Weekend Link: Michelle Obama and the Queen Edition

Friday, April 3, 2009

picture: Associated Press

Yes, that's right. Just one link this week [video link via CNN].

Michelle and the Queen make headlines with one embrace.

It's sort of about fashion, politics, power and international relations-- but not really.

Please discuss!


Anonymous said...

The media says that the Queen hugged first, but the video has been edited to start in the middle of the hug. If the Queen hugged first, why has the video been edited so that we cannot see this for ourselves? Is the full video posted anywhere? Or is this some kind of cover-up of Mrs. Obama's mistake of touching the Queen?

Dream Sequins said...

Anon: Interesting thought. Does it really matter who went for the hug first?

Helen Cox said...

Haha this is great. The queen is well known for being quite stand-offish, which I suppose is a bi-product of being very posh but I love that the Obama's may have made a dent in her armour! Good old American warmth and humour...that's what the royal family have needed all this time...if only we'd known sooner.

Re: the extra features on SATC I love the wardrobe talk it's fascinating to see how much effort they put into creating the right style for each character.

Anonymous said...

geezz, the Queen is not God. Anyone can touch her.
We are NOT her subjects, so I would not even curtsey if I see her or any people in her family. Their title protocol should be confined within their country.

Carlotta said...

It was about time that somebody could "touch" the Queen, and it's great that Michelle did it!! I love the Obama they're really something new for everybody!

I feel so ashamed for our Prime minister that "pissed off" the Queen screaming at the photoshoot..so embarassing for us :-(

Dream Sequins said...

Helen: Thanks for posting on this. Always nice to get a Brit perspective on things.

Anon: It's true that as an American, I am not a subject of the Queen. But it is interesting that people were quick to jump on the royal etiquette thing. I wouldn't have thought of that either-- but then again, I'm not a very touchy person in general and keep my distance with strangers.

Carlotta: I didn't hear anything about your PM causing a ruckus. What happened??

Marilyn M Williams said...


When you are dealing with American's, do as American's do. What did, if anything, the Queen do wrong. She is the Queen of England, not the Queen of America. What has she done for us lately? She should have been in awe and grateful to meet our new President and First Lady. In my view, they are the Royal's that I am concerned about. That 1700's and 1800's stuff is just that, stuff. Everyone has to be touched eventually, think about it. As I saw it she touched America's First Lady first, we may not like that. If you do not want to be touched, then do not touch.

The whole Royal mess sickens me. Open some of their closets and look at the mess you will find dating back centuries. When you do I believe you will find lots of dirty laundry and horrid cover-ups. There were probably lots of times Royals were touched that they should not have been. You can not take any human being and make them a Saint, as we were all made by the same God and born into Sin.

Mrs. Obama is a very respectable individual. Being touched by her is an honor. Just too much Ado about nothing.

And for all AMERICAN's that think this was a protocol error on Ms. Obama part, get real. We can spend our time better by helping the President and Mrs. Obama making America better rather than criticizing something so SILLY.

Remember, when you look for fault, you will find it!

Dream Sequins said...

Marilyn: Thanks for your passionate and insightful comments!

Carlotta said...

that's what happened

so emarassing :((

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