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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And now for something completely different: Shopflick, a website connecting emerging and independent designers with an online marketplace integrating video content. Think of it as eBay or Etsy meets YouTube. Davida Hall, the Editorial Director of Shopflick, shared more information about the venture, which not only champions new design talent, but helps market products for emerging designers. Shopflick is especially helpful if you enjoy online shopping but want to get an idea of the way a dress drapes or moves on the body and looks from different angles. Recently, the site introduced a private sales feature, limited run, moderately priced sales of items which provide an excellent introduction to works by new labels.

Can you give us background about the Shopflick concept?

Shopflick connects emerging designers to customers and a fan base around the world through video, allowing you to connect with the designers and products in a new, more meaningful way. This translates into a better, more engaging user experience, along with increase in sales for the designers who are on the platform. With Shopflick, consumers finally have a window into what they are purchasing: where and how these designers produce their wares, what their tiny studios look like, to hear their quirks and see their passion and artistry come alive… It’s an entirely new, fresh and entertaining shopping experience.

How does it interface with designers and boutiques?

We are lucky that designers seek us out at least as often as we scope out new designers appropriate for the site. Both brands and designers can set up a “store” on our marketplace platform and start selling within no time. We require one video (usually a profile video) and can also set up image-based listings. Our in-house Shopflick Studios is an easy, one stop shop for designers and sellers to frequent where we can shoot all of our videos and webisodes under one roof. For designers who live outside of LA, we have set up the Shopflick Filmmakers Marketplace and can send a cameraman to any location to shoot video. A key advantage with Shopflick, especially in this economy, is that our designers and brands can sell direct through us, recouping retail prices, without a middleman.

above: Davida Hall, Editorial Director at LA Fashion Week

I’m intrigued by your title, Editorial Director—what do you do for Shopflick?

Thanks, I like my title, too! And I LOVE my job. It is a broad term as I wear many hats, but overall think of me as the fashion captain for the site. My job is to help curate the marketplace, ensuring we have quality, contemporary, cutting-edge designers and artists. I am also responsible for overseeing all video content that goes live to our site. From standard designer profile videos to larger editorial stories, runway and event coverage, I help make sure we have a strong, consistent editorial fashion voice. I help wrangle talent and outreach to media sources, blogs, and publications to further our press efforts. I currently write, co-produce and host my own webseries on Shopflick, The Hall of Style with Davida Hall.

Are there any new designers or boutiques that you added to the site that you are excited about?

We are really thrilled to welcome sellers like Dolan, Naven, Cleobella, Hayley Starr, B. Boheme and Briana Erin’s new Tat2 line. Cleobella is a fun travel-inspired line from Indonesia with original ikat fabric linings—they make everything from fab fringe bags to bracelets to leather vests. B. Boheme is a beautiful gold-focused bohemian jewelry line with simple, classic pieces at amazing prices. We add new sellers weekly, so check out the latest additions regularly.

above: a look from Raquel Allegra, a bestselling designer on Shopflick

Shopflick’s corporate home is in LA and recently partnered up with its Fashion Week. Tell me about that experience.

LA Fashion Week has been revitalized! With Smashbox and IMG out of the picture, hip, fresh, newcomers like BoxEight have created an original, inviting venue for LA to showcase its very best. An edgy, gritty downtown vibe is an apt setting for the city’s fashion epicenter. Live music, crazy afterparties, and the amazing historical Los Angeles Theatre were the perfect backdrop to the glam weekend events. Shopflick is excited to have participated as an official sponsor of BoxEight LA Fashion Week. This was a very synergistic partnership as we share a common goal of uniting the fashion community of Los Angeles and helping to bring emerging artists and young designers into the spotlight. Shopflick had many of our top talents showing their Fall collections at fashion week, including: Yotam Solomon, Raquel Allegra and “eco-couture” line, The Battalion. We’ve recently added Haley Starr and Mike Vensel to the Shopflick roster and soon, Society for Rational Dress.


Anonymous said...

Reality of non-mass produced indie designs is setting in...everything I WANT is over $400! Yotam Solomon shoes! Love!!!

Dream Sequins said...

Hey Anon: Those shoes are majorly hot. I really wish I had $400 to drop on shoes right now. Sigh.

inmode said...

this is a brilliant site - thanks for introducing it...i'm lacking the money too but just flicking through is fun!

zoƫ said...

oh woowww, what a brilliant idea !
i'd never heard of it before, but you did a great feature on it & now i will definitely be surfing the site very often :]

i.d. said...

This is great, I'm off to check them out now!

Dream Sequins said...

inmode: not to encourage overspending, but they DO have those private sales, where you can get things for a lot less! :)

zoe and i.d.: thanks for visiting! check it out and let me know if you find anything good. just learning about new designers is really fun. the video aspect of it is interesting!

Helen Cox said...

Definitely going to be browsing this one - what a great find! I think we're all a bit cash poor at the minute but we can dream!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Sounds very interesting, thanks for the heads up :)

Fashion Dreamer xx

The Haute-Shopper said...

What a great idea this is! I'll have to check it out as well. But what exactly am I looking at in the photo you posted? Are those boots or jeans that have dropped down to her knees??

Dream Sequins said...

Helen: Cash poor-- sigh. Unfortunately yes! But that's the fun part about online shopping. The browsing.

Fashion Dreamer: Yay! Let me know if you find anything fun.

Haute-Shopper: I thought those were boots. Haha

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