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Sunday, April 26, 2009

above: a photo of the Las Vegas sign from

Hot on the heels of planning a girls' weekend to Las Vegas and planning for a special five year anniversary trip with the Mr. this year, I decided to turn to some fabulous, jet-set Twitter people for a survey on dreamy vacation destinations. Most popular answer: Fiji. Here's what everyone had to say:

I dream of bali :)

@queengilda anywhere japan. i've been there so many times and lived there for 4 years, but it's still the place that amazes me most.

@VtgRoseClothing FLORENCE so that I can take photos like these...

@fairykikka Bahamas!! I've been there and It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life!!

felsull Fiji. Iridescent algae. Silver fish.

fashion_anna I want to go to Fiji!

FriendlyMonster This amazing beach near Tulum, Mexico that has been calling my name all winter. Clear waters, swimming turtles, soft sand.

penandnotebook someday i'll go away to ireland...

@StyleHop Dubrovnik, Croatia

@minjae This is not very original but I love Maui. :)

@Jaxthatgirl dream vacay? Rio de Janeiro- amazing beaches, amazing people

@alixroseI went to Cinque Terra Italy : Monterosso in college and I had the most amazing time

@jesspgh It is expensive but St. Barths is so beautiful, fairly quiet, and lovely. The water is warm and clear. The food is incredible.

@ten10things Fav. Vaca.: Maui, Napili Shores. Gorgeous, relaxing, inspiring and localized, not touristy. Would live there if I could.

@pamelaanastasia capetown south africa. Beach,city,vineyards,safari all in one destination.

@bellyblossom Fav vacation spot so far is Tunisia

@90notes I'm still really wanting to vacation in Greece. ;-)

@tenaciousleigh fav vacay is barcelona. stayed @ hostel btw beach & bay. woke up to sun each am, ate paella in the pm. shopped las ramblas.

@rachael_kearley dream vacation: biking around Amsterdam, the canals are so gorgeous, and Vondel Park always has good live music

@ColleenKasel Summer in Aspen,CO! FAB hotel/condo rates June 22-July 1st '09. Small window = doable prices! Musts: Prada & the Maroon Bells!

@Kimberly124 anywhere I've never been before, and where I am not likely to be kidnapped! (sorry Caracas)

@AnyaEcoChic I had some of the amazing times on the Greek islands, i love Greece and the Greek adonis like men

@queenie_nycIcon_lock strasbourg. prague. paris. don't make me choose!

@twistedrocks dreamiest vacation destination = Turtle Island, Fiji in a hammock with hubby

@Jon_Schwarz Moscow, Antarctica, Hong Kong, Scandinavia

@thevidalia greek would be fab but I would have to say Italy. Back to my roots.

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And you: what's your dreamiest vacation destination?

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nookie said...

following all!
and I would like to go to Africa

Carlotta said...

it'd but funny to exchange our houses,we'd travel all around thewold!!

Vintage Rose Clothing said...

Reading all of these really makes me want to take a vacation! Figi sounds beautiful!!

JoolzGirl said...

I agree with Fiji - most specifically, a remote little island at the top of Fiji called Nananu-I-Ra. Its a true slice of heaven. And so is Coral Bay about halfway up the Western Australian coastline. At least, I think its about halfway!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

What a great idea! Call me unimaginative, but I love Scotland. Edinburgh is my favourite city x

Dream Sequins said...

Nookie: I've heard from some people who have been on safari in Africa recently. Sounds absolutely... dreamy. :)

Carlotta: That would be a lot of fun! I love that all the commenters come from such a broad range of international cities...

Vintage Rose Clothing: I've definitely got my eye on Fiji. The Mr. and I were supposed to go somewhere dreamy like that for our honeymoon, but at the time, we were too broke and tired to take a proper one!

Joolz Girl: The problem with Fiji is that, at least for a trip from the US, you have to devote at least two weeks for travel and relaxation. Then, since you're out there, you need to tack on a trip to Australia or New Zealand, too. Sounds like a one month excursion to me ;)

Swell Vintage: I've never been to Edinburgh. Looks very romantic!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Have fun in Vegas with the Ladies! I just returned and had a blast!!

dream vacation destination would have to be//South American-anywhere there!

jess s//

Leigh said...

I'm dying to go to Cambodia (to visit a dear friend who moved there) and Tokyo (so much fashion! design! culture!).

Jesspgh said...

Great suggestions! Thanks for including mine!

Dream Sequins said...

Hippie Frou Frou: South America is definitely another place I have not yet checked out! Don't you just love all these suggestions? Where would you go first? Argentina and Peru are at the top of my list.

Leigh: OK now you've got me reconsidering a trip to Cambodia and Japan... Sigh. So many trips, so little time and money!

Jesspgh: You're welcome :) This is more inspiring than an issue of Conde Nast Traveler, that's for sure. Now I'm off to mull over options for August!

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