British designers and provide them with the retail presence they require to generate brand awareness. The name is a play on the words British Boutique. It took so long to come up with a name!

above: a dress from Hannah Marshall

One of my dreams is to own a boutique some day. Do you have a background in retail, fashion or both?

My background is in finance. I worked for a large fund manager before deciding that I wanted to start my own business. I naively thought it would be easier than working for someone. I researched a number of ideas before deciding on this business. I wasn’t completely new to fashion though. I’ve been sewing and designing clothes with my mother since I can remember and devouring fashion magazines. Many people come into fashion with a fashion background and no business sense. I believe I have an advantage with my business/finance background.

You carry so many great pieces at Brittique. Do you do the buying yourself? Where do you do your buying? And how do you decide what goes in the shop?

I do the buying although we had Susie Bubble as a guest buyer for AW08. She picked some really great pieces and it was lovely to work with her! I do most of the buying around the time of London Fashion Week at designer’s showrooms. Lately I’ve been focusing more on newer, fresher designers so I’ve been looking further afield. Most designers come to me now that we have an established name.

Deciding what to buy is not easy. Of course I have to love things but I have to think about what my customers love too. I have a really good customer who shops with me a couple of times a month so I always think about her and what she would like.

Are there any emerging designers you are excited about this season?

I’m always excited at buying appointments but want to wear everything immediately. I just love the Bionda Castana "Amber" shoes and couldn’t wait to take delivery. Louise Amstrup is always exciting. Her tailoring and quality finish is just beautiful. Kate Tailyour is a new designer we have for SS09. All her clothing is from ethical fabrics and is made in the UK. She has some wonderful and wearable dresses that are so versatile.

above: Bionda Castana shoes

above: Louise Amstrup dress

above: Kate Tailyour bubble dress

You carry a broad array of designers, so I'm curious... Who would you say is your typical customer?

My typical regular customer is a professional woman probably aged from 27-37 who is not afraid to stand out and make a statement with her clothing. She is confident in her own skin and loves to look good without being a slave to fashion.

Thanks so much for the interview, Nicole. Are there any future projects or collaborations for Brittique we should know about?

There are always so many ideas running around my head for the future of Brittique. It would be nice to find a business partner to push forward with these ideas. I’ve started planning for a complete website overhaul with some fabulous features to make shopping even easier for our customers. We could also have a proper showroom in the near future.

Visit to shop!

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Brigadeiro said...

Ooh! What a brilliant interview! Brittique has been one of my fave online stores for a while now (have yet to purchase, but love browsing!). Also loved your Wednesday Wishlist, and spotted some Phillip Lim! So you do like his stuff! ;)

madeleineburgess said...

Loved the Bionda Castana shoes

Mama N said...

Thanks for the interview! It was lovely "meeting" you and will be an avid follower of your blog from now on.

nookie said...

those shoes are awesome!

Mo said...

Great interview. I love seeing new designers!

Awesome blog, too. :)

Dream Sequins said...

Brigadeiro: As shall be shortly revealed, I had a chance to meet Phillip recently. And because he made such a great impression on me, I decided to give his stuff another spin. And you know what? He really has something special. Innate ability to cut and make simple clothing with interesting details. Moderate price points.

madeleine and nookie: I think we are all jonesing for the Bionda Castana shoes!

Mama N: Thank you thank you! Brittique is amazing. We are excited to see what comes next from the shop!

Mo: Thanks for visting! Glad you could stop by.

Allison said...

Great interview! I'm definitely going to check out Brittique now :)

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous interview! I can't believe I had never heard of this site before! And now I am officially in love with those incredible Bionda Castana shoes!


janettaylor said...

Those shoes are really incredible!

I want them!

GReat interwiew and thanks Ur lovely comment. U are kind and check this out, if U have a mood!


London Darling said...

Brittique is DREAMY. Love the boutique and I enjoyed the interview.

AsianCajuns said...

As a self-confessed Anglophile I'm embarrassed to say I've never heard of Brittique! I'm going to browse now!

Becca Joy said...

those Bionda Castana shoes are killer! Awesome interview by the way!

E said...

Wow. I think it's fascinating how fashion moguls come from so many different backgrounds - finance, makes total sense but you'd never think it. And how bloggers are totally infiltrating the fashion world. Susie Bubble is totally taking over. I really do appreciate your interviews.

Dream Sequins said...

Allison: Glad you enjoyed it! I think you will love their buys.

Carrie: You are a woman of exquisite taste. I want them, too! :)

Jane: Thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoyed the post...

London Darling: Glad you approve, being the guru of all things chic in London.

AsianCajuns: Come on guys :) Get with the program!

Becca Joy: Thanks for your comment! Must have shoes.

E: You're so right about the fashion moguls being from different backgrounds thing. Most of the people who work in fashion are from various backgrounds, and a lot of my b-school friends work in the industry... You must love fashion, but above all, have a head for numbers, too. And as for Susie Bubble-- love her, she's one of my inspirations for starting a blog! Isn't that funny?

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