Weekend Links: Cool Events Edition

Friday, April 10, 2009

So... the rain isn't quite over, at least for us New Yorkers. But, fret not if weather woes have turned your smile upside down. There's still plenty to do. Here are some links for some cool upcoming events. Happy weekend to you and stay dry, bunnies!

In New York, the New Museum's new triennial, "The Generational: Younger Than Jesus" covering work by young artists opened this week. Since this is opening weekend, the crowds might be too overwhelming for some, but you can check out coverage on the exhibition's own blog. Dream Sequins covered opening night this past week and shortly thereafter, the exhibition's blog gave this blog a shoutout in return! How meta. [via New Museum and Dream Sequins]

From Portland's Stand Up Comedy and conceptual line Slow and Steady Wins the Race comes a collaborative collection of raingear inspired by Portland's climate and low key style. The launch party (flyer pictured above) will take place Thursday April 16th at the Fourteen30 Contemporary gallery. I just ordered a pair of beige waterproof pumps from the collection: for those occasions when my galoshes just won't suffice. [via Stand Up Comedy]

In Seattle, alixrose reports of a worthy fundraiser for Gilda's Club coming up on April 28th. Mark your calendars and get ready to make a difference! [via alixrose]

If you have any events you would like to list on an upcoming edition of Weekend Links, please contact me at dreamsequins@gmail.com or simply... tweet me!


Helen Cox said...

The rain is plaguing us in England too. I think I might have to find out like you have done in the USA what on earth we're supposed to do with family all weekend if it's pouring rain! P.S. I miss NY!

Dream Sequins said...

Helen: Boooo rain. I can't wait for open-toed shoe, iced coffee, picnics in the park type weather.

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